By: Madiha FArid 25

May 2014

Khizar, parents, sister Sana and brother
Mohammad; welcome to An-Nurr Education
and Childcare Centre. It is my pleasure to be
Khizar’s primary giver. I am excited for the
future, for all the learning and fun we will In-
sha-Allah be having together.

The first couple of weeks we will be
focusing on settling Khizar into the centre.
To provide him with an environment that
he feels safe in and begins to trust the
teachers and other children. In-sha Allah,
settling in will take a few weeks, until Khizar
starts to feel ‘at home’.
So far I have noticed that Khizar is a happy
boy when he is getting full attention from
the teacher. He likes to be carried around. I
have noticed that he doesn’t eat food if he
is feeling upset. He likes lots and lots of
cuddles and enjoys a playful approach. I
look forward to seeing you learn, grow and

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