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Marc Andelman 3 Kristin Curi 29
Michael Campbell 4 Lisa Costantino 30
Selena Coppa 5 Diana Pratasiewicz 31
Adam Fitzer 6 Randall J anairo 32
Debra L. Siegel 7 Terance Behling 33
Sandra VI 8 Gerard Scarimbolo 34
Nancy Torn 9 Nicole Sileo 35
Marissa Weeman 10 Kristen Tursi 36
Jesse Newman 11 Mike Sudano 37
Sheena Lorefice 12 Christine Huh 38
Kimberly Lisi 13 Kulubor Jensen 39
Cynthia Lee 14 Jose Landivar 40
Susanna J ara 15 Elaina Lovascio 45
Cindy Mintz 16 Nicole Modica 46
Mark Canizio 17 Agie-Mae Tamba 47
Julie Grandstaff 18 Frank Osorio 48
Joseph Harouni 19 Anthony Casale 49
Anthony Payne 20 Neil Bhaerman 50
Joy Sandell 21 Nick Capofari 51
Joseph Filippazzo 22 Carmen Maldonado 52
John Lamia 23 Felishia Vargas 53
Ariella Schwartz 24 Marissa Leung 54
Shelley Willner 25 Kimberly Litto 55
Rachel Suberi 26 Courtney Sessa 57
Rachel Leizerowitz 27 Theresa Lavelle 58
Nicholas Galeno 28 Jessica Pisano 59
2 Music that Sets the Spirit Free Marc Andelman

Rock n' roll ...

My favorite music

It sets the mind, body, and soul on fire

Rock n' roll ...

The music that reaches into your heart And pulls out a good time

Rock n' roll ...

Short, stealthy, and quick Like the color red

Staring the devil

right in the eye

A hellish ride through infini ty

Rock n' roll ...

Lets you be whoever you want to be

To do whatever you. want

without stepping over the edge

Rock n' roll

Sets the spirit free For all eternity



Michael Campbell

Tropical music is nature's song,

Rough waves beating the shore. Ocean breezes knocking at your door, Palm tree, music swaying in the wind. Infinite music of tropical shores, Calmly running across the beach,

A song of water moving under your feet, Laying on the sand, hearing birds chirping, Moving boats making their way,

U sing their bows to break the waves, Songs of seagulls as they fly in the sky, Interesting fish to get, so they must try,

Caribbean music is the most soothing in the world.


A Smashing Pumpkins Concert Selena Coppa

I am with my friends at a Smashing Pumpkins concert, We are a part of the raging crowd,

We come because the music sets us free, We rage against the system,

And this music gives us the strength

to continue our struggle, It helps us in that it gives back

What is taken away in our losing battle,

We symbolize the crashing sound with our peaking morale, The pounding with the pounding of our hearts,

And the fast vocals with our high spirits,

Like the music, we work together toward the same end.



The Argument Adam Fitzer

When I think of my stereo a smile comes to my face,

All the lovely sounds there are from treble down to bass. An argument was started, between my parents and I,

On the subject of volume on which we didn't see eye to eye. The music was so loud that it woke the entire block, Playing rap, heavy metal, alternative, but mostly rock.

I started losing lots of sleep and was beginning to feel weaker, All because of the melodies being shot out of that speaker.

I love the sounds of Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana and Green Day. But that music began to ruin my life in every single way.

What once was entertaining became a great affliction,

And pretty soon it grew into a terrible addiction.

The smile which once came to my face has turned into a frown. So Mom and Dad I'm begging you, please turn your music down.


The Song Flute Debra L. Siegel

A long time ago in a land far away

where the sunlight meets the sand, A maiden named Kess sat by the bay with a song flute in her hand.

She played her flute from dawn 'till dark in hope that he would come.

Guided by the sound of a lark,

he would follow the beat and hum.

The melody was soft and sweet

like a hundred angels crying.

The sound was warm and filled with heat; her aching fingers trying.

The metal flute was glowing gold

as bright as the smiling Kess.

Each note she played was strong and bold; but sad, I must confess.

She waited seventeen days and nights for her one true love to arrive.

It all went wrong, still she thought it was right; she believed their love was alive.

