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"The Eagle has landed"

Vasan Sri
This expression was used as a coded message
by some spy group during the World War II.
It came to my mind this morning with a
powerful impact---to make me reflect on
what 'LIFE' could mean to us---the sort of
'existence problem' that always keeps
coming back to us---which seems to haunt
We ask ourselves often: "What is the
meaning of Life?" ; "Why are we
here?"---such questions are asked by lay
persons, philosophers and also by religious
ones. These questions come with a

tremendous force when we ponder over some
tragedy or shock. When some painful thing
occurs, we ask ourselves "Why Me?".
Do we ask ourselves who we are? Who is
this "me" in the above question?

Philosophers and mystics have given all
kinds of explanations--within the scope of
religions or without. Some would even say
that we can never find the true answer and
then why raise these questions at all.
Ignore such questions but go ahead with
life from moment to moment,from one day to
the next, living in the present---if you

An eagle may soar to great heights and
hover around for several hours. It would
survey vast tracts of lands--hills and
dales. Finally it lands on a hard rock, may
be a cliff,looking for a piece of flesh.
Our minds are like that too. That is LIFE.