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Fall Semester Room 210 August 2014 San Fernando,

CA Volume 1
is to achieve Social Justice through
the development of the complete
individual. In doing so, we will
increase our students social capital
and their humanity, while we create a
school worthy of our own children.
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b) $isit!"b#
It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to U.S.
History. My name is Ms. Guzman, and I will be your
teacher for the 201!201" school year.
I am e#tremely e#cited to have you in my class and
loo$ forward to %ettin% to $now each and every one of you
this year. &his year you will be both challen%ed and
rewarded for your hard wor$ as you delve into the
fascinatin% area of U.S. History. I am here to help available
to you as you are presented with new tas$s and pro'ects.
(our other teachers and I will collaboratin% to run our
classes as a humanitas model. )ur curriculum will each
support what you are learnin% in your other classes.
*dditionally, many of your pro'ects this year will be %raded
and counted for two or more content areas.
Most importantly, this year, you will have the
opportunity to ta$e your learnin% to the ne#t level by
absorbin% what you learn in +.,. -istory and inte%ratin%
your creativity with that $nowled%e to produce innovative
pro'ect assessments. &his class is a re.uirement for both *!
G and hi%h school %raduation/ please do your absolute best
to pass. I pled%e to do everythin% in my power to support
you in that %oal.
Ms. Guzman

Your grades for this course ill !e dependent upon a "ariet# of
criteria. $he# are as follos:
Content Knowledge
Critical Thinking
Written Communication
Oral Communication
Proe!!ional Work Ethic
%mplo#ing these #$
centur% !kill! to complete #our
activities ad pro!ects ill prepare #ou to compete
in the glo!al societ# e li"e in. &emem"er that
e"er#thing #ou do &or don't do( counts. You ill !e
working in grou'! a lot this #ear so !e diligent) or*
Social ustice humanitas Academ!
Cesar Cha"e# $earning Academies
%&S& 'istor!, 11
c) &ext @!"b# &' this ()1"."*!.""#!
(ounding (ather! ) the Con!titution
Progre!!i*i!m )
+ecoming American
&oaring $,#-! )
.arlem &enai!!ance
The /reat De're!!ion
World War II
The Ci*il &ight! Mo*ement
0ietnman War
Contact Information
Ms. Guzman
Cell #310.621.0473
(Texts/calls are only acceptable between 7am-7pm.)
+, %-$.+G ,/ 0/.+1.+G
+, %2%3$/,+.3 0%4.3%5 &including phones(66 &.f
seen) the# ill !e confiscated(.
+o 37/5.+G
-!o"e all: 7se 3,88,+ 5%+5%
Cla!! Material!1 -ll class materials &rulers) highlighters)
pens) etc.( are a"aila!le for #our use ith the trust and
understanding that #ou ill return it at the end of the
class period.
hard) or* together) and #ou ill succeed in this class.
/rading Scale
In accordance with 0*+,12s *!G %raduation re.uirement 3 ,4-*
policy, 12s will not be assi%ned in this class. *ny percenta%e
earned less than 506 will count as an 7.
B +++++.++++++++..+0/-.0,-
C ++.++.++++++++++.*/-.*,-
1omewor% is assigned as needed. 2ometimes yo3r
homewor% will be assigned to you or it will be work
you did not finish in class. &he idea behind
homewor% is to get yo3 to practice skills, review
concepts you learned in class, and finish your daily
goals you have set for yourself. &r3st 3s. 4e will not
assign yo3 homewor% 3nless it will benefit yo35 and
increase 3nderstanding of what we are st3dying at that
1omewor% is always d3e the next day at the
beginning of the period 3nless specified otherwise. I
will NO accept any ho!ework after the ti!e it is
due and you will receive a " on the assign!ent.
6 3nderstand that absences are sometimes o3tside
of yo3r control5 howe7er5 it is your responsibility to
find o3t what the day8s wor% was for the day/s yo3 are
were absent. &he wor% is due the very ne#t class
!eeting after yo3 ret3rn to later9 4arning.
there are certain acti7ities that re:3ire attendance the
day of and cannot be !ade$up.
Also, it is co!pletely unacceptable to be absent
the day pro%ects are due or presentations are
C&A'' NO()' AN*
+,-+CAION'. he / -s
9:% P&OMPT 9:% P&EPA&ED 9:% PO2ITE
-nd most of all;
4hat yo3 need to be
$3 Your !rain.
#3 -ll of #our assignments < handouts.
43 A !'iral note"ook 5#-- 'g! minimum6 to
organi7e all o %our a!!ignment! and
83 =en) pencil) highlighter) post9it notes
93 >illingness to participate
:3 Your !rain