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Instructional Practices in

Education & Training
Austin High School
Octavia Anderson
Austin ISD
Austin High School
1715 Cesar Chavez Austin
TX 7!7"#
Instructional Practices in Education
and Training
Instructional Practices in Education and Training is a feld-based internshi that ro!ides students "ith
bac#ground #no"ledge o$ child and adolescent de!elo%ent as "ell as rinciles o$ e&ecti!e teaching
and training ractices' Students "or# under the (oint direction and suer!ision o$ both a teacher "ith
#no"ledge o$ earl) childhood education and e*e%lar) educators or trainers in direct instructional roles
"ith ele%entar) school+ %iddle school+ and high school aged students' Students learn to lan and
direct indi!iduali,ed instruction and grou acti!ities+ reare instructional %aterials+ de!elo %aterials
$or educational en!iron%ents+ assist "ith record #eeing+ and co%lete other resonsibilities o$
teachers+ trainers+ araro$essionals+ or other educational ersonnel'
Intern *a+or Assign,ents
-A.. Se,ester/
Second 0 1ee2s Oct( 1 3 4ov( 7/
• 1 Introduction Poster
• 1 -rea# the Ice Acti!it) $or %entoring ca%us
• .ee#l) /og Sheets
• 0entoring Teacher E!aluations
Third 0 1ee2s 4ov( 1" % Dec( 5/
• 1 -ulletin -oard "ith 0entor E!aluation
• 1 /esson Plan to teach to entire class or s%all grou at %entoring ca%us
• .ee#l) /og Sheets
• 0entoring Teacher E!aluations
SP5I46 Se,ester/
-ourth 0 1ee2s 7an( 5 3 -e8( $"/
• 1 -ulletin -oard "ith 0entor E!aluation
• 1 /esson Plan to teach to entire class or s%all grou at %entoring ca%us
• .ee#l) /og Sheets
• 0entoring Teacher E!aluations
-i9th 0 1ee2s -e8( $# 3 A:r( 17/
• 1 -ulletin -oard "ith 0entor E!aluation
• 1 /esson Plan to teach to entire class or s%all grou at %entoring ca%us
• .ee#l) /og Sheets
• 0entoring Teacher E!aluations
Si;th 0 1ee2s A:r( $" 3 *a< $$/
• 1 -ulletin -oard "ith 0entor E!aluation
• 1 /esson Plan to teach to entire class or s%all grou at %entoring ca%us
• .ee#l) /og Sheets
• 0entoring Teacher E!aluations
Student Intern 5es:onsi8ilities
1' -e on ti%e' Sign in the %ain o1ce on ti%e' Sign out "hen lea!ing %entoring ca%us'
2' 2ontact %entoring teacher and 0s' Anderson be$ore the school da) starts i$ )ou are going to be absent $or
class' This %a) be done b) hone+ te*t or e%ail' This is a "ee#l) grade in class'
3' 4bser!e all olicies+ including those related to conduct+ dress code+ ersonal aearance+ and ersonal
4' 5ollo" the instructions o$ )our %entor teacher+ )our high school $acilitator and ca%us ad%inistrators'
5' Establish resectable er$or%ance records to be assured good re$erences in the $uture'
6' 0aintain a "ritten record o$ dail) acti!ities at )our school
7' 8eort to high school suer!isor an) roble%s that %a) occur at the school site' 5ollo" school olicies and the
chain o$ co%%and to resol!e roble%s'
9' The high school $acilitator %ust #no" )our location at all ti%es' 5ollo" class rocedures and feld-site olicies
"hen it beco%es necessar) to lea!e )our %entoring school site' :our high school $acilitator %ust #no" i$ )ou
lea!e school earl) or i$ )ou are going to another site ;e*' Teacher center< during class ti%e' /et the $acilitator
#no" in ad!ance'
=' Abide b) the transortation rule' 4O O4E is allo=ed to ride =ith <ou in <our car'
10' Abide b) all school rules and regulations+ #eeing in %ind the $act that AHS (urisdiction includes the %entoring
school classroo% and tra!el to and $ro% the $acilit)'
11' Scholarshis are a!ailable $or students "ho are ursuing a career in education' 4ur career suer!isor "ill let
)ou #no" o$ an) a!ailable scholarshis' This "ill be done in a ti%el) %anner' -eco%e $a%iliar "ith
organi,ations associated "ith education'
*entor Teacher 5es:onsi8ilities
1' Ensure that the school classroo% ro!ides student interns "ith a >ualit)-learning situation' 2learl)
state e*ectations $or the student' Pro!ide clear instructions "ith regular ositi!e and correcti!e
$eedbac#' The %entor-$acilitator should %a#e the %entee a"are o$ the grade?s secifc scoe and
se>uence+ and Te*as Essential @no"ledge and S#ills that are e%hasi,ed in the e*erience "ithin
the %entor?s classroo%'
2' E*lain to the student alicable olicies+ rocedures+ rules+ and the chain o$ co%%and' Hel the
student $eel a art o$ the school organi,ation'
3' Pro!ide sa$et) orientation and a sa$e "or# en!iron%ent ;i'e' fre drill and loc# do"n rocedures<'
4' Aeal $airl) "ith the studentB lease re%e%ber that the student intern is there to learn and "ill
