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ThreeFree Collaboration Tools that Make Crowdsourcing Easier

ThreeFree Collaboration Tools that Make Crowdsourcing Easier

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Published by: Crowdsourcing.org on Aug 23, 2014
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ThreeFree Collaboration Tools that Make Crowdsourcing Easier

By definition, crowdsourcing refers to the act by an institution or company of taking a task
which was formerly carried out by an outsourced third party or its employees and
outsourcing it to a generally large and undefined network of persons by means of an open
Since its inception, crowdsourcing has been instrumental in allowing and enabling
managers to indefinitely increase the size and capabilities of their talent pool whilst
simultaneously benefitting from the direct insight into what their customer base requires
of the business.
Indeed, free labor makes a very small part of the appeal of crowdsourcing as a business
practice. Continuous study is being made into the practice of crowdsourcing, which will in
future affect what we know and can say about it.
Benefits of Crowdsourcing
a) Cost reduction – The sums involved in crowdsourcing projects differs according to
the size of the project and the nature of the organization. The incentives
surpassmonetary perks e.g. skill development, social recognition and self-esteem
boost by far. However, even with these, crowdsourcing is relatively cost friendly.
b) Quality – Crowdsourcing opens the pool to receiving quality matches for difficult
creative tasks. For instance, there may emerge a number of experts who, between
them, can interact, brainstorm and cover all aspects of the solution that is required.
c) Network externalities – the value ofthesystem has risen with the number of other
people using it.
d) Agency issues – since the firm seeking the solution isn’t solely depending on one
agency to provide it, clients have the freedom to select the best fit from a given pool
of ideas, or change the project if no solution can be arrived at easily.
Useful crowdsourcing tools
1. Bitrix24
Bitrix24 provides a comprehensive suit for social cooperation, communique as well as
different management tools which organizations can make use of.
 Internal social networking features for easier, faster and more efficient
collaboration. Instant feedback to ideas shared and possibility for creation of teams
and workgroups.
 Capability for managing projects of varying complexity – delegation and
coordination to ensure time deadlines are met.
 Real-time communication tools through group chats and videoconferencing
 Safe online document storage and access only byrelevant persons according to
permissions granted.
 Easy file storage and sharing between individuals, colleagues and work groups.
 Calendar to schedule meetings, projects and client appointments directly from the
CRM, can be private or shared.
 Access to email directly from CRM and many more features.

2. Smartsheet
Smartsheet provides instant access to an on-demand workforce globally as well as
internally within the organization. It gives the option of ‘Smartsourcing’ – where businesses
can pay for work to be done and hence have control over what is submitted. It provides
affordable capacity expansion.
Features at a glance:
 Manage email addresses, prospective lists and surveys for feedback easily
 Transcription from PDFs/websites
 Website and product categorization
 Personalized Smartsheet profiles according to personal taste
 Worker recruitment and payment processing handled by Smartsheet and then work
submitted into your account on completion

3. Tricider
Tricider is designed to make collaboration and global brainstorming easier and lessen the
hustle of making group decisions.
 Collection of ideas to questions raised from the global pool with no need for
registration. Discussions can then be held therein
 Online voting for participants to come up with best-fit solutions
 Advanced user capability – exclude further ideas from questions or number of votes
cast. Decision on who can see and contribute to your question
 Spam protection for public questions – only users with authenticity can contribute
 Multimedia sharing capability
 Administrative rights for your own question and many more.

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