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My name is Seor Ramrez and I will be your Spanish teacher this year for Spanish I at

Reed Middle School. During this exciting year, you will learn how to read, write and speak en
Espaol as well as the culture and history from many Spanish speaking countries. You will be
challenged since its a new language that you are learning, therefore you will be expected to
stay focused and engaged by participating regularly. I expect you to stay engaged on individual,
partner, group and/or class activities and discussions. S se puede!
Class Goals
I) Learn and utilize Spanish vocabulary in conversations inside and outside of class.
II) Achieve mastery using the present tense verbs in Spanish.
III) Construct and use simple and complex sentences while writing and speaking Spanish.
IV) Learn how to read and be able to comprehend Spanish literature.
V) Learn about and appreciate the culture of the many Spanish speaking countries that we
will be covering throughout the year.
Grades for this class are based on the following point system.
Test and quizzes are categorized together as Assessments and are worth 45%.

Presentations, warm ups, class activities and any other special in-class projects are
under Class participation and projects and this category is worth 30%.

Any homework that is not complete will count as being late. To make up late or
incomplete work, students in 4
hour will have a silent lunch and those in 7
will receive a ZAP to complete a modification to the homework. The students are
expected to complete the modification and turn it in the following day in order to
receive the 50% of the points. If the assignment is not complete after the second
day, the student will receive a ZERO. The Homework category is worth 25%.
Make up work
Assignments: If students are absent, they will be responsible for checking the binder labeled
assignments to obtain a copy of the work that he/she missed. The students need to complete
the assignment and bring it the next day for credit. If they turn in an assignment late or
incomplete, the same policy of 50% off the first day and no credit after the second day applies.

Warm-ups: The students are also responsible for completing the warm ups that they missed due
to an absence. The warm ups will be in order by date in the binder labeled Para Empezar. The
students will receive points for warm ups on Fridays. If the students are absent on Friday, they
need to turn it in for full credit the next day they are present. If they turn in the warm ups late,
the same policy for late homework and assignments will apply.

Test and Quizzes: Test and quiz make-ups need to be completed after school within a week
after the class takes the test or quiz. If the quiz or test is not made up within the week time
frame and the student has not made any attempt to make up the test or quiz, I will contact the
parent/guardian to inform them of the missing grade. If student does not make it up before
another assessment is given, then the student will receive a ZERO.
Bee Prompt: Be in class and seated when the bell rings. Also be in your seat at the end
of class. The bell is just an indication of the class ending, but I dismiss you. Do not line
up at the door!
Bee Polite: No talking when the teacher or others are talking. Raise your hand and wait
to be called upon. Respect others and no negative remarks to anyone, period.
Bee Prepared: Have homework out and ready for me to check as soon as you come in
the room. Have your book, paper, pencil, planner, binder and anything you need with you
when you come to class. Locker passes will not be given to obtain these items.
Bee honest and responsible: I have a zero tolerance for any form of copying and/or
cheating. Any student(s) involved in any form of copying/cheating will receive a zero for
the assignment, and further actions will be taken.
Bee aware: The following items are only allowed for use in the classroom when I
authorize them; I-pods, MP3 players, cell phones and any other electronic devices that
can be a distraction to the students.
**In addition, all disciplinary rules are regulations as outlined in the Reed Middle School
Student Handbook apply to this class. Gracias!**
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We have reviewed the syllabus for Mr. Ramirezs Spanish I class at RMS.

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