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1oo|s and kesources for G|oba| C|assrooms

 Web 1oo|s to Iac|||tate Internat|ona| Commun|cat|on
 In|t|at|ves and Crgan|zat|ons that Support Co||aborat|on between
G|oba| C|assrooms
 Lesson Þ|ans and Student kesources w|th an Internat|ona| Iocus

Web 1oo|s to Iac|||tate Internat|ona| Commun|cat|on:
 Groups|te: l8Lx uses Lhls web porLal for Lhe 1CC, 1LA, and lLLÞ programs.
lL provldes a plaLform Lo upload and share lesson plans, phoLos, and
resources. lL also hosLs web dlscusslons beLween alumnl Leachers.
ConLenL ls secure and only avallable Lo alumnl of Lhe 1CC, 1LA, and lLLÞ
Þrograms. 1CC Leachers wlll recelve an emall lnvlLaLlon Lo [oln upon
program compleLlon.
 Soc|a| Network|ng:
! 1he u.S. ueparLmenL of SLaLe sponsors lLs own soclal neLworklng slLe, Lxchanges ConnecL, for
alumnl of lLs programs. ?ou can also reglsLer wlLh SLaLe Alumnl.
! ?ou are welcome Lo [oln Lhe l8Lx groups on lacebook and Llnkedln. Many of our lnLernaLlonal
Leachers are members and check Lhese soclal medla slLes regularly.
! 1wlLLer ls also a soclal neLworklng Lool LhaL can connecL you wlLh oLher educaLors and
professlonal developmenL organlzaLlons.
 Þhoto Shar|ng S|tes:
! 1hese slLes allow you Lo upload phoLos so LhaL Lhey may be vlewed over Lhe lnLerneL
! !29$%$ >#6 ?"68<% @A((B"#C7 D"29:07 E'$/42%*7 D$9#6((:7 F((<07 !*()(689:#)7 !*()(%*(/
 V|deo Shar|ng S|tes:
! 1hese slLes allow you Lo upload vldeos so LhaL Lhey may be vlewed over Lhe lnLerneL
! G(8H86#7 E9*(("H86#7 A((B"# I23#(7 I2<#(7 J02B*)K(1#7 !*()(J89:#)
 V|deo Chat S|tes:
! 1hese slLes and servlces offer vldeo and compuLer-Lo-compuLer conferenclng.
Some slLes (llke Sype) offer compuLer Lo phone calllng anywhere ln Lhe world for a
very low raLe per mlnuLe.
! E:;/#7 ALK*$) @%/('%(0#3 6; A((B"#C7 2K*$) @M$9 ('";C7 H(:J(N7 I%## @>2'3(5% ('";C
! vlew Lhls llsL of 30 creaLlve ways Lo use Skype ln Lhe classroom:
 Document and 1emp|ate Shar|ng S|tes:
! 1hese slLes allow lnLeracLlve same-Llme edlLlng of documenLs and presenLaLlons. ln many cases,
Lhey also allow you Lo Lrack changes by edlLor.
! 1hey also offer LemplaLes of documenLs, cerLlflcaLes, eLc. Lo download.
! A((B"#O(9%7 E902637 O(9E)(97 M290(%(4) P4429# P'"2'#7 A$Q*((7 !0#Q2
 8|ogs
! 8logs allow sLudenLs and Leachers Lo offer shorL lnformal commenLs or creaLe longer posLlngs.
?ou can upload plcLures, LexL, sound byLes and vldeo cllps Lo blogs.
! -38J"(B%7 >(03/0#%%7 J"(B%/()7 J"(BB#07 R21#S(80'$"
 Þodcasts
! When you creaLe a podcasL, you develop audlo conLenL LhaL you can upload and llsLen Lo over Lhe
lnLerneL and Lhen Lransfer Lo audlo devlces llke lÞods and oLher MÞ3 players.
! A$0$B#J$'3 @M$9C7 ?3(6# E(8'36(()*7 E'$/T$%)7 ?8326((

