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In life, there are times when you think everything is gonna be alright

because you know that if anything happens, you have friends and family and
people who can give you positive energy and true sentimental feelings of
kindness and love.
Actually, in the same time, life is a journey which you expect to end with
happiness and glory after all the pain and cruelty youve been through. I think
that all those happy moments in life are just a preview of what is at its endings.
In fact, you cant meet the true emotion of being happy until you sacrifice
yourself in endless sorrow and endure every dark part of your existence. After
all, life will give you reasons to enjoy all of those moments when you tought
that nothing can bring something positive in your way.
Life is not about living but living by sharing. There are reasons why this
world is made of many people. There is a reason to explain why God choosed to
populate Earth with many lifes and a reason to explain why He gave us a way to
multiply ourselves by sharing passion and love.