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Message from the Students

Council President
Change will not come if we wait for some other
person or some other time. We are the ones weve
been waiting for. We are the change we seek.
Barack Obama
As the Students Council, we seek to ensure that
the students are in a conducive learning
environment; and that our concerns are voiced and
respectfully brought to the appropriate authorities through continuous dialogues and strategies.
Through identifying the issues affecting students in our school, which often times are academic
development, social acceptance and financial assistance, the MCSC was guided by the following
To provide financial aid to students
To create the awareness of student rights
To voice issues affecting our students
To promote academic excellence and participation in extra-curricular activities
For the academic year 2011-2012, the main priority of the Students Council was to contribute
sustainable development through establishing an annual Scholarship called the Munro College
Students Council (MCSC) Scholarship. This scholarship awards an amount of $15,000 to a
student who demonstrates excellent academic performance and commitment to the Munro
College community. This year, the council has decided to increase the award to $20,000.
Through this scholarship programme, we aim to continue aiding our students with their holistic
development and generating a wider positive change for excellence across our student populace.
We must congratulate Sujae Boswell, our Head Prefect who was elected President of the
National Secondary Students Council (NSSC) as well as Matthew Drum and Warren Clarke
who served on the NSSC Executive as Region V Assistant Vice President and Secretary
This year, The National Secondary Students Council launched its annual campaign on February
10, 2014 under the theme Value: Be Wise, Respect YOU. This aims to empower young
people, particularly students, to be responsible students who make the difference. It is under this
agenda that consequently, there was an Exchange Day on February 26, 2014 planned by the
Regional Executive of the NSSC. Six of our councilors journeyed to Manchester High and three
students from Manchester High to Munro. Through this activity, students from schools across
Region V had an increased knowledge and understanding of the culture of different schools,
good relations amongst the various schools were fostered and ideas and programmes
implemented by these schools were shared.
Many of our objectives for this academic year have been achieved by the hard work,
commitment and effectiveness of the members of this productive body of student representatives
and our staff advisor, Ms. Janice Williams.
To the graduating class of 2013-14, let me charge you to maximize your potential and aim
beyond the stars. Use what you have experienced here as stepping stones to success. Remember,
Responsible Students Make the Difference.
Giovanni Hutchinson, MCSC President
NSSC Region V Vice President