In|t|at|ves and Crgan|zat|ons that Support Co||aborat|on between G|oba| C|assrooms:

8elow are examples of organlzaLlons and lnlLlaLlves LhaL alm Lo connecL u.S. and lnLernaLlonal educaLors ln a
varleLy of hlgh-Lech and low-Lech ways. lor more examples, you can vlslL Lhe naLlonal Þeace Corps AssoclaLlon's
LducaLlon Þrogram (hLLp:// or flnd ldeas on Lhe SLaLe Alumnl
webslLe (hLLps://

• |LAkN (Internat|ona| Lducat|on and kesource Network) ls Lhe world's largesL
non-proflL global neLwork LhaL enables Leachers and youLh Lo use Lhe lnLerneL and
oLher Lechnologles Lo collaboraLe on pro[ecLs LhaL enhance learnlng and make a
dlfference ln Lhe world. (hLLp://

 ConnectA||Schoo|s ls an lnlLlaLlve lLA8n wlLh Lhe goal of connecLlng all schools ln Lhe unlLed SLaLes Lo
anoLher school ln Lhe world by 2016. ConnecLlng schools provldes an opporLunlLy for sLudenLs Lo galn
exposure Lo anoLher culLure as well as for Leachers Lo lncorporaLe ldeas of global compeLence ln Lhe
classroom and currlcula. 1he webslLe offers a plaLform for schools Lo share Lhelr sLorles and pro[ecLs.

• Wor|dW|se Schoo|s ls a Þeace Corps program for schools, offerlng speakers on global Loplcs,
correspondence wlLh a currenL Þeace Corps volunLeer, lesson plans, Leacher guldes, vldeos and global
educaLlon llnks. (hLLp://
 Þeace Corps volunLeers are maLched wlLh u.S. Leachers Lo exchange ldeas, sLorles, plcLures,
and arLlfacLs from Lhelr experlences
 8eLurned Þeace Corps volunLeers vlslL classrooms Lo speak abouL Lhelr experlences

 As|a Soc|ety’s Partnership for Global Learning ls an lnlLlaLlve Lo provlde resources Lo educaLors and
schools abouL global educaLlon. 8esources lnclude lnformaLlon on pollcy lnlLlaLlves, world languages,
fundlng, and sLraLegles Lo lncorporaLe global compeLence and global learnlng lnLo Lhe classroom.

 Around the Wor|d w|th 80 Schoo|s ls an ongolng pro[ecL Lo connecL classrooms and schools ln
dlfferenL counLrles. 1he webslLe provldes opporLunlLles for educaLors Lo exchange dleas and connecL wlLh
each oLher. 1uLorlals on Lechnology Lo achleve Lhe ob[ecLlves of Lhe pro[ecL are also offered.

 eÞa|s C|assroom Lxchange ls a slLe LhaL provldes educaLlonal Lechnology and resources for classrooms
Lo connecL ln a safe envlronmenL. 1he webslLe serves a locaLlon for schools Lo flnd each oLher and
develop a vlrLual exchange, as well as provldlng ldeas for pro[ecL based acLlvlLles and lessons.

 I|at C|assroom Þro[ect ls a global collaboraLlve pro[ecL LhaL [olns LogeLher mlddle and hlgh school
sLudenLs. 1he Þro[ecL uses Web 2.0 Lools Lo make communlcaLlon and lnLeracLlon beLween sLudenLs and
Leachers from all parLlclpaLlng classrooms easler. 1he Loplcs sLudled and dlscussed are real-world
scenarlos based on '1he World ls llaL' by 1homas lrledman. lour mandaLory componenLs for sLudenLs
lnclude an audlo or vldeo lnLroducLlon, a wrlLLen collaboraLlve reporL uslng a wlkl, a personal mulLlmedla
response (dlglLal sLory/vldeo), and a posL pro[ecL reflecLlon. (hLLp://www.flaLclassroompro[

