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A Summary:

The Driving Force Behind

Enterprise Holdings Motivated

Nicolle Boswell
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May 27, 2014

The tagline on the cover page, Pick Enterprise. Well pick you up,

speaks to more than just a reference to Enterprise Rent-A-Cars
established reputation for providing top notch customer service.
Known for picking customers up from work or home, Enterprise
makes good on the promise, but the tagline might also encapsulate
the essence of what keeps Enterprises employees so motivated as

Realizing motivation and performance are driven by more than just
pay, Enterprise has designed a culture and organizational structure
around more than dollars alone. According to one case study,
Enterprise has identied 8 Non-nancial factors which correspond to
employee needs:

a fair working environment
recognition & appreciation
efcient processes
increased responsibility
work/life balance
opportunities to develop
support and encouragement to achieve goals
By taking a person-centered approach to incentives, Enterprise
reaps the benets of growing and retaining a self-actualized
workforce that ourishes in work and life. According to the case
study, workers benet the company by: working with passion,
coming up with innovative ideas, and moving the company forward.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car was
founded in St. Louis by
Jack Taylor, retired CEO, in
The company employs
70,000+ employees in over
7,700 locations in ve
Enterprise was ranked
highest in rental car
customer satisfaction among
North American airport
rentals by J.D. Power and
Associates eight times in the
past ten years.
Enterprise cares for the community; committing $50 million to plant
50 million trees over a 50-year period in public forests,
is just one
example. Employees take a backseat when it comes to good-
community-building either because Enterprise makes sure the same
commitment is under-the-hood.

With 100% of management personnel starting as trainees, the
company only promotes from within, so employees see an open
highway before them rather than a road block. Enterprise is a great
place to start out; according to the textbook, the company, has been
ranked among the top 50 best companies for new college graduates
to launch their careers by Bloomberg Businessweek magazine.
Excellent training programs and promotional opportunities are just a
few of special pick-me-ups enjoyed by employees.

Each region or branch becomes its own small community because
gain-sharing opportunities facilitate team skills and enhance group
performance. Aspiration is instilled on an individual level by an
adequately leveled hierarchy. The ESQi, Enterprises quality control
system which ensures that 1 out of every 15 customers are called
and asked how satised they were with their experience and whether
they would choose Enterprise again, provides individual and group
level accountability for every branch and region.
When expectations are clearly communicated in non-threatening
environments, when employees are provided with adequate
resources and training opportunities and are encouraged to establish
achievable goals, and nally, when justice undergirds appraisal and
promotional systems there are no orange-colored signs on which
Slow Men Working, can be read anywhere in sight. Rather, the
result is an empowered community, a workforceable and ready to
get behind the wheel and pick up another customer.
Most entry-level hires
participate in Enterprises
Management Training
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