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Dhanbir Enterprises (Regd.)
(An ISO 9000:2001 Certified Company)

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Project Summary Introduction About the Firm/Promoter Process Flow Chart Block Diagram Economics Of Project Covering:Basis and Presumption Capacity & its Utilization Building & Structures Land Plant, Machinery & Equipments Misc. Fixed Assets Total cost of Project Means Of Finance Term Loan Term Loan’ repayments & interest insulation Working Capital & Margin Money Calculations Staff & Labour Raw Material & Consumables Power / Water Description Repairs & Maintenance Insurance Sales Expenses Projection of performance & profitability Analysis Break Even Point Analysis

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1. Name of the Firm 2. Constitution 3. Proprietor 4. Address 5. Size of Land 6. Location 7. Covered Area

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8. Proposed Project to be setup : 9. Type Of Industry

10. Major Raw Materials 11. Power Load Required 12. Employment 13. Total Cost of the Project
a) Cost of the Plot

b) Building & Structure
c) Plant & Machinery d) Misc. Fixed Assets e) Preliminary & Pre

Operative Expenses
f) Contingencies /price Escalation

g) Working Capital 14. Means Of Finance • Long Term Loan

• Short Term Loan • Share Capital TOTAL Promoter’s Share to project

Annual Profitability at 60% efficiency • Annual Sales Revenues • Net Profits • Percentage Profit on dales • Annuals Returns on investments • Average Break even Point

CHAPTER INTRIDUCTION The proposed project is for the manufacturing of LAUNDRY SOAP. The soap is the major consumable product after the vanaspati Ghee. In INDIA the major population is the middles class and this lives in the Villages. So the Laundry soap which is also known as the “NIROL” is the best product for the washing of cloths. This is the most popular product in the middle class for the washing of cloths. The most important factor for its popularity is its cost because it the cheap in rates as compared to the other washing products. Now a day it is also used commercial and industrial use. The wastage is used in the manufacturing for cheep class of lubricants. So as the commercial, point of view it the highly highly profitable business because the demand is always more than the supply Soap Manufacturing Product finds application in many fields like Domestic applications *Commercial uses *Industrial Uses The product are in great demands The Promoter is sire of the successful venture

SOAPS AND DETERGENT INDUSTRY SOAPS AND DETERGENT INDUSTRY includes the Laundry soaps , synthetics detergents and toilet soap included the bathing bars. Since these are consumer items, technology, quality , marketing and distribution determine the success of units in this sector. The industry has developed both in the small scale and organized sector Laundry soap is reserved for the manufacturing in the small scale and 90% of the production of laundry soap is in the smallscale sector. Toilet soap is however dominated by the multinational units. There are at present 54 units engaged in the manufacture of soap and detergents. The production of soap during 2006-07 was 4,71,516 Tons and detergents was 977102 tons during 2007-08 up to December the production of soap has been 303453 tons and that of detergents 8,10,739 tones.

CHAPTER ABOUT THE FIRM/PROMOTERS The proposed is the parternship . The promoter of the unit MR______________________ s/o Sh.__________________________ is highly educated , finicaly sound and possess rich experience in the same field. After through study of the market demand of the project, he has the keen intrest to setup up manufacturing units for the same Bio-Data of the Promoter is as under BIO-DATA Name Father’s Name Date Of Birth Material Status Nationality Address Qualification Experience Finicial Background Pan Number : : : :: : : : : :


Dhanbir Enterprises (Regd.)
(An ISO 9000:2001 Certified Company)

Email:-, Ph.No +919216700603, +919356713176,+919780974603

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