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Conversely, active nihilism is, at the most obscure point of its argumentation, polarized by an

inapplicable confidence. One will say that this is a crisis of confidence that precedes its object, while
the crisis of belief within passive nihilism follows it.
Today, the young are gladly nihilist. But passive nihilists can enlist them only by means of a
temporary misunderstanding. In vain, they wish to convey to the young the idea that the essence of
discordance consists in the defeat of beliefs, the crisis of ideologies, the crash of Marxism. For
vigorous active nihilism is in search of a form of confidence and, if we are no more able to convey
one to it directly than the passive nihilists, we can wait with . . . confidence.
Active nihilism valorizes only itself. This is always better than to end up tolerating the world. The
passive nihilist is already a realist, packing his bags for the posts and places of social fate. The active
nihilist inherits nothing. He never believed, and therein lays all his strength. Unless he joins religious
sects, through which he will leap to the most rancid products of belief. He is a traveller without
luggage, whose only future is courage, and it is toward this courage that his anxiety guides him by the
sureness of the real.
The active nihilist is particularly odious and particularly promising. Every day, he squanders the
existential capacity of which he loudly declares himself the bearer. Talking to him has too many
consequences for him to assent to it easily. He is indifferent to the recomposition of the world, as
long as it has not been seized by a collective reckoning or touched by the restricted action of the
The palindrome that serves as a title in Guy Debord's situationist filma cinematic balance-sheet of
the achievements of twenty years ( 1955-75 ) of active nihilism- speaks about the active nihilist: 'In
girum imus nocte et consumimur igni', 'Whirling we walk at night and we are consumed by fire. We
place all our hopes in the fact that this fire may consume the world, having once again become
Prometheus' fire through the mediation offered by political confidence.