KS3 Graphic Design Technology.

Within KS3 all students will study three modules of Design Technology. These will involve both practical work and students working towards a design brief. All students will be given a module booklet at the beginning of the course. All homework’s can be found in this booklet as well as on the school website. Home work is set every 2 weeks but students will also be expected to organise their research at home. The themes are: Year 7- Design a new label for a bar of chocolate for the 2012 Olympics. Year 8- Design and make a new” Box OF Chocolates” for the 2012 Olympics. Also design advertising to promote this product. Year 9- Design a new “LOGO” for a pizza company and advertising materials, for the 2012 Olympics. How can parents help? 1. Encourage your child to organise their own practical work so they are fully aware of what they are bringing into school. 2. Keep leaflets, magazines and newspapers that relate to different types of imagery in magazines/ newspaper advertising. 3. Encourage your child to discuss homework with you, encourage them to use computer technology to help them find information and illustrations of products. 4. When writing questionnaires a simple one(year7) should be approximately 6 questions to more detailed (year 9) 10 questions. • The questions should always be closed. E.g. Do you like, “Chocolate “? yes/no, explain your reasons in a sentence. • Questions could relate to likes/dislikes. • Types of chocolate/fruits/flavours preferred, etc? • Amount of money willing to pay for product. • How the packaging effects the buyer, what do you look for when buying chocolate? Does the label design influence your choice, when buying?

5. Buy or use library for simple recipe books when thinking of design ideas.

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