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Edgren High School

Course Name and Number
Mathematics 8

Course Description
This course is designed to facilitate student mastery of the DoDEA standards and essential objectives of the
parallel general education course.

Accommodations and modifications in content, instructional activities, evaluative techniques and essential objectives are
implemented as appropriate for students with disabilities in support of their Individualized Education Programs (IEP).

Teacher Name
Mrs. Lindsay Pope

Contact Information
School office telephone: 226-4377
Planning (Prep) periods for SY 14-15: A4 and B4.

Edgren High School: Room 302

Students are required to have in class, and available at home, their textbook, a notebook, notepaper, pencils, color
pencils, and a scientific or graphing calculator. Calculators for student use may be available in class, but there
may not be enough for everyone. Bringing your own calculator is recommended.

Grading Policy
All work must be shown to receive credit. If something is done on the calculator, students will write down what
is entered in the calculator followed by the answer.

Letter Scale Quarter Calculation Semester Calculation

A 90-100 Tests / Projects 40% First Quarter Average 50%
B 80- 89 Classwork / Assessments 50% Second Quarter Average 50%
C 70- 79 Homework 10%
D 60- 69

F below 59

Many evaluative processes will be used to assess students' written and oral work. These include multiple-
choice, short answer, discussions, or open-ended interview; homework; projects; essays; dramatizations; and
class presentation. Testing formats will include restricted-time written tests, two staged tests; take home tests,
oral tests and student-produced tests. Assessment methods can be supplemented by student produced
analysis of problem situations, solutions to problems, reports on investigations, and journal entries. Students
will be provided the opportunity to do chapter projects that capture the concepts and skills presented
throughout the chapter unit that emphasizes real world situations.

 All math assignments must be done clearly! One reminder warning will be given. After that, no
credit will be given for assignments done that are not readable.
 Homework is a means to practice what was learned in class that day. Students must practice in
order to be proficient. Homework is assigned daily at end of instruction. Assigned homework will be
multiples of three for every section we complete in class (i.e. problem # 3,6,9…). If there are any
questions we will discuss it the next class period. If you don’t know, ask!

 Students should format each assignment as follows:
Top Left: Details of assignment, i.e.: Homework Pg 243: 3-21 m. of 3
Top Right: Name
Date & Period

Work in columns, top to bottom.
Work problems downward.
Leave a space between problems.
 A Homework Quiz will be given once before each chapter test. This assesses if students are able to
successfully solve problems like the ones assigned for homework. Students may use their corrected assignments
when taking the quiz. This random check will determine a student’s homework grade.
 Students are responsible! Students returning from an excused absence are responsible for finding out about
and completing missed work. Students who are absent for one day and who miss a test or quiz should be prepared
to make it up ON THE DAY THEY RETURN. In other words, the student knew about the test/quiz and was in
class for review, so should be able to take the test/quiz on a basis equal to other students.
 In accordance with EHS policy, if a student is in school for any part of a school day, assignments for ALL
classes are due. Students coming in from an excused absence have the same number of class periods to turn in the
work as the number of class periods absent.
 Students with pre-arranged absences may be given assignments before they leave. It is expected that the
student will have, at a minimum, made an earnest attempt to complete ALL the assignments. I will expect this
work within one day of their return to school.

Late Work Policy
Late work does not have to be accepted. Please see the above section for information on work missed due to absences.

Tutoring/Extra Help
I am available for extra help during seminar periods. It is the student’s responsibility to ask for help. School-wide
Tutoring will be available—read the daily school announcements for more information.

Classroom Management
Teachers and administrators at Edgren High School believe that all students can learn and that all students can behave
appropriately in the classroom. Teachers establish classroom rules and policies in order to try to provide each student
with a desirable learning atmosphere.
1. Observe safety procedures.
2. Respect the property of others.
3. Conduct themselves in an orderly fashion.
4. Show mutual respect.
5. Be on task at all times.
6. Follow the Edgren High School Parent/Student Handbook .

Students are also expected to NOT bring electronic devices such as cell phones, IPods, CD players, etc. to class.

Additional Information
1. Students’ grades are updated and posted on GRADESPEED throughout the quarter.
2. Mid-quarter Progress Reports are sent to parents of all students with grades of C- or less.
3. Assignments, notes, and additional information are available on EAGLESNET.

The Standards for the course may be found on the DoDEA website at