 G|oba| Nomads Group fosLers dlalogue and understanding among the world's youth. GNG’s
educaLlonal programs lnclude vldeo conferenclng and vldeos for learnlng conLenL on a varleLy of
lnLernaLlonal lssues relevanL Lo Leachers and sLudenLs. All CnC programs are dlrecLly llnked Lo school
currlcula, educaLlon sLandards and 21sL cenLury learnlng ob[ecLlves, and are accompanled by lesson
plans and Lralnlng Lo Leachers. Þrograms are broadcasL durlng Lhe school day and cover a range of Loplcs
ln Lhe currlculum, lncludlng clvlcs, soclal and global sLudles, geography, world hlsLory, sclence, economlcs
and pollLlcs. (

• 1he G|oba| Schoo|Net alms Lo lmprove academlc performance Lhrough conLenL drlven collaboraLlon.
Llnks Leachers and k-12 sLudenLs ln meanlngful pro[ecL learnlng exchanges worldwlde.
 1he u. S. ueparLmenL of SLaLe sponsors Lhe "uoors Lo ulplomacy" educaLlonal challenge Lo
encourage mlddle school and hlgh school sLudenLs Lo produce web pro[ecLs
 CLher pro[ecLs lnclude an lnLernaLlonal Cyberlalr and sLudenL-produced newspapers LhaL
reach a global audlence

• Þeop|e to Þeop|e Internat|ona|'s Schoo| and C|assroom Þrogram connecLs Leachers and Lhelr sLudenLs
wlLh slmllar-age classrooms ln oLher counLrles Lo faclllLaLe pen pal exchanges.

• Internat|ona| Stud|es for Ind|ana Schoo|s (ISIS) ls an lnnovaLlve dlsLance-learnlng program uslng
lnLeracLlve vldeo (lAv) Lechnology Lo connecL lnLernaLlonal sLudenLs, scholars, and speclallsLs wlLh
elemenLary, mlddle, and hlgh schools. 1he programs are "Lallored," orlglnaLlng wlLh Leachers who conLacL
Lhe Þrogram CoordlnaLor Lo requesL Lhe developmenL of lAv programs focuslng on parLlcular Loplcs.

• Cmprakash Ioundat|on faclllLaLes communlcaLlon, collaboraLlon, and muLual learnlng wlLhln a dlverse
lnLernaLlonal neLwork of soclal acLors. (hLLp://
 Sponsors a daLabase of global ÞarLners (organlzaLlons, lndlvlduals) who can help Leachers
enrich their school’s academic curriculum and service-learnlng programs.
 Cffer granLs Lo help appllcanLs bulld lasLlng relaLlonshlps wlLh lnLernaLlonal parLners

 Þr|mary Source connecLs educaLors wlLh oLher culLures and peoples Lo promoLe Lhe lncorporaLlon of
global conLenL lnLo schools and currlculum. Þrograms lnclude semlnars, lnsLlLuLes, and sLudy Lours for
educaLors. Þrlmary Source also produces resources and currlcula avallable for use by educaLors.

(Source: Connect A|| Schoo|s-

1. uo noL assume LhaL oLher sLudenLs wlll know lf you are male or
female by your flrsL name. lf you wanL Lhem Lo know LhaL you are
male or female, Lell Lhem.

2. AlmosL all oLher counLrles use Lhe meLrlc sysLem for measuremenL.
A LemperaLure of 30 degrees may seem cold Lo you buL warm Lo your parLners. (30 degrees Celslus ls 86 degrees
lahrenhelL.) ConverL your measuremenLs Lo meLrlc ln your communlcaLlon. MosL ofLen Lhe oLher sLudenL wlll
have Lo LranslaLe Lhe resL of your communlcaLlon lnLo Lhelr flrsL language. Sclence Made Slmple has a meLrlc
converLer LhaL ls easy Lo use.

3. lf you use slang or colloqulal expresslons be sure Lo explaln whaL Lhey mean.