Soon skies turned dark and then turned gray; their strong love had gone mute.

And Kess finally realized that in some way, her one true love was her flute!




The Clarinet Sandra Yi

From your bell up to your barrel I touch your precious keys

I press them oh so gently

With the barrel up to my knees

Your dark intriguing color Your sparkling silver keys You make beautiful music

Each time I blow into your mouthpiece

The strong, but gentle sounds You make every time I play

You make me think of sunbeams Shining brightly on summer days

I love to hear the notes You sing to me every time

I can hear it any day I want to Without even paying a dime

As I hear you sing so sweetly I always begin to think,

Is it you or I that is playing,

Or is it you and I together at link?

The Music of Nature Nancy Tom

The sun climbed up the clear blue sky, Flashing a golden smile.

Whispering softly and quietly,

The rushing air produced a cool breeze. It woke up all things,

The lake, the birds, and the trees.

The serene forest came to life,

And the music of the forest began to play. The melody was comforting,

Signaling a calm morning in May.

The wind woke up the tall, thick trees, Trees that were sky high.

They danced beautifully to the music, Fluttering their arms like a butterfly.

The trees joined in the chorus too,

For they made gentle sounds like the morning tide. The leaves shook making sounds of rustling,

Their tall bodies swayed from side to side.

The wind stirred up the creatures in the lake, Droplets of water were splashed around.

Every motion that was made in this calm, still lake Created a soft, tinkling sound.

The wind woke up the fish in the lake Who swam so effortlessly and graciously. The birds filled their song with happiness While twittering so merrily.

The music of the forest was soothing, It erased our problems and fears. The forest was so much blessed,

Bringing upon an entirely peaceful atmosphere.



Music Is Great Marissa Weeman

Some like country, and some like the blues. Others like reggae, disco, and opera,

There are so many to choose!

There's classical, heavy metal, even Rock 'n' Roll, R&B, instrumental, rap and much, much more.

There are so many to choose from,

There's bound to be one right for you!

Some are good for taking a stroll,

Except for a party,

Turn on rock n' roll!

Classical is good for a relaxing day,

While country is good for a barnyard and hay! The blues are good for when you're feeling down, And disco is good for a night out on the town!

Boyz II Men, Benny Goodman, Johann Sebastian Bach, Louis Armstrong, Eric Clapton, and GreenDay,

Let's Rock!

Bobby Vinton, R.E.M., the Beatles, and Coolio too, Gloria Estefan, Nat King Cole, Beethoven, and Nirvana, That's cool!

Do these names sound familiar to you? They might, if you listen to music, However, if you don't like music at all, Just sit at home bored,

While your friends have a ball!

There are all different kinds, AB you can see,

So go find out what the perfect one will be! Come check out the music,

It's really unique,

Go have some fun

And watch that disco ball glimmer, After all, music is the only place Where Meatloaf isn't dinner.

The Sounds of the Street Jesse Newman

A blaring siren a honking horn

the rattle of trash cans early in the morn.

The clatter of a garbage truck the baying of a hound

all seem to hurt my ears

but somehow make a wonderful sound.

The steady sound

of the cars on the street makes me want

to tap my feet.

The sounds of the street or as some say, the noise sounds like music to me. which I will always enjoy.

So the next time you

are just sitting around make sure that you listen to that wonderful sound.


_ _j


Music Metaphor Sheena Lorefice

My music is the crisp wind Blowing through the trees My music is happy, soft, and warm. lfmy music were a color,

It would be blue,

For it is calm.

My music is a lamb,

For it is tame and friendly.

My music is my best friend, For it is comforting,

And always there for me.

When I think of my music, I see the sunset,

The sky full of beautiful colors, Layered upon each other.

My music and I go together,

Without it I could never get by.

Music Kimberly Lisi

I have a dream

About a song, as an angel serenading It soothes my mind,

It makes me dance,

It fills my soul,

and engulfs my senses

And as I reach out to touch the notes that

mold a musical expression They feel so silky smooth

And as I gaze, I see the light, Their incandescent glow

Then, without warning, the precious song, It bursts from a catchy tune -

To a melodious whisper,

And slowly drifts away.


