Home learning Guide - Half term One Year: 7 Subject: DT Module: CAD/CAM Bag Tags

What are students doing?
This half term students will be completing a project entitled “Bag Tags” They are working individually on this project and will present their final designs to the teacher 2 weeks before the end of the rotation ready for milling. This is a substantial project involving learning new software packages (2d design), ICT skills, new equipment, research of existing products, and designing to a given specification. A detailed brief outlining their project can be found inside their year 7 CAD/CAM learning booklet and teachers will be going over this with students. Students will be taught all the necessary skills to complete this task through whole class demonstrations, individual student centred learning involving the internet and pre set generic exercises.

Who, Where, When….should work be handed in?
Students can make notes inside their CAD/CAM learning booklet and will present their designs ready for high speed milling and finishing in the workshop on week 6 (last 2 weeks of the rotation). Assessments will then follow in the final week.

How …can parents help?
Parents/guardians can help by making sure the student completes all homework’s set. There CAD/CAM booklet is complete and up to date. In discussing the exercises with the student to help gain maximum understanding.

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