%a#e %ista#es' The) are e*ected to do %ore than grade aers+ fle aers and %a#e coies'
5' Suort high school attendance olicies ;i'e' arri!al and dearture ti%es+ rule in case o$ absence+
sign in and out rocedure< and dress code e*ectations'
6' 2o%%unicate "ith the high school $acilitator on a regular basis' Pro!ide ongoing $eedbac# about
the student intern?s rogress ;strengths and "ea#nesses< and direction o$ uco%ing feld
e*erience in order that the $acilitator can %ost e&ecti!el) coordinate class instruction acti!ities
"ith their classroo% needs'
7' 2o%lete e!aluations o$ the student intern?s er$or%ance in )our classroo% e!er) 6 "ee# eriod'
:ou %a) send it bac# to the $acilitator through school %ail+ e%ail+ or "ith the student'
9' Plan an acti!it) to introduce the student intern to )our students and set aside ti%e $or the% to get
to #no" the intern'
=' 8e%e%ber these interns are high school students+ and )ou are in a great osition to hel these
students de!elo both ro$essionall) and ersonall)' This e*erience "ill allo" all interns to Cget
their $eet "etD and see the li$e o$ a teacher and a t)ical school da)E)ear' 4ur goal is to ro%ote a
ositi!e en!iron%ent and Cu% these students uD about education'
Austin High School -acilitator 5es:onsi8ilities
1' 2oordinate the lace%ent o$ student in >ualit) classroo%s'
2' Preare training lans in a ti%el) %anner'
3' Fisit the classroo%'
4' Assist the student in %aintaining a good "or#ing relationshi "ith the %entor teacher and other
school ersonnel'
5' E!aluate the student?s training rogress in con(unction "ith the %entor teacher'
6' Pro!ide the student "ith classroo% instruction in coordination "ith the %entor teacher?s instruction
& the classroo% e*eriences'
7' High School Suer!isor acts as the liaison bet"een the %entee and the %entor teacher to $acilitate
the e*erience'
Things A *entee in I PET Can Do(
The skills of the students will vary; below are suggestions of tasks the student
mentee can do to help.
GTeach lessons to the class
G Assist "ith clerical tas#s
G8un errands on ca%us
GAssist in grading aers
G8ead to s%all grous o$ students
G /isten to students read
GPresent a lesson to a s%all grou o$ students
GPresent a 0entee?s lesson to the class
GTutor indi!iduals or s%all grou
GSuer!ise students in an e%ergenc)
G2reate bulletin boards or disla)s
G2hange bulletin boards or disla)s
G2onduct "ar% uEshort acti!ities
1' Dress Code- Aearance is an i%ortant $actor in de!eloing
an attitude that ro%otes success' As educators "e should
set a good e*a%le $or our students and resent a
ro$essional i%age to others in the school' Student "ill be
encouraged to dress "ith the sa%e interest in
ro$essionalis%' Students "ill be ro!ided an IA badge to
"ear at the feld sites' Students %ust "ear their IA?s at all
2' Attendance- Attendance is an i%ortant $actor in (ob success'
Students shouldH
1' Sign in at the o1ce
2' 2all both %entor teacher and $acilitator i$ absent
3' Secure er%ission $ro% )our student?s $acilitator i$ the
student %ust lea!e the %entor site'
4' @no" each da) counts to"ard their "ee#l) attendance grade'
5' Students "ill co%lete %a#e u "or# $or the da)s the) are
absent $ro% the feld site'
3' Tard< Polic<- Students are e*ected to be at the school site on
ti%e' I$ there is a roble% "ith unctualit) lease contact the
teacher coordinator' The students should be on ca%us
aro*i%atel) 2 hours'
4' Pictures- 0entees "ill be re>uired to ta#e ictures at the
school site to include in their ort$olios' Please let the intern
#no" i$ there are students "ho cannot be hotograhed'
5' Assign,ents- Students "ill be as#ed to co%lete a !ariet)
o$ ro(ects' :our assistance "ill be areciated+ but it is the
student?s resonsibilit) to co%lete hisEher assign%ents' 5or
e*a%leH students %a) be as#ed to inter!ie" another teacher
in the building' :our hel in %a#ing contact "ith the teacher
"ill be in!aluable to the student'
6' >uestions- I$ there are an) >uestions+ throughout the )ear+
$eel $ree to contact %e b) e-%ail+ hone+ inter-school %ail or
send a note "ith the %entee'
7' Co,,unication- .hen the students are on their ho%e ca%us+ it
has been custo%ar) to allo" the students to co%%unicate "ith
their %entor teachers as needed b) e%ail onl)'
9' Active Partici:ation- Iet the %entees acti!el) in!ol!ed "ith )our
students as >uic#l) as ossible' -us) students ha!e %ore $un and
sta) out o$ trouble' It "ill %a#e the ti%e go >uic#l)'