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August 23, 2014

Human Resource Department

Fortuna Bangladesh
A.H Tower ! th Floor ", #lot$%&,
Road$2, 'ec$3 ,(ttara A)ampur,
Dha*a, Bangladesh.
'u+ , Application for the post of HR Executive
Dear '-r,
.n response to /our 0o+ ad1ert-sement -n, -n1-t-ng appl-cat-on
2or the post o2 3 HR Executive4, . would l-*e to o22er m/sel2 2or the same.
. understand 2rom /our ad1ert-sement that /our organ-)at-on needs /oung, energet-c,
sel2 dr-1en and d/nam-c people who can ta*e up the challenges 2or a success2ul career
-n organ-)at-onal de1elopment. 5ou w-ll note 2rom m/ enclosed resume that m/
educat-onal +ac*ground and personal attr-+utes ma*e me an -deal cand-date 2or the
. +el-e1e wor*-ng -n a reputed organ-)at-on l-*e /our one w-ll pro1-de me e6cellent
opportun-t/ 2or m/ career growth. . am con2-dent that -2 pro1-ded the opportun-t/ to
ser1e /our organ-)at-on, . w-ll pro1e m/sel2 to +e an -ntellectual cap-tal 2or /our one o2
the most d/nam-c organ-)at-on through m/ ded-cat-on, s-ncer-t/ and h-ghest le1el o2
For an/ 7uer/, /ou can reach me at m/ mo+-le !"#!$!%%%. 5ou can also e8ma-l me at
Than* /ou.
5ours trul/,
)*+. A,-. AHA*E+/
Enclosed , 1" 9op/ o2 m/ resume
2" :ne cop/ o2 recent photograph