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Ante Vrankovi Mrs Martine Reicherts

Domjanieva 15 European Commissioner for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship

10380 Sveti Ivan Zelina Rue de la Loi 200 / Wetstraat 200
Hrvatska / Croatia 1049 Bruxelles / Brussel
August 21, 2014

Dear Mrs Reicherts,

first of all, I would like to congratulate you on your appointment on the duty of Commissioner for
Justice, Fundamental Rights, and Citizenship of EC/EU.
My case was well-known to your predecessor Mrs Reding, since I`ve sent her several official
letters with vast documentation concerning it (complete correspondence with Mrs Reding`s office is
available on the links at the bottom of this official letter on the next page).
In few words, I am an EU citizen from Croatia (unemployed archaeologist and art historian) who
lost almost 1/2 of his body-weight in a series of hunger strikes (see the photos and medical reports
proving this statement in materials already received by your predecessor), demanding from Croatian Bar
Association to solve my 2 disciplinary reports sent to them on March 13 and September 13, 2012.
In the meantime, several Croatian institutions issued official documents which are proving that all
my relevant statements and demands are correct, as well as legally founded: the Police, Ministry of
Finance, Croatian Helsinki Committee and several other NGO for the protection of human rights.
However, the most important of these documents is the verdict issued in my favor on May 26,
2014 by Municipal Violation Court at Stari Grad, which I have sent to your predecessor Mrs Reding on
June 10 2014, together with an official letter summarizing the complete case.
Still, even after that verdict in my favor, the Croatian Bar Association (CBA) is still refusing to
solve my two disciplinary reports, because I haven`t gave their disciplinary persecutor Predrag Laban the
bribe which he demanded me, for solving my case. I have reported all that to the state attorney (USKOK
BCCOC), but they are in the manner of a criminal organisation typical for the functioning od Croatian
judiciary (the fact well-known to the EC from Perkovi-case (also known as a Lex Perkovi case) which
caused deep, serious crises in the relations between Croatia, EU and Germany, lasting for several months
last year, and other similar but less known examples) protecting their colleagues private attorneys with
their obvious vulgar lies, and they are doing so even after the court issued the verdict in my favour! In my
previous official letters, I have already sent to Mrs Reding complete documentation about all that, and the
same documentation is available on my page at Scribd:
With this kind of radically corrupt behavior - not solving disciplinary cases because they haven`t
received expected or even (as in my case) requested bribery - the officials of CBA have became
responsible for as much 5 suicides, and 1 murder in the last 2-3 years, as I have already informed your
predecessor Mrs Reding in my Official letters sent on July 3, and July 31, 2013.
Still, since they are well interconnected with state attorney`s office with close family ties (see p. 1
and 3 of Notification sent to CBA on August 1, 2014 attached to this official letter, cases of Mrs Baji and
Mr ganjer), they can sleep well, knowing that they are not going to be persecuted.
CBA officials have also irreparably destroyed my health, so now one of two conditions for ending
my hunger strike is CBA`s paying of compensation for destroyed health --- which compensation I was not
asking for the first 8 months of my hunger strikes, but I demanded it only after from the medical reports it
became obvious that I have to became an invalid (removing oft he gallbladder) --- and which in the
meanwhile was pumped up by CBA`s persistence in illegal behaviour up to the level of more than of
CBA`s yearly income from their members contribution to the Bar. I have to especially stress out that this
compensatory demand was known to the Municipal Violation Court at Stari Grad, and that the court by its
verdict directly confirmed my request as legally correct (see about that in my Notification to the CBA in
the attachment of this official letter, as well as the copy of that verdict sent to Mrs Reding on June 10,
Because of necessity of informing several instances about the progress of the situation in my case
(Court decision in my favour) and because of summer vacations, I have started my final hunger strike on
July 10, 2014, as it is described in the Notification sent to the officials of CBA on August 1, 2014, received
at CBA on August 4, 2014 (see the copy of Notification and of AVIS de reception in the attachment oft his
official letter).
I will be sending you medical reports about my health condition on the e-mail address:
I am sincerely asking you that - in the case of my death (which is now due to my compensatory
request in CBA`s direct interest, especially to its high officials who caused this situation with their illegal
conduct, and can be sued by the CBA itself: Predrag Laban, Leo Andreis, Robert Trava see details in my
Notification to the CBA in the attachment) of which you will be informed by Croatian associations for the
protection of human rights who are familiar with my case you send a copy of our official communication
and attached documentation (CD sent on July 3, 2013) to the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe
(address: Rue Joseph II 40/8, Bruxelles), so that CBA could be disbarred from its membership for the
reason of repetitious malpractice and obvious radical corruption, so they won`t be able to do send to
death to nobody else after me. They have to be stopped, because by their illegal conduct - they are
already responsible for 1 murder, and 5 suicides, as I already said.

