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Relational Approach to Conferences

In keeping with cole St. Catherines excellent commitment to

Restorative/Relational approach to education, I would like to present a new
model for our Conferences this year. In the past, I have noticed that the original
format, the Parent-Teacher conference excludes the student and that the
Student-Led conference excludes the teacher. In applying a relational
approach, where the relationships between student, teacher and family are
made a priority, I invite you to a Conference Circle that includes all three parties.
Students will be prepared for these circles in class. We will review the questions
and students will have an opportunity to prepare meaningful answers. The
reverse of this page has example answers that may help to guide you.

Unlike the traditional model for Student-Led conferences, your circle will be
allocated a 20 minute private block in our classroom. Please sign up for
preferred times on the reverse.

Below is the format we will be following.
1. Introductions by the student
2. Welcome and Circle Structure by Mrs. Zwicker
3. First Question: What is going well this year? Student, family and teacher all answer
in turn.
4. Discussion
5. Second Question: What areas do we need to work on? Student, family and teacher
all answer in turn.
6. Discussion
7. Third Question: What actions can we take toward improvement? Student, family
and teacher all answer in turn.
8. Discussion
9. Final Round: Do you have any further questions or comments? Student, family and
teacher all answer in turn.
10. Thank You: Student, family and teacher all respond in turn.

Thank you for considering this approach,

Amy Zwicker
Example Answers for Circle Questions
Student Family Teacher
What is going well
this year?
I really understood
Decimals this year and
I did well on my test

I was really organized
and almost always got
my homework done
I agree that homework
has been getting done
more often than in the

Ive been pleased with
his/her success in
Science this year
Ive been impressed by
the level of commitment
to his/her work during
independent time

He/she has been
asking great questions
to make sure he/she
understands what we
are working on
What areas do we
need to work on?
I had a hard time
understanding decimal
place value.

I need to ask for help
when I need it instead
of getting frustrated.

I would like to see
him/her bring more
work home and show
us what he/she is doing
in school.

I wondered why his/her
grade in Science was
lower this term.
He/she needs to
participate in lessons
more so he/she is
contributing to our class
and reinforcing what we
are learning.

He/she could read a
wider variety of books.
Explore books outside
the genre you usually
choose and try to read
a little each night.
What actions can
we take toward
I need to get prepared
for Junior High by
organizing a time and
space to do my

I would like to know
what I can do over the
summer to help
prepare him/her for
Junior High.
I will be sure to
highlight your concerns
during our transition
meeting at junior high.

I will add practise
activities to his/her
binder to provide
opportunities for
learning over the

___I would like to participate in the Relational Conference format
___ 12:00-1:00
___ 1:00-2:00
___ 2:00-3:00
___ 4:00-5:00
___ 5:00-6:00

___ I would prefer to participate in the traditional Student-Led Conference during the
___ afternoon around __________
___evening around __________

Your confirmed time is:_________________________