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SWOT ANALYSIS OF NALCO STRENGTH: 1. Availability of huge deposit of Bauxite. 2. “state of the art” technology. 3.

Huge power production 4. Low energy consumption 5. Maintenance of production and quality of metal production 6. Presently the market leader 7. High profitability leader 8. Professional people 9. Co-ordination among the various departments 10.Increased customer satisfaction

Weaknesses 1. High interest burden. 2. Scattered plant sites 3. Depends on LME quotes

OPPORTUNITIES: 1. Growth of the potential domestic market 2. Widespread uses of Alumina for various purpose

THREATS: 1. Instability of the LME prices. 2. High task rate imposed on the metal. 3. Devaluation of the rupee leading to the increased of the debt amount. 4. Dumping of the metal at low cost by the European countries.

5. Depressed LME prices resulting in more import of metal thereby decreasing demand of product from NALCO. 6. Rejection of LP and CG metal continuously by the parties.