Oh What a Sound Cynthia Lee

As the music is being played,

The people listen and are amazed, We hear the Violin move high, And hear the flute play oh so shy! We sense the music all around,

And open our ears to that wonderful sound! Oh what a sound! Oh what a sound!

The clarinets hold it long,

While the trumpets play it loud and strong. As the music heads for more,

The trombones start to roar,

The music bounces all around,

And the people listen to that wonderful sound. Oh what a sound! Oh what a sound!

The melody starts to get tight, As the band begins to fight. Note to note is what we hear,

NQ time for rest, no time for fear!

Then the sound is softer, and is drifting very slow, We hear the music start to flow ... and flow ... and flow ... Oh what a sound! Oh what a sound!


The Latin Beat Susanna Jura

The sounds of the Latin beat Filled with exotic rhythm.

When I listen to the sounds of the

congo drums, my body moves to the beat.

When I listen to the trumpets play

So deep with feeling, I know it is a good song, I know because I could dance to it all night

When I listen to the songs by Gloria Estefan

for Carlos Vives, I don't listen to their music with my ears,

I listen with my heart,

I don't dance with my body, I dance with my soul.

Deep inside my heart I feel a great pleasure; Because this is my music, my beat, my rhythm, my roots and my soul.



Harmony Cindy Mintz

The harmony is flowing, graceful, sweet Long notes,short notes, all combined Soft and romantic, mystical and different.

The echo of ages past,

All running through my mind, Running through my mind

With a harmony sweeter than that of ... A beating heart,

A singing bird,

A laughing child.

All cultures, all people, Their minds and their souls,

All mixed with a rhythm that creates peace.

All the music flows through me

Like a river through a mountain valley Does it flow through my soul?"

Jungle Music Mark Canizio

Jungle music is hard to hear,

But animals who sing it know it's there. Tigers, monkeys, insects too,

They all sing like me and you.

Cats and dogs howl at the moon,

Some make weird noises like raccoons. Snakes hiss, well, most snakes do, Some exotic birds just coo.

To most people these are just noises,

But to me, it's music and animals are the chorus. To them I am the audience and they are the show. Some people like rap, some like rock,

Others like jazz music, or pop.

Me, I like the sound of animals, or As I like to call it, Jungle Music.


Music Julie Grandstaff

Music is a symphony, In a grand concert hall. An orchestra playing, At an elegant ball.

A lone musician, Playing on the street. A majorette,

Marching to the beat. A local band, Performing in a club. Dancing in the shower, Singing in the tub.

But it all comes down to just one thing,

Music is the spirit that makes our hearts sing.


Music Is a Lost Language Joseph Harouni

Whatever happened to the days of 01', Where the music came from the soul?

It flowed through your body from head to toe, Music is a lost language, you know.

You sat and relived your life without a care, Like in the 60's with that really long hair. Or in the 70's where disco was craved,

Music is a lost language that has to be saved.

Why all this modern day funky-rap-thing? In this 'music' they speak instead of sing!

Where did the days go where the music had feeling? Music is a lost language that's so appealing.

So save this language that is almost dead, Get some of those real tunes in your head. So the next time you turn on the radio,

Remember ... Music is a lost language. Don't let it go.



A Musician's Wonder Anthony Payne

A musician's wonder to sing to the world May never be denied

But to achieve their wonder,

Their heart and soul must be applied, A musician's lyrics are important, Important like the best,

A singer could start out as a millionaire or a pauper on the street

A young musician's dream could be to play

at a fancy ball,

But if that person proves his worth ... They're off to Carnegie Hall!

A musician's life is hard,

Easy as it seems,

But an artist may go face to face with a wonder or a dream.

The Singing Whales Joy Sandell

Singing whales are so Wonderful to hear,

When you listen by the ocean, You'll know when they are near, If you listen to a seashell,

You might just hear the sea, But if you listen really hard,

You hear the whales sing with glee.

The sound goes through the mountains, And down to the bay,

Sometimes it may seem

They sing from night to day,

So if you're seeking happiness

From a singing whale,

Just listen really hard,

They will never fail.



Ode to Kazoos Joseph Filippazzo

Kazoos may be small And look like a joke Underestimated by all Of the common folk.

