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To create employee database report using MS Access.
STEP 1: Go to Start programs  Microsoft Access.
STEP 2: Select Blan database! enter t"e file name and clic create.
STEP #: Select Table 1: Table ! go to $ie% menu and select &esign $ie%.
STEP ': Enter t"e $arious field name and select appropriate data type and description.
STEP ': Pro$ide primary ey for employee (&.
STEP ): Select e$ery field name and c"ange t"e field properties as re*uired.
STEP +: Go to $ie% menu! select datas"eet $ie%.
STEP ,: Enter t"e details of t"e employees in t"e datas"eet $ie%.
STEP -: Go to create and select report.
STEP .: Sa$e t"e datas"eet and close t"e database.
T"us t"e employee database report "as been created successfully using MS Access.