The Curse

The novel The Curse by Lee Su Ann is about Azreen Saleh who tries to find out the the

truth about the death of her sister, Madhuri. She returns to her village in Langkawi from
London for the lost but discovers the secrets and curses regarding her sister’s death. There
are many problems in the novel. However, there is a problem faced by one of the main
characters in the novel, Azreen Saleh. The problem faced by Azreen was her relationship
with her father which gets strained.
This conflict gets even worsen when she was blamed for her parent’s accident. Azreen
takes everything positively. She continues to respect her father despite his coldness and she
does not cease to take care of her mother.
Azreen found a way to overcome her conflict with her parents. Azreen seeks comfort
in the Old Lady whenever she feels upset or unhappy with her parents. When she takes for
the blame on the accident, she runs to the Old Lady to refuge. She gains strength from the
Old Lady’s advice and guidance.
Azreen finds that not much changed between her and her father when she comes for
the Madhuri’s death somewhere in Langkawi. Her father remains distant but she still treats
him respectfully as blood is thicker than water. Meanwhile, she feels no sense of loss or
sorrow either at her sister’s death. However, she mourns following her mother’s death.
After she had discovered the truth about her sister’s death, she learns to let bygones
be bygones. She forgives her father for accidentally stabbed Madhuri.
In conclusion, one should deals with the problems faced in a responsible manner. He or
she supposes to take the problem as a lesson in life in order to prepare for the challenging
world ahead.

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