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images from supplied footage God’s Coming Kingdom International Kingdom Worship Centre Gambella, Sudan 1-866-767-2151 (words fade up and out) Sudan Ethopia Starvation, Disease, Famine No Church Buildings You Can Help!

As the result of war, thousands of Christians living at the border between Sudan and Ethiopia have lost almost everything, and they face the challenges of starvation, disease, and famine… For many, the only solace they have is in worship, but most churches have been destroyed, and they’ve been forced to worship outdoors. Right now, with your generous help and support, God’s Coming Kingdom International in Guelph wants to build a worship centre in Gambella, and give the southern Sudanese Christians some comfort from their suffering and the opportunity to worship God in a glorifying church facility. If you can help with a monthly donation or a gift of any amount, please contact God’s Coming Kingdom International at 1-866767-21-51. When you do, you’ll receive a DVD copy of the Southern Sudanese Easter Worship service as our thanks. Call now and let’s work together to help build a place of worship for the Christians in Sudan, Africa. Please call 1-866-767-21-51 and help your bothers and sisters in Christ.

Please call now 1-866-767-2151