How to Make MonoKote Hinge for 1/2A to A Size Models

By Heman Lee For small models with very thin stab and elevator, it is often impossible to use R/C type nylon hinges. Using MonoKote or iron on film to make a hinge is a quick and easy method to connect the elevator with the stab, especially if the elevator is made from 1/16” sheet balsa. There are many different methods such as the X method on R/C web sites. This is my method which produces a cleaner look while being a very strong and durable joint. Step 1 Bevel the elevator hinge side 45 °as shown in the diagram.

Step 2 Cut 2 strips of Monocote approximately 1” wide and a little wide the length of the elevator.

Step 3 Place 5 or 6 layers of masking tape or place a 1/32” shim on the top of the stab close to the hinge line. This will aid as a shim when you are ironing to bottom inside hinge. 1

Step 4 Place the top side of the elevator on top of the stab so that both top side meet together.

Step 5 Tape this in place with masking tape.

Step 6 Iron the bottom inside edge of the hinge first. You may have to use high heat on the edge.
Iron inside hinge first.


Step 7 After the inside edge is sealed, open the hinge flat and complete the bottom hinge.

Step 8 After you completely seal the bottom, press the hinge together and tape this position with masking tape.


Step 9 Turn the hinge over display the top. You should be able to see to gap cause by the shim.

Step 10 Maintain this gap while continueing to seal the top side hinge. This will cause the bottom hinge to adhere to the top hinge


Step 11 Check your hinge movement, especially the downward clearance.

Step 12 Finish with covering the entire stab and elevator with the same material. You can do the bottom in 1 or 2 pieces. If you do the bottom in 1 piece, this will add a total of 2 layers to you hinge joint making it stronger. Caution: If you double up too much on the hinge, they will become increasingly stiffer. Therefore, you need to make the gap wider. On my first attempt, I use only 3 layer and the hinge movement was too stiff. You need to experiment with this because various materials will have different results. 5