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Cesar and Modesta Talento vs Atty Paneda

Cesar and Modesta Talento vs Atty Paneda

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Published by: Chevy Macalma on Aug 27, 2014
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Cesar and Modesta Talento vs Atty.

Agustin Paneda
This is an administrative complaint filed by mother and son Modesta Herrera Talento
and Cesar Talento charging Atty. Agustin F. Paneda of violation of his oath as a lawyer
and neglect of duty. Atty. Paneda failed to appear in a pretrial conference so they were
barred in presenting their evidence and he also failed to file the re!uired Appeal "rief
which led to the dismissal of his clients# appeal before the CA.
%hether or not respondent committed gross negligence or misconduct in handling
petitioners# case both on trial in the &TC and on appeal in the CA which led to its
dismissal without affording petitioners the opportunity to present their evidence.
Consideration of the records of the instant case' the Court agrees with the $"P in its
findings and conclusion that respondent#s documented acts fall e(tremely short of the
standard of professional duty that all lawyers are re!uired to faithfully adhere to.
The pertinent Canons of the Code of Professional &esponsibility provide:
CA)*) +, - A .A%/0& *%01 F$20.$T/ T* TH0 CA310 *F H$1 C.$0)T
A)2 H0 1HA.. "0 M$)2F3. *F TH0 T&31T A)2 C*)F$20)C0 &0P*102
$) H$M.
CA)*) +4 - A .A%/0& 1HA.. 10&50 H$1 C.$0)T %$TH C*MP0T0)C0
A)2 2$.$60)C0.
&ule +4.78 - A lawyer shall not handle any legal matter without ade!uate preparation.
&ule +4.79 - A lawyer shall not neglect a legal matter entrusted to him and his negligence
in connection therewith shall render him liable.
The facts of this case illustrate respondent#s dismal performance of that responsibility'
which in its totality could amount to a reprehensible abandonment of his clients# cause.
Atty Paneda is hereby suspended from the practice of law for a year.

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