Dear Mrs Reicherts, please stop them in their further sawing of death.


Ante Vrankovi (handwritten signature)

In the attachment of this official letter:
Bilingual (Croatian-English) Notification sent to the officials of Croatian Bar Association (CBA) on August 1, 2014, received at CBA on
August 4, 2014 (see the copy of Notification and of AVIS de reception in the attachment oft his officail letter) = 5 pages

My complete communication by classic mail with Mrs Reding`s office is available on the links:

Official letter sent on July 3, 2013:
Official letter sent on July 20, 2013:
Appendix of the letter sent July 20, 2013:
Official letter sent on July 31, 2013:
Appendix of the letter sent July 31, 2013
Official letter sent on September 23, 2013:
EC - Mr Crabit`s official letter sent on September 25, 2013:
Official letter sent on October 1, 2013:
Official letter sent on October 15, 2013:
Official letter sent on June 10, 2014:
Ante Vrankovi Hrvatska odvjetnika komora - Croatian Bar Association
Domjanieva 15 Predsjednik i Upravni odbor President and Steering Committee
10380 Sveti Ivan Zelina Koturaka c. 53, 10000 Zagreb
Sveti Ivan Zelina, kolovoz/August 1, 2014


nastavno na moju Obavijest od 2. lipnja 2014. (vidjeti link:
VI-2014), izvjedujem vas da sam ---- zbog pisanja popratnog dopisa na engleskom jeziku poslanog u Bruxelles dana 10. 6., a
zaprimljenog ondje 13. 6. o. g. (povratnica na linku:, kao i vedeg broja drugih
slubenih i neslubenih komunikacija i obavijesti povodom Presude u moju korist kojom je Prekrajni sud u Starom Gradu s
privremenim sjeditem u Hvaru, meu ostalim, i moja odtetna potraivanja od vae organizacije ocijenio sasvim zakonitim, izravno
stoga u toj stvari presudivi u moju korist (o emu sam vas ved izvijestio u svojem Otvorenom pismu 2. 6. 2014., vidjeti link: - preslici prve stranice Presude na kojoj se jsano vidi
naziv Hrvatske odvjetnike komore, te zadnje strane Presude nalaze se na linku navedenom na str. 12 i 13) ---- svoj potpuni
trajk glau u razdoblju od 7. 6. do 9. 7. o. g. morao zamijeniti turskim trajkom glau s uzimanjem edera, pa
sam stoga od dana 10. 7. 2014. ponovo u potpunom trajku glau, to znai da e moj ivot postati
neposredno ugroen u rujnu o. g., u to dete se uostalom i sami posve konkretno lako uvjeriti kako iz slubenih
medicinskih nalaza, tako i iz fotografija u medijima, koje de pokazati radikalno smanjenje moje tjelesne mase, i
teko zdravstveno stanje na rubu smrti.

