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An Wang Middle School Volume I August 26, 2014

Team 73-83

Welcome back!
I hope everyone had a wonderful summer vacation. Summer goes by so quickly! My name is Mrs. Collins and
I will be the Social Studies teacher for Team 73-83 for the coming year. I am fortunate to be working with such
a great group of students and know that we will have an excellent academic year.

grade students will have an interesting year studying the ancient civilizations of the world. Starting all the
way back to human origins in Africa we will travel throughout time. The major civilizations we will study
include: Mesopotamia, Phoenicia, Ancient Israel, Egypt, Greece and Rome. A concentration on argument
writing related to the standards in the Common Core will also be a focal point. We have an exciting year ahead
of us learning about the history of our world.

grade students can look forward to a challenging year learning about the history and development of the
United States. A focus on argument writing related to the Common Core standards will also be a major part of
8th grade Social Studies. We will look at the growth of the colonies and their importance to the American
Revolution. A strong focal point will also be the creation and progress of our democratic United States
government and its supporting documents including the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of
Rights. Sectionalism between the North and South, Industrial Revolution and finally Civil War and
Reconstruction will put the finishing touches on a very full academic year.
The above website is a great place to get up to date on Social Studies homework, activities, and grades.
Classroom Requirements
1. Students will have the following materials with them at all times: agenda, pen or pencil,
binder with white-lined paper (or notebook), homework, and Independent Reading book.
2. Students will be respectful of their peers, teachers and themselves at all times.
3. Follow the posted classroom rules.

and 8
Grade Social Studies
Mrs. Collins, Room 115
Grading Policy
40% Projects and
30% Tests
20% Quizzes and
Class Participation
10% Homework
Classroom Homework Policy
Homework must be
completed on time.

If absent, you are allowed
two days to make up the
assignment. Failure to
make up a missed
assignment will result in
no credit.
Three missed homework
assignments will result in
an after school detention.
Please return this slip to Mrs. Collins signed by your Parent/Guardian stating that the above newsletter was read.
Thank You.
Students Name:________________________ Homeroom:___________________

Parent/Guardian Signature:_____________________________ Date: ______________________________