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Disclaimer: This syllabus can and may change during the course of the semester.

. Students and parents will be notified of any major changes.

TransMath Level 2
Instructor: Stephanie Cielinski Room: 266
Email: Website:
Phone: (320) 252-2231 Ext. 3266 Office Hours: 7:30-8:15 am, 3:30-3:45 pm

TransMath is a comprehensive mathematics curriculum that provides key foundational skill-building and
problem solving experiences through multisensory strategies. This course will provide appropriate pacing while
teaching multistep problems gradually and in a meaningful context with numerous visual representations to
build conceptual understanding and fewer steps, decreasing mistakes in routine procedures. TransMath
simultaneously teaches foundational computation skills while providing the rich, grade-level, problem-solving
experiences necessary for high-stakes assessments. In every lesson there will be a numbers strand topic and an
applications strand topic along with online components.

TransMath: Volume 2 Student Set by John Woodward and Mary Stroh. Cambium Learning/Voyager, 2010
ISBN#1-60697-041-0 Textbook website:

Each level of TransMath has a specific hard covered textbook which contains lessons and homework problems.
In addition, students will have a personal interactive text for in class activities and assessment booklet that they
will use all year. All books will stay in the classroom unless given permission by the teacher.

Students are expected to attend all classes. Students are responsible for learning the material and handing in
assignments on time. When students have an absence, the student has the number of days absent plus one to
complete all work. It is the students responsibility to get and complete any work they may have missed
because of an absence. You will have a maximum of 2 school days to make up a test or quiz, if it is not
made up within the allotted time the grade will become a zero in the grade book.

Be Responsible
Bring all supplies to class: notebook, PENCIL, eraser, folder, and any other needed classroom supplies.
Complete all assignments on time. Parents will be notified when 5 or more assignments are missing.
Be to class on time. Excessive tardies and/or truancies will be reported to the office and may result in
loss of points. Parents will also be notified when this occurs.
Be in your seat, ready to learn when the bell rings.
Check your grade and attendance on Skyward.
Bring your planner everyday. We will keep track of assignments, quiz, and test dates.
Be Respectful
When someone else is talking, be quiet and let them talk.
Stay in your seats during class discussion (sharpen pencils, throw things away and get necessary
supplies after discussions).
Stay working in your seats until the bell rings.
Keep your hands, feet, and all other body parts off others property.
Appropriate questions, discussions, and comments are expected to maintain a learning environment.
Disclaimer: This syllabus can and may change during the course of the semester. Students and parents will be notified of any major changes.

Cell phones, mp3 players, and any other electronic devices are not allowed to be used (unless the
teacher specifies otherwise) in the classroom. See Tech High School student handbook for more
Only say positive things about others. Put-downs will not be allowed in the classroom.
Have Pride
Clean up after yourself before leaving the classroom.
Strive to do your best while in class, completing homework, and taking tests.
Do your own work. I need to know if you understand the concepts, not someone else.
Ask for help!! Im here to help you succeed!!

Daily assignments: Daily assignments could include problem sets, worksheets, and introductory
exercises. All assignments will be announced in class. All assignments are required. A no credit
could result if assignments are missing. Assignments for a chapter will not be accepted after we
have finished the chapter. Late assignments will be docked points. Do not wait until the last minute to
do assignments. When an assignment is turned in on time, work is shown, and all problems have been
completed the student will get full credit.
Quizzes: Quizzes will be given between tests as a method of reviewing and summarizing material.
Students should expect at least one quiz per chapter/unit. These quizzes may or may not be
announced. If a student is marked truant for a test or quiz, they will receive a zero for that assessment.
Tests: Tests will be administered at the end of each chapter/unit. The tests are designed to assess
students knowledge of concepts. Test dates will be announced in class several days prior to the test
date; therefore students should be well prepared for the test. If a student is marked truant for a test or
quiz, they will receive a zero for that assessment.
Extra Credit: Extra credit will be offered throughout the school year.
Skyward: Check Skyward frequently to verify grades, assignments, and attendance. Updates will be done
as soon as possible.
ALL work must be shown. Justify your answer!
Name MUST be on each paper.
Pencils MUST be used on all assignments.
Be an active participant in group work.
Cheating will NOT be tolerated. The student(s) caught cheating will be given a zero for that assignment
and a report will be filed in the office.


A+ 97 100% B+ 88 90.9% C+ 79 81.9% D 70 72.9%
A 94 - 96.9% B 85 87.9% C 76 78.9% F less than 70%
A- 91 93.9% B- 82 84.9% C- 73 75.9%

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and policies!)