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Fairchild Wheeler IT School

Conceptual Physics 1


Class Theme

Welcome to Ms. Januszkiewiczs Conceptual Physics Course! I am extremely excited and privileged to be working with
all of you this semester.

Our classroom theme this year will be Lift to Success. Once you get to know me, you will find that I am very passionate
about my own and my students wellbeing. I myself am a competitive Power Lifter, and therefore have chosen to make
this our class theme. Just as we build up our muscles by using them, we must build our knowledge in the classroom by
readily taking on difficult concepts and persevering through the material.

Course Description

Conceptual Physics engages students with analogies and imagery from realworld situations to build a strong conceptual
understanding of physical principles ranging from classical mechanics to modern physics. With this strong conceptual
foundation, students are better equipped to understand the equations and formulas of physics, and to make connections
between the concepts of physics and their everyday world. Students will be exposed to various physical dilemmas and
will be asked to use scientific reasoning and evidence to showcase realistic solutions to a public audience. The class focus
is on teaching foundational physics theory, concepts, terminology, and equations through laboratory activities,
performance assessment tasks, and unit projects.

A vital component to our learning in Conceptual Physics is to be a resilient learner: be open to tackling difficult
problems, concepts, and creating innovative solutions.

Course Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course students will achieve the following in the field of Conceptual Physics.

1. Content Students will learn the foundations of classical and modern physics. This includes but is not
limited to: science inquiry and mathematics of physics, dynamics and kinematics, energy, fluid
dynamics, elemental properties, thermodynamics, waves, optics, electricity and magnetism.
2. Skills Students will apply algebraic skills to solve mathematical problems in physics. Students will also
apply deductive and inductive reasoning skills to draw conclusions for self-made and currently
standing hypotheses. Furthermore, students will apply writing and literacy skills when doing
scientific research, writing laboratory reports, and writing project reports. Students will apply
technical laboratory skills through assessment tasks, laboratory procedures, and unit projects.
These skills include accuracy in measuring, proper understanding of scientific materials and their
uses, proper handling and care of laboratory equipment, proper disposal of laboratory materials,
and knowledge of laboratory safety practice. Presentation and public speaking skills will also be
Semester Offered: Fall 2014, Spring 2015 Instructor: Ewa Januszkiewicz
Course Number: I-1 (Imagination Lab) Office: I-1
Credit Hours: 10 points Email:
Office Hours: Monday 2:15 to 3:30 pm Phone: N/A
Tuesday 2:15 to 3:30 pm
Or by appointment
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Conceptual Physics 2

3. Literacy Students will learn how to effectively read scientific literature and express their thoughts using
proper scientific terminology. Students will learn how to create and write cohesive laboratory and
research reports. Students will be able to deconstruct passages and use specific information
necessary for proper research papers. Lastly, students will learn how to properly cite scientific
4. Applications Students will demonstrate the ability to design and perform accurate scientific experiments and
express their results publicly. Students will demonstrate the ability to access and utilize scientific
literature and communicate their findings through writing. Finally, students will demonstrate the
ability to create hypotheses that target modern day issues in physics.

Course Prerequisites:
(Specified Courses) Algebra I (8
grade OR concurrent course 9
grade), Knowledge of General Science (8

(Identified Skills) Recommended - Reading/Writing: Informational text analysis, Scientific Literature analysis,
APA research, publishing and technology, beginner research and laboratory skills

Course Topics:

Science Inquiry and Mathematics of Physics Scientific Method, Experimental Design, Distance, Time, Volume, and
Temperature Measurements, Metric System (SI units), Dimensional
Analysis (units), Graphing, Laboratory and Science Safety, Scientific
Notation, Observation and Inferences

Linear Motion and Newtons Laws Position, Displacement, Vectors and Scalars, Velocity, Acceleration,
Graphing Motion, Newtons 1
Law, Newtons 2
Law, Newtons 3

Law, Inertia, Force

Two Dimensional Motion (Projectiles) and
Rotational Motion
Gravity, Gravitational acceleration, Free-fall, Projectile motion (x and
y components), Centripetal Force, Centripetal Acceleration, Torque,

Energy Potential and Kinetic Energy, Conservation of Energy, Energy
Transformations, Impulse, Momentum, Work, Power, Collisions
(elastic and Inelastic), Efficiency

Fluid Dynamics and Elemental Properties Properties of Matter, States of matter, Density, Volume, Pressure,
Pascals Law, Archimedes Principle, Particulate Model, Bernoullis
Temperature, Heat, and Thermodynamics Temperature, Heat, Conduction, Convection, Radiation, Insulation,
Heat Transfer, Internal Energy, Specific Heat Capacity, Laws of

Waves and Optics Electromagnetic Spectrum, Longitudinal Waves, Transverse Waves,
Frequency, Amplitude, Wavelength, Wave speed, Wave Components,
Energy of a Wave, Wave Behavior, Sunlight

Electricity and Magnetism Electrons, Energy orbitals, Magnetic Field, Attraction and Repulsion,
Circuits (Parallel and Series Circuits), Coulombs Law, Resistance,
Voltage, Conductance

Physics of Life / Exam Review To be determined by the instructors interest.
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Conceptual Physics 3

Schedule and Classroom Procedures:

07:55 am 09:15 am Period 1 In Class
09:19 am 10:40 am Period 2 In Class
10:44 am 12:45 pm Period 3 Prep
12:49 pm 02:10 pm Period 4 In Class

Course Resources:
Prentice Hall, Conceptual Physics
Hewitt, Conceptual Physics
Barron, E-Z Physics
The Physics Classroom (online free)
Ms. Js Physics Online Classroom (
Remind (app)
Socrative (app)
Ms. Js Edmodo site (

We are professionals looking to pursue higher education and enter into careers such as Computer Forensic Investigation,
Health Information Technology, Software Engineering, and Web Developing. Therefore, we must act according to the
minimum standards adhered to by these professionals:
Because professionals are ALWAYS on time
Greet Ms. Januszkiewicz at the door before class with a handshake.
Walk quietly into the classroom.
Immediately place any written assignments into the assignments folder at the front of the class.
Sit down silently at your desk.
Begin working on the Do-Now in your Lab Notebook Immediately.
You must be in your seat, silent and working, BEFORE the bell time.

