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Number each page of your

composition notebook in the
bottom outside corner.
(Number the front and back of
each page.)
Mustang Minute:
Mustang Minute: 8/22/14
Write a ½
page in
response to
the picture
on the right.
Title it
Mrs. Low’s Wonderful Cake from the country
 1 c. cheesy jokes or comments
 2 c. sisters
 ¼ c. party planning
 2 c. husband
 ½ c. nerd
 A dash of comic books
 2 Tbs. of swimming
 1 tsp. Soy allergy
 1 tsp. Baking
 ½ c. musical theater

Blend cheesy jokes, sisters, and
party planning until light and
fluffy and set aside. In a
separate bowl combine
husband, nerd, and comic
books whisk until evenly
mixed. Slowly sprinkle the
bowl containing husband into
the first bowl. Blend them
well. Finally, chop swimming,
soy allergy, baking, and
musical theater then gently
fold into the mixture.

Bake for 25 minutes (because
who wants to wait) until soft
and warm.