Uvjeti za prestanak mog trajka glau su i dalje:
1 Pravina pravomona rjeenja mojih disciplinskih prijava od 13. 3. i 13. 9. 2012.
(obje prijave dostupne na : (str. 11-17 i 19-75 te 115-150))
- presuda mora biti u skladu s teinom prekraja, a iz razgovora s vaim lanom i bivim disciplinskim
sucem g. Jadrankom rnkom, poznato mi je kakva ona u konkretnom sluaju jedino moe biti

2 - Naknada poinjene mi tete, prema kriterijima iz:
- mog Upita od 24. 1. 2013. (vidjeti relevantni Privitak 2 - Odtetni zahtjev od 7. 11. 2012., koji je dostupan je na
djelima-po%C4%8Dinjenim-s-umi%C5%A1ljajem), s nadopunom od 20. 5. 2013. (link:
Prilog 1, tj. Dokument 5A iz mojeg dopisa kojeg sam vam poslao 16. 5. 2013. (dostupan je na linku: a koja nadopuna je stupila na snagu
nalazom moje krvi ve 31. 5. 2013. vidjeti link:

Sve ovo navodim stoga to je prekrajni sud u Starom Gradu s privremenim sjeditem u Hvaru za oba
moja navedena traenja, kao i potraivanja (rije je o dvama Disciplinskim prijavama koje sam vam poslao 13. 3. i 13. 9.
2012., te o Odtetnom zahtjevu od 7. 11. 2012. / 24. 1. 2013. s nadopunom od 20. 5. 2013., radi kojih traenja (prijave) i
potraivanja (odtetni zahtjev) je vaa lanica Dijana Zoriid protiv mene podigla tubu vidjeti tekst njezine tube u kojoj su
taksativno navedeni svi ti dokumenti na linku:
Eleonori-Kati%C4%87-i-Marijanu-Pistotniku-protiv-povjesni%C4%8Dara-umjetnosti-Ante-Vranko svi ovdje navedeni dokumenti se spominju na str. 3/d i 5/a) svojom
Presudom od 26. 5. 2014. direktno potvrdio kao posve zakonita (ukljuujudi tu i moj dopis od 16. 5. 2013, vidjeti o
svemu tome link: - str. 12 i 13), to uostalom ni ne
udi, obzirom da vi - Hrvatska odvjetnika komora - nikada ni niste tvrdili da bi u tim mojim zahtjevima i
potraivanjima bilo ita neutemeljeno, a kamoli nezakonito (vidjeti isti link, str. 1).
Osobito naglaavam da --- nakon to su svojim nezakonitim, kriminalnim postupanjem, koje je ukratko
(sa svim relevantnim dokazima, odmah dostupnim na linkovima u biljekama ispod teksta) opisano u mojem dopisu HOK-u
od 16. 5. 2013. (link: i u Otvorenom pismu od
2. 6. 2014. (link: ) odgovorne osobe Hrvatske
odvjetnike komore (Predrag Laban, Leo Andreis, Robert Trava) umiljajem posve unitile moje zdravlje,
uinivi me invalidom (nuno vaenje unjaka!) i ugrozivi izravno moj ivot (opasnost od raka unjaka, koji u
pravilu u roku od 2-3 mjeseca rezultira smrdu!), a to je sve podrobno opisano i dokumentima dokazano u
PRIJAVE NISAM DAO MITO KOJI ME ON TRAIO --- ja sigurno nedu pristati na nikakvo pogaanje niti cjenkanje
oko iznosa odtete koju mi HOK treba nadoknaditi za u Odtetnom zahtjevu od 7. 11. 2012. navedene tete,
niti ikakvo odgaanje pladanja (mora biti izvreno odmah), ak niti pod cijenu smrti, koja de vjerojatno
uzrokovati izlanjenje HOK-a iz meunarodnih cehovskih asocijacija, kao i pravomodnu zatvorsku presudu
Labanu i njegovim pulenima, jer ga kolege iz DORH-a, usprkos viestrukoj kolegijalnoj i familijarnoj povezanosti
DORH-a i HOK-a (bivi ef USKOK-a ganjer je sada lan HOK-a, a ena Mladena Bajida Ecija je takoer lanica HOK-a) nede dalje
modi titi u njegovu svjesnom usmrivadkom postupanju, obzirom da sam u Bruxelles, kao i naim novinarima i
relevantnim udrugama dostavio svu dokumentaciju o ovom sluaju.
Stoga du vam ovdje obzirom da je Sud svojom presudom od 2. 6. o. g. izravno potvrdio pravnu