Because professionals are ALWAYS prepared
We will come prepared with a pencil each day.
All pencils must be sharpened before the class begins.
We will always come prepared with a pen for lab notes.
In case of a lost utensil, trade cell phone, shoe, etc. for a pen/pencil from Ms. J.

Because Professionals prioritize their work
We will use the bathroom BEFORE and AFTER class.
We will NOT use the bathroom during class.
If you MUST leave the classroom in the event of an emergency, do so, BUT any classroom departure will result
in an automatic teacher conference that you MUST serve. No Exceptions.
Bring a Doctors Note if this is a problem.

Fairchild Wheeler IT School
Conceptual Physics 4

Because professionals eliminate distractions
No cell phones are allowed. You were given a fabulous laptop in order to complete any and all assignments.
There is NO NEED for cell phones in the classroom due to the abundant technology we have available to us. The
only exception for this is if Ms.J directly asks you to use your phone.
If Ms. Januszkiewicz sees or hears a cell phone, it will be collected until the end of class.
Refusal to give Ms. Januszkiewicz the electronic device will result in it being turned in to the office until a parent
teacher conference is held to retrieve the device.
Lastly, NO photos or videos are to be taken of ANYONE without their direct permission. Such an infraction will
result in confiscation of the device.

Because professionals function and are most successful in teams
We will work with all people open mindedly.
We will not refuse nor refuse to provide help to our teammates.
We will be polite, respectful, and caring to our teammates.
We will keep one another responsible for work that is to be completed.
We will listen to each other to grasp the best ideas for our work.
We will work as a team, which includes repeating our daily motto.

Core Values: Confidence, Compassion, Inquiry, Humility, and Honesty.
We will strive EVERYDAY to improve and maintain these core values.

Today we are learners, tomorrow we will lead,
Work hard, aim high, Ive got college on my mind!
We will begin each and every day with this motto to remind us of our goals and of the fact that we are a team.

Examinations and Grading Criteria:

Because Professionals compete against colleagues in the real world, and constantly work on improving

Grades will be implemented to help us track our academic progress and help us be competitive within the global
economy. Therefore, grading is broken down in the following manner:

*Classroom trackers will be graded on a weekly basis. Five students from each class will be chosen randomly to have
their tracker graded. This means that no student will know whether or not their tracker will be graded until the day of the
lottery. This process can take place on ANY day of the week. Trackers are equal to one classwork grade.

Attendance and class conduct will be considered as part of the final semester grade.

Assessment Point Ratio
Unit Exams 100 points
Exit Slips 5-10 points
Classwork 20-50 points
Homework 20 points
Assessment Performance Task 100 Points
Final Exam 20% of total class grade
Fairchild Wheeler IT School
Conceptual Physics 5

Course Goals:

Academic Goals:
80% mastery on all unit exam objectives.
80% mastery on assigned major Projects in Conceptual Physics.
No more than 1 missing homework assignment per quarter.
Improve on the benchmark testing by at least 30%.

Personal Growth Goals:
Improve group work skills as shown through the group assessment tracker.
Improve communication and public speaking skills as shown through teacher and self-assessments.
100% of students reach at least the minimum standard on the college-readiness scale.

Late homework / project assignment submission will not be accepted. This will result in a zero.
Homework assignments and project assignments are due one week from the assignment date, unless the instructor
notes otherwise.
Illegible homework will not be graded and will result in a zero.
Two instances of tardiness result in a zero for the weekly classwork grade.
Students who are absent have one day to make up any given assignments, including exams scheduled for that day.
It is the students responsibility to become familiar with and adhere to the standards set forth in the
policies on cheating and plagiarism as defined in the Fairchild Wheeler Interdistrict Magnet School
handbook. Any instance of plagiarism will result in a zero on the given assignment.

Behavior is to be professional at all times. Infractions include but are not limited to:
o Speaking without raising your hand
o Getting out of your chair without permission
o Arguing with other students and/or the instructor
o Leaving the classroom without permission
o Any form of horseplay
o Taking photos/videos of others without their permission
o Bullying and discriminating against others
o Not adhering to the core values

If an infraction is to occur, the following consequence system will be used. Instructors may skip to any of the five levels at
any given time, based on the severity of the infraction.

Consequence System:
1. First verbal warning
2. Second warning (verbal or written)
3. Loss classroom points
4. Call home
5. Meeting with an administrator.

Reward System:
Each week, a new student is chosen to represent our class as the lifter of the week. For a student to earn the status of
lifter of the week, he or she must reflect our core values, show eagerness to learn and succeed, show effort on all tasks,
display respect for others in class, and perform well on classroom assessments. Every student should strive to attain this
Fairchild Wheeler IT School
Conceptual Physics 6

Students are also entered into the college raffle every two weeks. This means that they have the chance to win gear and
gadgets from colleges around the country. This is to promote college awareness and help our students to begin exploring
their college options.

Just as all professionals do, we will work together in teams this year. You will help each other. You will also push
each other to work harder.
We want our WHOLE team to LIFT TO SUCCESS.

I cannot wait to see the amazing things that you all accomplish this semester. Remember that if you need any extra
help, Ms. Januszkiewicz is available for tutoring! I will do anything I can to help you reach your goals.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
Arthur C. Clarke