They're real fun to play No skill is required.

I can toot it all day Without getting tired.

A normal person might ask Why not play guitar?

In my opinion

They're the best instruments by far.

N ow try to contain Your urge to Kazoo I know, I know ... You want one too!

Ode to Music John Lamia

Music has been around for a long, long time, It gets you hooked with its beat and its rhyme.

Music is something you can't see, taste or touch, You hear it, you feel it, it gives us so much.

Music can cheer you up when you're down, It can make a smile out of a frown.

Music is an experience to share with all, There's no discriminating, no putting up walls.

Music has special tunes for all of the seasons,

Like birthdays, anniversaries, and other special reasons.

Music and I, we're growing together,

It will be a part of my life forever and ever!


Music Amongst Darkness Ariella Schwartz

Lonely clouds are drifting Through a clear and peaceful sky. The wind is softly blowing

As daytime passes by.

Darkness looms from far away

A new whole moon appears.

From the distance cries are heard, A blue jay shedding tears.

She cries and weeps and wishes For the quick return of day,

Night brings misery and sorrow to all, When gloom and shadows play.

The blue jay sings her song

To bring about the light,

She renovates the hope of dawn, And ends the gloom of night.

Soft, melancholy melodies Aiming to appease,

Moving, dancing steady beats "Which conquer night's disease.

The bluejay's song carries on As nighttime slowly leaves,

A glint of sunshine beyond the clouds Leaves night to fade and grieve.

The blue jay stops to sing her song For night has passed away.

Farther floats the melody,

Which brought about the day.


Sounds in Motion Shelley Willner

As I walk through the street, I walk to the beat,

I listen to the whimpers of the strays in the street, And the pitter patter of little feet.

The honks of the cars are pain to my ears, The people express one emotion - fear,

The wind sings peacefully as it passes through the air, Laughter and happiness is what I hear.


Magnificent Music Rachel Suberi


Music is one of my greatest passions, Even greater than clothes and fashion. When I listen to music, it's like - BOOM! Locked up all alone in my room,

An extraordinary sensation fins my heart.

Once I'm near my CD player, A work of art ...

I just feel like there's no spreading us apart. My lips willingly move to the beat,

Of the blasting song words;

As do my feet.

Soon enough, I'm singing, dancing, and having fun. Then Mom gets aggravated and yells at me, Saying, "The show is done."

So many sounds surrounding me. Whitney Houston's powerful voice, Michael Jackson's latest rejoice.

The smooth melodies and tunes of Real McKoy, This is music I enjoy.

Without music, my life would be one empty hole. r adore it deeply, with all my heart and soul.

Music Rachel Leizerowitz

When I feel anger

I need to disappear. Emotion and distress I need to get away. Where can I go? Where can I hide?

I soon find out my shelter The world of music.

The world oflove, The world of hate, The world of sorrow, The world of peace, The world of sound.

The sounds of music, Take me out of this world, Into the next.

The rhythm flowing through my veins, Into my heart, the true sound keeper.

Next time I am distressed, I will run far away,

To the world of sound, To the world of music.


Dear John ...

Nicholas Galeno

John Lennon can you hear me When I sing your songs offkey? Do you wonder how I know you A little one like me?

You were gone before I got here, I didn't mow your name,

But I heard my mother singing, And I love you just the same.

Imagine is my favorite,

It sounds just like a prayer, Every time somebody plays it, Does it reach you way up there?

I really hope you heard them,

I hope they let you see,

All the cries and tears that fell that day, When you were taken away from me.

I know you're not mine,

But I'm· selfish,

I think of you as my own,

A genius and a peaceful soul,

Still living in the music I play at home.

I can't believe he Tabbed me,

Of a future with your songs,

The beauty of your genius,

Doesn't often corne along.

You may have looked a little scruffy, Long hair and sandals too,

I can imagine you walking near the Dakota, Yoko Ono and you.

John Lennon you're my hero,

I hope there was a heaven there for you, Warm hearts there to greet you,

And maybe a piano too!

So John Lennon if you hear me, Singing your songs offkey, Remember that I love you,

And this poem is for you from me. 28



Music Kristin Curi

The old man passes by the old jazz house at nine, He stops a moment and listens to the melody before he hurries by.

