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Enabling Operational Integrity Every Step of the Way

Mobideo is a sofware platorm that helps companies increase operaton integrity, asset capability, and situatonal
awareness by proper executon of documented actvites and best practces across the organizaton, enabling users to
have informaton where and when they need it. Rapid deployment is made practcal by leveraging existng knowledge
and expertse in the organizaton. The platorm is fully integrated with all relevant SAP databases.
User interacts with each data source separately
Before Mobideo
With Mobideo
Key Benets to Oil & Gas Customers
Automate any paper-based process: easily, quickly,
without programming or special applicatons
Retain all your existng technology investments all data is updated
by the Mobideo platorm
Always use the most up-to date process by broadcastng process
changes to the eld worker as they occur
Gather any data necessary, at any granular level, for any process,
using mobile technology
Eectvely manage employee and sub-contractor resources and costs
Enable new insights by transforming from paper process to monitored
computerized processes
Integrates in real tme and bi-directonally with all relevant SAP
databases and platorms.
Comply to SEMS Standards
Mobideo enables rapid project deployment by using proprietary &
patented technology for import and conversion of documents into a
unied mobile applicaton built from all resources necessary to execute
the task:
Standard Operatng Procedures and checklists
Dynamic data retrieved from SAP ERP
User interface designed for working in tough environments
Mobile device independence achieved via robust implantaton of
The Mobideo Platform:
Validates data entry is correct and minimizes errors
Ensures work is performed with compliance to protocols
Captures and tme stamps every data entry and screen touch
Web Portal monitors progress and risks, manages by excepton and
delivers predictve analytcs
Works both on and o line
Sends the data in real tme to SAP HANA
Yaron Eppel - CEO
Sam Solomon