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Now a days technological advancement makes our life easier. As a part of these advancement
banking sector facilities their client involvement by offering must convenient services through
electronic means. To compete globally banks offer electronic banking facilities. Customers are
now able to transact different types of banking activities via online. People are now busy
enough and consciousness among people has increased than ever before. So they expect high
services with short period of time. Although technological convergent takes place and
traditional banking systems become online. But not all the customers use electronic banking
services in Mauritius. Some banks offer only limited services and confined themselves with SMS
banking and ATM booth.
In this research paper I will try to represent the present scenario of online banking in Mauritius
and views of customers towards these services. For the purpose I will interview customers of
MCB. In this study I have got some key factors which are very essential to build up an effective
customer relationship. I have also pointed out some factors which are detrimental to customer
relationship and make customers dissatisfied. Finally I will make some recommendation on the
basis of my field work.
Banks should extend their electronic banking facilities by offering all sorts of banking services
via electronic means. They should introduce new facilities for their client properly. Banks should
concentrate on removing technological problems which creates negative impact in customers