The shabby blue curtains hang limply from

bent rods, while the dim lights flicker softly.

And all the while the saxophone sounds, and the bases are plucked rhythmically

The soft notes gently pervade the listener's ears, bringing back bittersweet memories.

The old man passes by the concert hall at ten, He pauses before hurrying on again.

The carpeted floors as smooth as silk, while the marbled ceiling arches high.

The violins are plucked sharply, the drums banged loud, creating a sweet, elegant sound.

The melody falls on aristocratic ears, recalling memories of treasured years.

The old man pauses at the rock concert at eleven, and listens to the electronic rhythm

The sound of youth, loud and strong, in the notes of that fast upbeat song.

The old man smiles as he says to himself,

'''Ib truly understand the joy of the human spirit, all one must do is hear a few notes of music!"


Music Lisa Costantino

The powerful lyrics, strike me with force. A slow, sorrowful song filled with remorse.

Tales of children crying and an unheard bell's song, A chorus line of apathy makes it all seem so wrong.

Many though ts are running, overpowering my mind, Searching for feelings, I've yet to find.

The steady beat flows through the house, Like the wail of a cat that has lost its mouse.

Some minutes later it comes to an end, Leaving a presence that will not bend.

Its familiar tune repeats in my head, I feel the eternal peace of the dead.

I feel a tear arise in my eye,

I slink into an unconscious state, without a thought of why.


.1" ••• '

'. '"

Diana Pratasiewicz

Music is the sound of love, My first true love.

It describes the feeling I

. get when he enters the room.

The sound of my heart

is like a giant drum, Our conversation is like the words to our lovely song.

The beat is what keeps the relationship going.

Violins are played during the rough times But soon the drums

are heard louder, Music is the sound oflove.


If the World

Was Composed of Music Randall J anairo

If the world was composed of music Buildings would be built with staffs, With instruments used as doors And whole notes used as windows.

If the world was composed of music, Babies would look like eighth rests, And people would be half notes Walking up the scales.

If the world was composed of music Every student in every school Would work together all day

To create the perfect song

If the world was composed of music, Every note would be in perfect harmony, In an unchanging tune,

And in perfect rhythm.


The Blackbird Terance Behling

In the far corner, Close by the swings-

Every morning, a blackbird sings.

The song is sweet

Like the scent of the spring morning air.




Music Gerard Scarimbolo

Sometimes when Mom feels she needs some space, I go in my room and take my CD's from their case. Mom says, "Jerry, turn the sound down" and

"Stop acting like a clown."

I obey my mom but give a few groans,

Then I reach up on the shelf and plug in my headphones As you can tell, I like my music a heap

But sometimes, while it is on I fall fast asleep. Mom turns it off and kisses my head,

Well, it's a good thing I fall asleep in my bed.


The Wind Chime Nicole Sileo

The wind is like music to my ear blowing in and out

twirling roundabout

dashing and crashing with a chill everlasting spinning like a chime

always on my mind.






The Basketball Ballad Kristen Tursi

The opening chorus begins when the whistle sounds. Music is bouncing all around.

The constant beat of the basketball drum, Is offset with the cheerleaders hum.

The heavy chanting of parents begins to fall, As the referee sings out his call.

A foul on a player is all,

The player steps forward standing so tall, And prepares for her solo.

The beat of the ball on the wooden floor becomes more. The final buzzer has run; the game is won.

This basketball ballad is done.


Music Mike Sudano

Music is the sound that we hear in all our lives,

We hear it in our water pipes, voices, spoons and knives, Music is around us in everything we do,

Even when the birds go 'chirp' and the cows go 'moo'. It doesn't matter whether near or far,

Music is in airplanes and even in your car.

Music sounds out at the beach and in the sea,

You hear it on the radio and when you watch TV,

In day or night you hear them all,

In summer, spring, winter and fall.

When eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner,

or listening to the green snake slither,

Music is fun and very grand,

So let's give music a great big hand!



At Night Christine Huh

My family is an orchestra at night, Father's snoring is like a trumpet, Mother's breathing is like a piano,

Sister's talking in her sleep is like a violin, And baby's whines are like a flute,

We make beautiful music at night.


