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Heal of Achilleus

Heal of Achilleus

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Published by AmericanSappho
Achilleus, Homer
Achilleus, Homer

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Published by: AmericanSappho on Aug 27, 2014
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As the Power of the Crooked God’s Art

This Shield was A Miracle and a Craft

While Shapes like that had never shared one Shaft

Here they were Assembled made Sacred

Greater than any Man ever Hoped For

THe Design of Challices in its Girth

The Details were Enormous of Stealth

Its Price was Paid in Flesh of a Mother

To Keep him Alive as he found his Soul

Protect him in Battle, he had no Skill

She drew her Source to make him Immortal

Held him upside down in the Water Well

The Shield would bring Death to all of the Earth

While he ventured what was Given by Her

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