4. 8emember how Ledlous lL ls Lo look up words ln a dlcLlonary. use slmple Lngllsh words. Conslder how phrases
are LranslaLed llLerally. Can you lmaglne whaL someone would Lhlnk lf you wroLe you had dlrLy blond halr?

3. Lxplaln abbrevlaLlons when you use Lhem.

6. 8emember LhaL mosL of Lhe world uses a 24 hour clock. 1hree ln Lhe afLernoon would be wrlLLen 13:00. (?ou
add 12 Lo Lhe number for Lhe Þ.M. hours)

7. MosL oLher counLrles wlll wrlLe daLes wlLh Lhe day, monLh, year (e.g. 21/09/2010) or even year, day, monLh
(e.g. 2010/21/09) raLher Lhan our sysLem of wrlLlng monLh, day, year (e.g. 09/21/2010). WrlLe ouL Lhe name of Lhe
monLh Lo avold confuslon (e.g., SepLember 21, 2010).

8. ln wrlLLen communlcaLlon, remember Lhe reader cannoL see your face. Pumor may ofLen be
lnLerpreLed llLerally and mlsundersLood. use emoLlcons (smlley faces and oLher symbols) and
puncLuaLlon such as asLerlsks Lo make emphasls. 8e cerLaln Lo sLaLe your emoLlons, do noL
assume Lhey are known.

9. Much of Lhe world learns 8rlLlsh Lngllsh language raLher Lhan uS Lngllsh. Words such as cenLre or colour may
look mlsspelled buL are correcL for Lhem.

10. Avold uslng season names (sprlng, summer, eLc.) as Lhey are ofLen noL aL Lhe same Llme of Lhe year ln oLher
hemlspheres. lnsLead use monLh names (!une, AugusL, eLc.)
Lesson Þ|ans and Student kesources w|th an Internat|ona| Iocus

1he followlng webslLes conLaln lesson plans or educaLlonal maLerlals deslgned for
Leachlng sLudenLs abouL global lssues and weavlng lnLernaLlonal Lhemes lnLo sub[ecL-
speclflc currlculum.

• 1he Un|ted Nat|ons’ CyberSchoolBus: a collecLlon of u.n. Clobal 1eachlng & Learnlng Þro[ecL resources
lncludlng lesson & pro[ecL plans on many global lssues, an lnformaLlon uaLabase, Clobal lssues brleflng
papers for sLudenLs, Þeace LducaLlon unlLs, ÞoverLy Currlculum and more.

• 1eachUNICLI ls a porLfollo of unlCLl-focused resources designed and collected by UNICEF’s Education
ueparLmenL for educaLors, afLerschool lnsLrucLors, and parenLs. 1eachunlCLl resources cover grades Þk-
12, are lnLerdlsclpllnary, and allgn wlLh naLlonal sLandards. 1he unlLs, lesson plans, sLorles, and
mulLlmedla cover Loplcs ranglng from Lhe Mlllennlum uevelopmenL Coals Lo waLer and sanlLaLlon. All
1eachunlCLl resources can be downloaded for free. (hLLp://

• Wor|dV|ew Magaz|ne Lesson Þ|ans: Worldvlew Magazlne ls a source of news and lnformaLlon relaLlng
Lo Lhe developlng world. 1he maLerlals are sulLable for hlgh school level and hlgher and were wrlLLen by
ur. Angene Wllson and her graduaLe sLudenLs aL Lhe unlverslLy of kenLucky.