Listening to Music Kulubor Jensen

Listening to music is like

Listening to the rain fall on the window, It makes you feel sad

It makes you feel bad

It's like children crying for something they lost Saying it's all our fault, now, here's our result It makes you dance. It makes you sing.

It makes you cry. It makes you laugh.

Now listen to the music. It's beautiful,

Don't you hear? It makes you feel relaxed. It makes

you want to lay back.

It's like the break of the petals from the roses, Like the second spring time,

It makes you feel high,

Makes you want to touch the beautiful sky.

Now, isn't it just beautiful? Don't you think?

Let it play ee ay ee ay ee ay I'm just gonna say,

Listening to the music is beautiful

Yes, I know. Listening to the music is really great.



Stoned Neon Trash Jose Landivar

Thunder pulses



like a laser in my brain. the pain.

The walls

lyrics of Rape




1 hear

on the ground below




call my


Over the midnight

I can find my spiritual Somewhere


That's what I for within

Before the dawn.

God. lies his


the man.

Running through my head Rhythm thumps as brain cells fall dead.

The knob on my high.


Makes no

so ani



What did I Justice

just hear?




needled wall. I wanna hear


any kind of language then It

the destiny


Rays sending me I'm v i

Yeah I'm a

Car squeaks

An African tribal Bum the

Plaster me to the

the Music If this is

can tell


of My America.



i n'
r v
n g.
I'm en tranced.
s IS

of our lib

Yeah what e r t y.


I really



Except for road kill.



destiny? don't care.



blood on my tire tracks.

sin~ng songs of hope as It s back has been cracked.



Yet that is



of the black world

land in the People


I know.

the way the

of life must go. people



of the fake

bring upon scorn.

Some of the old

Some of the young Some ofthe eternal heat

Some of the eternal cold.

Pointless shame

Pointless game

Pointless pain

I like

to be of unity


of negativity.

I prefer

to side

with the glory of breathing and living


Battery Charge Me. Charge Our OWIi Beauty.


in the air.

A bright rainbowed glare.

An enchantress who is a waitress. Is bringing it to me.

toys swimming


It's not love or sex



I'm walking through Echoes like


a hall. call.

an Now I



hate everyone. Weapon to shoot me.

A farly-four caliber





all at my grasp.

As is the



and past.

Time beats eternal in my heart. C'mon funky Fu#@#* beat.

LeArn to start.

Music this ain't none.

Let me escape before I cry. Farewell

Goo d-b y e ....




This spell is coming undone Now it's time NEON TRASH to say

Passing through a tunnel full of mourn' Ihear some




It's darkening my now pale skin.

I think by the grace of God, I shall be reborn.




My tears like blood used to flood the ground. My life was a circle spinning around.

My rage was silent, yet it screamed.

My darkness was endless, now there's a beam. My reality was a prison ...

Yet, it's all a dream.

It's all a dream.

And you were there ... and you were there ... and you were there ...

Awoken ...

The thunder is gone ... The radio hasn't been on ...


Living Music Elaina Locascio

While Whitney is Waiting to Exhale,

Mariah is having a Fantasy of Boyz to Men.

Alanis has her Hand in Her Pocket reaching for her watch because she has no

Time for Hootie and the Blowfish

Selana may be Dreaming of You while she sleeps in eternal sleep.

And could Melissa and Joan Get Me Some Water? Coolio

is taking a vacation in Gangsters Paradise. The Unforgettable Natalie Cole and her father perform together,

while .

Sophie Lays Me Down.

If there is only one thing Mike told you remember You Are Not Alone.

Bruce Springstein who was Born in the USA was recently seen walking the streets of Philadelphia

All Aretha F. wants is a little Respect.

Bush told Brandy to Come Down since she was

Sitting up in Her Room

Deep Blue Something is having Breakfast at Tiffanys, and Sean Stockman is having Visions of a Sunset. Mary J Blige Is Not Going to Cry since Seal said Don't Cry. Natalie is walking in a Carnival.

Do you want to end this with Xscape?




