New South Wales Trauma Collaborati ve Fosters Community

Dr. Paul Barach is a guest professor at Norway’s University of
Oslo and a former consultant for Australia’s National E-Health
Transition Authority (NEHTA). In addition to his research in the
area of patient safety and health information technology, Dr. Paul
Barach is known for his work with the New South Wales Trauma

The New South Wales Trauma Collaborative focuses on
improving continuity of care for patients who have suffered
significant injuries. By connecting the various health care
professionals involved in treating a patient from the initial injury
through rehabilitation, the Trauma Collaborative seeks to improve
health outcomes for people who need integrated, long-term care
and assistance in returning to the community and the workforce.

The Collaborative sought to encourage physicians to develop
interpersonal “communities of practice,” where they can share
ideas and learn from each other’s experience. It also works to
promote the idea that the patient is an empowered “consumer” of
health services who has the right to participate in the decision-
making process and to hold doctors accountable for outcomes.

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