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Block (2009

Work in 3 parts in collaboration
with prisoners from New Zealand
cage with classical instruments, 350 cm x ø 400 cm
28 paintings and drawings of prisoners
video, 12 min.
Artspace, Auckland, New Zealand

The concept of the work is related to the process of colonization and the
representational role of art in society. The work consists of three parts: a
cage containing classical instruments: Cello, Doublebass, Flute, Violine,
Timpany. The access door is locked. Only visitors which are not able to play
are allowed to enter the cage. The second part is a video showing the
prisoners playing the classical instruments that were brought to them into
the jail. As the rules of the correction department didn´t allow to film the
faces of the prisoners, only details of their body could be shown. The third
part is showing a collection of about 28 prisoners works on paper and canvas.
The black and white self portrait of Dave was comissioned for the poster and
invitation to the show.