._--- -----

Music Is the Universe Nicole Modica

I stand by my radio all day and night, Looking at the sun and stars so bright, I look at the sun and wonder what

Joy does music have. I look at

The stars and I wonder what music Really is. Music is the universe. It's The light of the world. The light is so Bright it reflects on all of us. It is a fonn Of art; life and pleasure. Sometimes it Moves like a wave slapping against a Seashore.


The Feeling of Music Agie-Mae Tamba

You can hear it,

The rhythm running through my body, The emotion,

Music is relaxing,

You can feel it,

Music reaches inside your most inner thought, Music is very comforting,

Music comes in different ways,

Music comes out as smooth and sleek As chirps of singing birds,

One time along a meadow and stream All the flickering songs and shades

Of music took my dream.


Sweet Music Frank Osorio

Sweet music is like sugar in my tea, It makes me feel so free.

Free like a bird to fly,

There is no limit in the sky.

I listen to many melodies,

While sitting under a tree, Happiness always comes from this, Because of music, we are all blessed.


Anthony Casale

In the 40's there was Glen Miller who Took his band throughout the land.

There was Moon Light Serenade and Kalamazoo, Chattanooga Choo-Choo just to name a few.

The beats in the streets of the American

Bands, The melodies of Glen Miller and

His Great American Band, will play on Throughout the land.



-- -- - - --=---- -

One "with the Music Neil Bhaerman

I feel it in my bones, Beckoned to the floor by it.

It's that rhythm that drives me pushes m

takes me to the depths of the universe.

I begin to move.

Partially involuntary, I am forced! My arms swing wildly,

But still in perfect harmony with everyone else.

One of us is hoisted up and passed around.

It is the definition of UNITY in the purest form. Separately we look chaotic,

Together we are a machine,

With parts moving separately and working as one.

One with each other and one with the MUSIC.


A Current for the Body's Heart, Mind, and Soul Nick Capofari

Music is a bitter sweet rambunctious repertoire ofrhythmatic

impulses which sends my heart trembling,

It is a colorful portrayal of the artist's feelings and emotions, It can take me to new places and bring me to new feelings.

Music is a simple diversity of rich context which sends my mind aloft It reveals hidden meanings,

Ofa complex reality of which is the artist's impassioned sensibility towards the

Listener's tender innocence

Music is a black light of which my soul finds comfort in It puts my soul in dismay and at ease

While comforting my soul's feeling of apprehension at the emptiness of its

surroundings in the world.








Guitar Carmen Maldonado


When you held me, you felt good and soft Every note that came out of me was happy

When you touched me, my strings felt comfortable When you put me away, you felt alone.


Music? It Is What It Is to Me

Felishia Vargas

Bonnie Wright, Courtney Love, Wow, they've been so strong. Sheryl Crow, Melissa Etheridge, Wow, they've got some songs.

Rap, Rock-n-RoI1, Jazz, or the Blues, Honey, with that rhythm,

They sure can get you.

Some couldn't take it,

Like Kurt Cobain or Shanon Hoon,

Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, too many, too soon.

The good part is ... music lasts forever.

It's in your heart. It's in your sou1.

And when you think you can forget it,

It comes back up and you start to get it.

The rhythm that the Bee-Gees gave you

The rhythm of Barbra Streisand that can make you cry, Music can be sad. Music can be happy, . But music is unforgettable,

Smashing Pumpkins, R.E.M.

Wow, they're mellow, yet so strong. Green Day, Rancid, The Offspring, Wow, they sure can be fun.

The softest song, so full of energy.

David Bowie with Nine Inch Nails?

Anything and everything's possible in this Music World. The Grateful Dead, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones?

Where did they get these names? They must have been stoned. They are the fathers ofRock-n-Rol1, and that I'll never forget.

Collective Soul, Madonna,

Mozart, Beethoven?

Music is different for everyone.

I can't remember all the names,

Like Country Joe Crocker or Jimmi Hendrix, But you know what I mean,

Music never leaves your brain,

Always remember, MUSIC IS BEAUTIFUL Even ifit's not your type, don't criticize.


i .




The Music of Nature Marissa Leung

The music of the wind, it whistles near and far,

humming through the sweet-smelling trees, ringing and shining through the courtyard, its flute-like voice calms the soul,

speaking to you like a piano note,

the musical breeze stirs the gentlest soul.

