Bronka Weintaub High School Bekiut Program

Word List Amud Test #1 .זי( הליגמ - .כ )

.זי ףד
ערפמל – out of order
שקתיא – compared (to learn from each other)
ןלנמ – where does this from come (what is the
:זי ףד
היל יעבימ – he needs it
'הל ובה – bring to 'ה
הרתב – after
םיאולחת – sickness and pain
תממורתמ – is raised up
.חי ףד
םוחכש – they forget it
ךליאו ןאכמ – from now on
אקותשמ – silence
יבר יבד אתמא – the maid of אישנה הדוהי יבר
:חי ףד
יכה ונתמ – they taught like this
םבי תרמוש – a woman whose husband has died
without leaving children and is waiting for his
brother to do םובי or הצילח
טימשה – he left out
ירודהאל – to respond
היל עייסמ – supports him
קחדה תעש – a pressing situation
.טי ףד
ידכמ – let us consider
ןחכשא – we find
היתכודב – in his place
אתלימ אילת – the issue is dependent on
לטקד – that was killed
הישפנ יושד – that he considered himself
אתרופ – a little bit
:טי ףד
רייתשנ – remained
אחומא – on his brain
דמלמ – this teaches us
אתמיקוא – established it/attributed it
.כ ףד
היברד – that of his teacher