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Senator Mark Leno

State Capitol, Room 5100

Sacramento, CA 95814-4900

Re: Amendments Mock-up for 2013-2014 SB-1019 (Leno (S)) Defining Flame Retardant

Senator Leno,

Please be advised, that based on the discussion Friday, 8/01/14 with Tam Ma and the
principle sponsors of S1019, the AHFA and principle members of the furniture coalition (logos
affixed to this letter), withdraw our opposition of the bill pursuant to the inclusion of the
amendments agreed upon to define flame retardant chemicals and offer this letter of support
for S1019.

The AHFA would like to thank you and your staff, specifically Tam Ma, for the diligent
and persistent effort in working through the challenges presented during the legislative
process. The amendments provide a clear and reasonable definition for flame retardant


Bill Perdue
VP Regulatory Affairs
The American Home Furnishings Alliance

Tam Ma
Jennifer Galehouse (Gatto)

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