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Welcome To MCMS

Visual Arts
Class Outline:
• Students will be taught a variety of art skills and concets! The class usually
focuses on teaching a articular strategy and then students create ro"ects to show
• #n the Art # class$ the concentration will be more towards learning certain skills!
• Art ## and ### students will do more ro"ects which will re%uire them to combine
multile skill sets into one ro"ect!
• All classes will be learning about artists and art eriods! This will be done through
both ro"ects$ and direct instruction!
• The first few minutes of each class eriod$ the students will be re%uired to listen to
directives for that day and any other information # need to share! # will be doing all
direct teaching and giving instructions the first art of the class! &or this reason$ it
is essential that the students come to class on time and ay attention!
• The rest of the class eriod is hands'on where students will continue to work on
their ro"ects for the day!
• The last (') minutes of class are utili*ed for cleanu and suly storage! Any
student grou that does not have their table cleaned on time$ will not be dismissed
for the ne+t class until the "ob is done! # will be stressing this rule with the students
in class as well!
Art Sulies:
• # suly most art materials for the students to work with! ,owever$ each student is
re%uired to urchase an art kit which will include the basic sulies needed for Art
• All sulies brought for the art class will be stored in the classroom in each
student-s assigned drawer!
• Students are resonsible for relacing any missing sulies!
.ehavior: /Caught .eing 0ood1:
• # am a big believer in ositive reinforcement! We have a system called
/Caught .eing 0ood1 in our class in which students will be rewarded art
bucks called /Mona1 money!
• /Mona1 money 2 Students collect these and then /buy1 items from the art
• 3very three weeks$ at the end of class the /art store1 will be oen for the
students to cash in their Mona money and make their urchases!
• Verbal or written raise4 5ositive notes home
• Artist of the week
• Art 6affle Ticket' 6andom drawing for gifts$ art sulies$ etc!

.ehavior e+ectations:
• Students are e+ected to behave with integrity$ resect eole and their
environment and act resonsibly while in the art room!
• #f there are any issues with behavior$ certain stes will be taken inside the
classroom to redirect and refocus! #ncluding but not limited to:
o 6edirection
o One'on'one conference with student
o Change of seating for one or multile days
5lease remember that if # attemt to contact you regarding any behavior$ it is because the
student ,AS .337 0#V37 M89T#593 C,A7C3S #7 C9ASS TO CO663CT
,#S:,36 .3,AV#O6 and has not done so! #f the student behavior does not imrove$
then a hone call to the arent:guardian will be made to resolve the issues before an office
referral is made! #f a student continues to have roblems in behavior$ # will contact the
arents regarding the roblem either by hone or letter .3&O63 a referral is sent to the
• 5lease note$ A7; behavior which "eoardi*es the safety of the student or others
in the classroom will not be tolerated and will result in a hone call home and
an office referral!
• 5lease note$ A7; behavior which involves teasing$ making fun$ bullying or
disresecting another student in any way will also not be tolerated and will
result in a call home and an office referral!
• We are a team in the art room and we must deal with one another as such!
5lease do not hesitate to call or email me if you have %uestions! My hone number is <=>'
?@A'(B()! #f you call during school hours$ you will be routed directly to voice mail! 5lease
leave a message with your name$ hone number and the reason for your call! # will return
your call within A= hours! # am always available to answer any %uestions you may have
regarding your child-s Art class! My lanning eriod is (
eriod from >:>(' <:CC and my
e'mail is shehla!sheikhDfortbend!k><!t+!us! 5lease call or e'mail me to make an
aointment if you need to conference with me! # am looking forward to an e+citing year
in art at MCMSE Thank you for your suort! Together$ we can make this a terrific
5lease comlete and return the contract ortion with your son or daughter by
Wednesday$ August <)$ <C>A! Thank youE
“Mona Money” will be given to those returning the sliE
How can I contribute you ask?
Volunteer: # will need volunteers throughout the year to hel ut u or take down
dislays of student artwork and hel in the classroom! #f you would like to hel$ lease
indicate the days you are available and time Fa!m!:!m!G on the bottom ortion of the
contract below!
Honate: Suggested list for our art rogram: Old icture calendars$ animal figurines
Frealistic looking animal toysG$ lastic bags$ western themed items Fboots$ hats$ beltsIG$
maga*ines$ maga*ines$ maga*inesE Anything you can contribute will be greatly
areciatedE Thank you! :oG
Cut and Return the Below Portion
5lease sign and return the following Contract with your student by Wednesday <)$ <C>A!
#$ JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ$ have read and understand the Art 6oom
F5rint Student 7ameG
6esonsibilities and Conse%uences! # agree to abide by these rules while # am an art
student at Missouri City Middle School! # understand and accet the conse%uences of my
FStudent-s SignatureG FHateG F5arent:0uardian-s SignatureG FHateG
JJJJJJ;es$ # would like to be an KArt Volunteer!K # am available:
JJJJJJany day$ JJJ Monday$ JJJ Tuesday$ JJJJWednesday$ JJJ Thursday$ JJJ &riday