The music of the rivers and seas,

lapping the sand and plants that line the shore, splashing against the rocks,

enveloping the fish and sea life,

gently singing to the creatures of the deep, the melody of the whales and dolphins, conveying a tune that would comfort,

even the most disconcerted soul.

The music of the earth,

the calling ofa bird to its faraway mate,

the pitter-pattering of the mountain goat's feet, coming down the mountain,

leaves rustling in the trees of the forest, crickets chirping late at night,

and frogs croaking on their lily pads,

the sweet song of the nightingale lays us down to sleep, as we listen to the music of nature.


Musical Moods Kimberly Litto

The other day when I came home from school, So tired from my walk,

The phone rang and I told my friend, I just didn't want to talk,

There was so much to do,

All the laundry in a heap,

But I just put the radio on,

And quickly fell asleep,

And for Joanna's party,

Last Saturday night,

I picked out an outfit,

That was just right,

And this time I wasn't tired,

For all I wanted to do was dance, And her new CD's and that radio, Gave me that chance,

And when Steve said it was over, And I felt like I could die,

The melody ofBoyz II Men,

Well, it helped me cry,

And although I was upset,

And depressed for a while,

I put on Mariah Carey,

And she helped me put on a smile, But it didn't help much when

my "friend" gave Steve a good night kiss, And this is when I realized,

that something was amiss,

But instead of getting angry,

and breaking my friend's arm,

I put on some Mozart,

And it helped me to stay calm,



You see music isn't just anything, It can act as a friend too,

And even though it's not living, It will always stick by you,

It will never get nasty,

Betray you, or be rude,

And it will be there for you, Through anyone of your moods, You won't grow out of music, Like one of your old toys,

So if you want to stay happy, Go on and make some noise!


An Ear In Tune Courtney Sessa

We cannot fully hear Unless the ear is in tune.

A wave crashing on the shore

May make us jump and nothing more, Unless the ear is in tune.

Then we can hear the millions of particles of sand, Rushing to and fro,

Carrying little animals along for the ride. And what we hear are the precious sounds

of God's ocean,

That we seldom take the time to appreciate. Realizing all of the life and movement

That is expressed in sound

Can help us understand the gifts God gave us. SOWld is a wondrous gift, and can open our Eyes to the world's most precious




And the music played on ...

Theresa Lavelle

I sit in the dark

with the music playing in my ears Pounding out through the speakers

Moving through my veins until my heart beats in the same rhythm

I don't even know who sings this song Not that it matters

The words play against empty melodies

Standing out against notes jumping over one another Melting to form such a beautiful song

For a brief moment

A few bars even

I am lost in someone else's problems

or dreams or lives

Their thoughts and aspirations More than who and what I am

With each different beat, I am in a different world Breaking away from the monotony of day to day The slow ones remind me

The fast ones make me forget

It might be just music

It's my asylum from reality

It replenishes what life takes away And even when the song is over and the lights go back on

I can still hear the songs playing in my head


Music Holds the Answers Jessica Pisano

I take one step then another.

The sounds are always there. I can't run,

I can't hide,

no matter where I go, it's right behind me, whispering in my ear.

It tells me to listen, following me everywhere. If I try to ignore it,

the beat grows louder,

louder, tempting me to understand.

It wants to tell me secrets, if only I took the time

to listen-Music holds earth's wonders.

The rhythm tries to make us hear, but we will not listen.

If only for a minute, we would lend an ear,

it would give us answers. Ifwe don't strive to hear the pulsing,

pulsing of the beat,

then how can we hope to know who we really are?



Music will tell us.

The beat will make us dance. The words win whisper, whisper the secret ...

of who we are.

Will we be rich, poor,


or sick?

Will we be President, powerful and strong,

or win we be like the others -normal people?

Whatever music tells us; be it good or bad,

we will change the world.

We can love a child that everyone rejects,

and to that child we will be a loving heart,

a shoulder to cry on, a saving hand,

a friend.

We can change that child's life.

Then the rhythm of the music, will whisper what we do,

to someone else --

and someone else --

Will it ever end? -- no, never! The music will live on,

in our hearts and in our minds.