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Stronger, Greener, Lower Cost

Tomorrows Building Material Is Here

People around the world have been building houses
using the SAME OLD METHODS for hundreds of years.

Wood, Concrete, Brick, and Steel have risen in price yet
they all have major limitations. These materials either
burn, mold, blow down, rot, crumble in earthquakes,
arent very green and can be very expensive.

Most builders are looking for ways to cut costs and
increase their marginswhile many consumers want high
quality, green buildings.

Problem/Opportunity Continued
Titan--Green Building Technology
Titan walls can resist hurricane 5 force winds and F4
tornadoes. We believe that Titan is stronger, greener,
and healthier than all other building materials. In
addition, we feel the Titan system is virtually mold
proof, fire proof, cheaper, more energy efficient, and
offers builders higher margins. Imagine building a
home for less but selling it for 8% to 10% more
money (studies have shown that green homes
typically sell for 8% to 10% more money)
*Independent Lab Tested

Titan Solution
Titan may cost as little as $2 per square foot,
many estimate that wood costs between $7 and
$8 per square foot; while concrete block walls
can run $10 to $14 or more per square foot.
Titan has signed an LOI to build several homes
with one of the top zero energy builders in the
country (Houze; they can be found at

Market Opportunity
The market is one of the largest in the world;
with the U.S. construction market at $869 billion
annually and the global market is $7.2 trillion.

Social Proof

Social Proof Continued

Titan won the largest invention show in the U.S.
INPEX, Independent Testing, LOIs, it took over
one million dollars to create this new composite /
bricks. Its patent pending and Titan buildings
have the ability to be LEED and Energy Star

Competitive Landscape
Existing building material companies are already in
the space. I.e.. Wood, brick, concrete,
steel.however, they are more expensive and have
limitations (discussed earlier)
Other green material companies are already in the
space, however, their cost is typically much HIGHER
than the incumbent materials and we feel the chart
on the next slide demonstrates that they are also a
lower quality material.
Wood Concrete
Steel Rammed
Adobe Fired
SIPS Titan
Fire resistant
Water resistant
Insect resistant
Mold & Mildew resistant
High insulation value

Storm resistant
Long lasting

Min skilled labor needed
Little maintenance needed
Cost less than wood
Eco manufacturing process
Green product
Easily installed
Sound resistant

Paint bond

Easily tooled
Cosmetically appealing


Titan Brick vs. Other Materials Comparison Chart
Distribution and Sales
Management expects to receive orders from the
following entities:
major construction companies
big box material supply retailers
general contractors
green energy remodeling contractors
major interest from all international markets
exceptional interest from middle east due to lack of

5 Year Financial Projections
Proforma Profit and Loss (Yearly)
Year 1 2 3 4 5
Sales $15,075,000 $158,287,500 $345,066,750 $710,837,505 $1,066,256,258
Net Profit $4,410,241 $53,143,081 $117,176,480 $243,107,639 $365,548,757
Profit Margin 29.26% 33.57% 33.96% 34.20% 34.28%
5 Year Financial Projections
1 2 3 4 5
Sales, Operating Costs, and Profit Forecast
Total Operating Costs
Net Prof it
Current Round Raise Amount
$4.4 Million Round

Use of Funds
Purchase equipment to scale up the current
production facility.
Pay for additional Certification fees.
Working capital.

Management Team

Thimothy Burroughs,
Director of Business
Devlopment- USA

Michael Knagenhelm,
Director of Business
Development- Europe

Xavier Hill,
Director of Business
Development- Australia

Veronica Burroughs,
General Counsel
Corey Park,
CEO & Chairman.

Bob van Leyen,

Lanny Park,
VP of Training and

Don Blalock,
Chief Technical Advisor
Builders could potentially make
64% more on each build job
after our 200% markup or
possibly 34% more after our
300% markup!
Energy savings of up to 60%
from a high thermal mass
Titan brick system is only
about $1.98 for a sq. ft. of wall.
Other building materials
average $6-15 for a sq.ft.

Can resist category 5
hurricane wind pressures.
Virtually no mold or mildew. Is
fireproof to 1,800 degrees. No
insect damage and sound
In 2010, the top 10 green
builders had a total of 19.852
billion in revenue. In 2012, the
same ten companies did over