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Dialectical Journal for The Crucible

I am well aware that most students choose to wait until they are finished with the play before beginning this task. I highly
recommend that you break with that trend and fill this out AS you read the play, not after you have read it. This play is made up
of 4 acts; you must submit a total of 5 entries that span the entire play. Please read the instructions below before you begin. The
questions below are guidelines to help put in in the right frame of mind. You need not address all of these issues in every quote,
but you could come close. DO NOT phrase your analysis with phrases like this quote shows, or in this quote.---In fact, do
not use the word quote at all, and do not replace quote with here we see. Use plot detail to help frame your analysis. If a
person is screaming in the quote, begin by saying, Joe Schmoes screams highlight instead of saying this quote shows. Do
not use first person.
Act #.
Page #
(cite by
using the
Act #, a
and then
the page

paraphrases followed by citation

Ex: blah, blah, blah (1. 5-6).

ANALYSIS: Move beyond plot to reflect about Millers use of
rhetoric to further his agenda. What is Miller saying here? How
do the characters words and actions help further Millers
agenda? How does Miller frame history? How does Miller vilify
his villains; how does he present his heroes? How does conflict
propel the story forward? What tools does Miller use to appeal to
your ethos, pathos, or logos, or to establish the ethos, pathos, or
logos of his characters?

Page # Vocabulary Word Context (quote) Definition