 Ldutop|a is a site sponsored by the George Lucas Educational Foundation. It offers “practical, hands-on
advlce, and lnvaluable tips and tools” for teachers. Edutopia offers resources on project based learnlng,
educaLlon Lechnology, assessmenL, and soclal and emoLlonal learnlng. 1he slLe also dlfferenLlaLes
resources by grade level. Space ls also provlded for educaLors Lo learn more abouL cerLaln lssues and
connecL wlLh oLher educaLors. (hLLp://

 Wor|d ¥outh News ls an global onllne news pro[ecL for secondary school sLudenLs from around Lhe
world. lL ls managed by lLA8n. Adherlng Lo Lhe hlghesL [ournallsLlc sLandards, sLudenLs selecL Lhe lssues
Lhey wanL Lo reporL on, and wrlLe, edlL and publlsh Lhelr arLlcles on Lhe web-based news servlce. School
publlcaLlons can reprlnL arLlcles from World ?ouLh news Lo add an lnLernaLlonal componenL Lo Lhelr news.
Any secondary school sLudenL (beLween 14-19 years old) can [oln Lhls pro[ecL as a reporLer afLer
successfully compleLlng an onllne Lralnlng and cerLlflcaLlon course. (hLLp://

 Wor|dSavvy Mon|tor ls a publlshed by World Savvy as a Lool for educaLors Lo explore world evenLs. 1he
publlcaLlon offers sLraLegles and lessons for Lhe use of currenL evenLs wlLhln Lhe classroom.

• 1eachG|oba| ls a resource for Leachers creaLed The Ohio State University’s Social Studies and
Clobal LducaLlon Þrogram ln collaboraLlon wlLh Lhe area sLudles cenLers. 1eachClobalLd.neL provldes
educaLlon resources for Leachers organlzed by reglons, Lhemes, and lssues. lL also provldes addlLlonal
lnformaLlon on opporLunlLles for professlonal developmenL and sLudy. (hLLp://Leachglobaled.neL/)

• 1he Center for 1each|ng Internat|ona| ke|at|ons ls Lhe ouLreach arm of Lhe unlverslLy of uenver and Lhe
!osef korbel School of lnLernaLlonal SLudles. C1l8 has a 40 year hlsLory of helplng k-12 educaLors Leach
abouL global affalrs. (hLLp://

• Nat|ona| Geograph|c Soc|ety offers onllne acLlvlLles, maps, lesson plans, an educaLor neLwork, 1v
programs, and a searchable daLabase. (hLLp://

• Cutreach Wor|d: lnLerdlsclpllnary, cross-reglonal and sLandard-speclflc unlLs, lessons and lnsLrucLlonal
alds deslgned by Leachers and scholars. (hLLp://
•Cr|t|ca| Mu|t|cu|tura| Þav|||on ls a pro[ecL Lo provlde currlculum, acLlvlLles, and Lralnlngs Lo educaLors
abouL mulLlculLural lssues and communlLles for use ln Lhe classroom=
• Sesame Workshop ls Lhe non- proflL organlzaLlon behlnd Sesame SLreeL. lL produces maLerlals for
educaLors LhaL supporL Lhe Lhemes of healLh, mulLlculLurallsm, llLeracy, numeracy, and emoLlonal
wellbelng, whlch are promoLed on Lhe Lelevlslon program.
•G|oba| C|t|zensh|p Lducat|on ls a slLe from Cxfam uk LhaL alms Lo develop Lhe global aspecL of Lhe
classroom. 1he slLe conLalns resources on currlculum and global clLlzenshlp educaLlon by sub[ecL and age=
•Cxfam uk has also creaLed a gulde Lo Clobal ClLlzenshlp LducaLlon wlLh more lnformaLlon for
Leachers and addlLlonal acLlvlLles:
• As|a for Lducators: Classroom maLerlals and Leachlng guldes on Asla for use by faculLy and sLudenLs ln
world hlsLory, culLure, geography, arL, and llLeraLure aL Lhe undergraduaLe and pre-college levels. Search
for conLenL by sub[ecL area, documenL Lype, or Llme perlod. leaLures several mulLlmedla unlLs on Asla-
relaLed Loplcs, as well as maps, Llmellnes, and prlmary source readlngs. (hLLp://

• UN Works: 1hls webslLe puLs a human face on serlous lssues (8uslness, Chlldren, uevelopmenL,
LducaLlon, Lmergencles, LnvlronmenL, PealLh, Plv/AluS, Puman 8lghLs, Labour, Þeace and Women) by
Lelllng sLorles abouL real people. lllled wlLh resource llnks for Leachers and sLudenLs who wanL Lo learn
more abouL Lhe lssues and geL lnvolved. (hLLp://

