Christa L. Pojanowski 1316 12th Avenue North Fargo, North Dakota 58102 (651) 270.8204 Christa.

Jim Bever, Jr. Landscape Designer Bever Landscaping, Inc. 23950 Lake Boulevard North Forest Lake, MN 55025

September 24, 2009 Dear Mr. Jim Bever, Jr., I am writing to you with interest to a position at your firm. I have become quite familiar with your firm’s projects and your community involvement with ethical practices. I feel that I am a great fit for this position because am skilled, knowledgeable, and passionate at what I design and create. I will be graduating from North Dakota State University with a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture and also Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design. I am also working at attaining my minor in Art. I will bring artistic and have creative views in landscape design to your firm. I have had the chance to design a few different projects, which allowed me to grow in my knowledge of the field. • Landscape Architecture Studio I: Japanese Tea House and Garden: I designed a Japanese Tea House and Garden on an actual site here in Fargo. Some skills I learned from the project are gathering inventory and analyzing a site. I learned to design a project on an existing site that had an extreme topography. It helped me realize how it takes a great deal of research to design for different projects. • Landscape Architecture Studio II: Canora Green Park: This design was located in Winnipeg, Canada at a park. We were to design a neighborhood recreational area along a river with a group of fellow classmates. For this project I learned a great deal about teamwork, and how working together to design one project with different visions can be difficult. In the end it is worth all the other group members’ ideas to have diverse views of different elements on the same project. • Landscape Architecture Studio III: Defiant Gardens: The name for my conception was Tenacious Intervention. For this project I decided to place my intervention in downtown Fargo, which involved research and design strategy. It was an unusual garden design that focused on the different materials used. In the design I created I used rural plant materials that were native in the North Dakota region. My software skills consist of AutoCAD, Photoshop, InDesign, Sketchup, Autodesk Viz, and Autodesk Map 3d which I have been developing in the Landscape Architecture program here at North Dakota State University. I have been able to use these programs as away to prepare my designs to present to a client. I work at expressing my thoughts and ideas in other ways such as through written reports, sketches, models, photographs, and land-use studies. By far my most developed skill would be good old fashion drawings to show past, present, and future of my designs.

The reason I am interested in the field of Landscape Architecture is because I appreciate nature, and enjoy working outdoors with my hands. My experience show that I have put in much of my work experience outside in landscapes. Some skills that I possess are analytical skills, oral and speaking communication skills, and writing skills. I have qualities of portraying my ideas in a project presentation. There are certain traits that are important when looking for a career in this profession that I feel I possess. I am currently a third year Landscape Architecture student in a five year program, and I am looking for an opportunity to gain a career-related experience in the form of an internship, summer job, or co-op and I am therefore, seeking a qualifying position. I am sure that my experience and skills can be used to the advantage of your facility. My motivation to succeed should serve to complement your design team and enhance customer relations. I can be reached at (651) 270-8204, and look forward to meeting with you at a mutually convenient time. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely,
Christa Lynn Pojanowski
Christa Pojanowski

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