•8eyond the I|re provldes Lhe sLorles of adolescenLs who have survlved confllcL zones and currenLly
reslde ln Lhe uS. 1he slLe provldes lesson plans and background lnformaLlon on Lhe confllcLs.
•G|oba||zat|on 101 intends to guide students’ understanding of globalization and the issues surroundlng
lL. 1he slLe provldes lesson plans and sample assessmenLs for Leachers on lssues of globallzaLlon. 1he slLe
also provldes lnformaLlon on how Lhe learnlng ob[ecLlves flL wlLh Lhe learnlng sLandards of 16 sLaLes.
• Afr|can Stud|es Center of 8oston Un|vers|ty: 8esource Llbrary for educaLors wlshlng Lo lmprove Lhelr
Leachlng abouL Afrlca: currlcula, lesson plans, vldeos, slldes, chlldren's books, handouLs, maps, posLers.
•Lxp|or|ng Afr|ca ls a resource for educaLors wlLh currlculum and acLlvlLles abouL Afrlcan hlsLory and
socleLy. (hLLp://
•Afr|ca Access ls a place for k-12 educaLors Lo share lessons and acLlvlLles relaLed Lo Afrlca, especlally
llLeraLure. (hLLp://
•1he G|oba| Lducat|on Co||aborat|ve ls an onllne communlLy for educaLors Lo share resources and engage
in dialogue on a wide range of topics related to global education. Be sure to check out the “Clobal
LducaLlon 8esources” and “Collaborative Projects” discussion forums.
•Lat|n Amer|can Network Informat|on Center (Lhrough Lhe unlverslLy of 1exas aL AusLln) has resources
for educaLors developlng geography, language, or hlsLory currlcula wlLh a LaLln Amerlcan focus. 1hls slLe
also lncludes lnformaLlon for naLlve speakers of Spanlsh and ÞorLuguese.
•1he Wor|d Affa|rs Counc|| of SeaLLle has free lesson plans (developed by Leachers for Leachers) on global
Loplcs. (hLLp://
•Þopu|at|on Connect|on provldes maLerlals and Lools for Leachers abouL Lhe human populaLlon and lLs
changes, and how LhaL lmpacLs Lhe world. 1he maLerlals lnclude acLlvlLles and facL sheeLs and are sorLed
by grade level and academlc sub[ecL. ÞopulaLlon ConnecLlon also organlzes professlonal developmenL
opporLunlLles for educaLors abouL Lhese Lhemes. (hLLp://
kesources for Iurther Informat|on about Internat|ona| 1op|cs
1he followlng webslLes provlde access Lo mulLlmedla resources from Lhe unlLed SLaLes and
oLher counLrles LhaL can be used by educaLors and sLudenLs for a wlder undersLandlng of
Lhe global world.
 Gapm|nder ls a slLe that uses statistics about the world’s countries and regions to
graphlcally show how Lhe world has changed Lhrough Llme. 1he Lool ls lnLeracLlve
and has daLa on many lndlcaLors. 1here ls a secLlon for Leachers wlLh resources and
uses for Lhe Lool ln classrooms. (hLLp://
•G|oba| Vo|ces Cn||ne ls a slLe LhaL provldes llnks Lo llLeraLure and people from
counLrles across Lhe globe. 1he slLe ls searchable by counLry or Loplc. lL can be an
addlLlonal resource for lnformaLlon on dlfferenL places or Lhemes.
•L|nk1V: 1e|ev|s|on W|thout 8orders offers access Lo news and documenLarles from around Lhe world.
•Cn|| provldes a comprehenslve locaLlon Lo access newspapers from around Lhe
world. (hLLp://
•1he Newseum provldes access Lo Lhe fronL page of newspapers across Lhe uS and around Lhe world.