zakonitost (i) tog mojeg dopisa ponoviti ono to sam vam o toj pravnoj stvari napisao u spomenutom dopisu
od 16. 5. 2013. (vidjeti link:, str. 3-4):
Dakle, prvih 8 mjeseci(!) svojeg prosvjeda tj. od oujka do studenog 2012. kada sam bio izgubio preko 60 kg(!) ja od vas nisam
traio nikakvu odtetu, nego sam samo traio da rijeite moje 2 disciplinske prijave, to ste po zakonu bili duni uiniti.
Naknadu tete za od vas umiljajem uniteno mi zdravlje ja sam dakle, kako su mi to savjetovali vai kolege zatraio temeljem l.
1052 i 1095 ZOO tek nakon to sam u studenom 2012. u trbunoj upljini osjetio intenzivne bolove pretrage kojih su pokazale da ste u svojoj
morbidnoj taktici pravljenja negativnog primjera od mog trajka uspjeli, unitivi mi zdravlje i uinivi me invalidom samo zato to sam
traio da radite po zakonu, a da vam za to nisam dao zatraeni mito.
Stoga ako vi i dalje mislite da du ja odustati od svojeg pravinog traenja naknade tete zbog toga to ste svojim upornim
odbijanjem da radite po zakonu i enormnom psihikim i fizikim pritiskom usmjerenim na mene (kombinacija 30 ogluha s jedne, i brojnih
nezakonitih pritisaka: medijskih i privatnih kleveta, krivotvorina, nezakonitih rjeenja, lanih prijava i ulinih fizikih nasrtaja: vidjeti
prethodnu stranicu pod: 1-5 i 1-7) u trajanju od godinu dana koji bi mnoge naveo na samoubojstvo
, te svjesnim unitavanjem moga
zdravlja koje ste unitili (vidjeti na ovoj stranici 1-7) vi iznos odtetetnog zahtjeva nabili do visine 7% (opaska od 1. 8. 2014.: svojim
ogluhama usprkos mojim dvama dobrohotnim upozorenjima
, taj ste iznos u zadnjih godinu i pol nabili na preko 50% iznosa vaeg
komorskog doprinosa!) godinjeg iznosa vaeg komorskog doprinosa, onda ste zaratili sa zdravim razumom na isti nain kao i va kolega
Darko Zadro kojega ste godinama titili sve dok on nije ubio posve nepoznatog ovjeka. Dapae, onda tim svojim miljenjem dodatno
potvrujete istinitost tvrdnje svojeg kolege J. rnka, koji mi je 2012. kazao da: s njima u Komori nitko normalan ne eli imati posla radi
ega se i povukao s dunosti predsjednika Odvjetnikog zbora Grada Zagreba
Stoga ukoliko svojim daljnjim svjesnim unitavanjem mog zdravlja iznos potraivanja naknade tete povedate 3, 7, 10, 20 ili 30
puta sukladno unitenom mi zdravlju (vidjeti tablicu na str 2. u Odtetnom zahtjevu, priloenom kao Privitak 2 Javnom upitu g. Travau od
24. 1. o. g. i revidirane dijelove ovdje u Dokumentu 5) moete biti sigurni da obzirom da ste na to bili odavno unaprijed upozoreni od
svojeg pravinog traenja nedu odustati ni ako vi daljnjim svjesnim unitavanjem mog zdravlja njegov iznos nabijete na preko 300 %
godinjeg iznosa vaeg komorskog doprinosa, tim vie to sam od dijela potraivanja odustao jo 7. 11. 2012.

i to vie ne traim da
odgovorne za svo ovo maliciozno postupanje sankcionirate, jer sam njihova kaznena djela prijavio USKOK-u, to vam je ved poznato.

Konkretne primjere oprotajnih pisama i realiziranih samoubojstava u mnogo benignijim situacijama od one u koju je HOK svojim kriminalom mene doveo vidjeti na linkovima: ;
Za one slabije pravno upudene navodim da su me vai kolege pouili da u sluaju da je do nanoenja tete dolo umiljajem, to
je ovdje sluaj, otedenik ima pravo traiti i dobiti naknadu u visini koliko je njemu vrijedilo povrijeeno dobro, a u mom konkretnom
sluaju znamo da zdravlje (doivotno unitena probava) nema cijene.
Kako bih dokazao da je tome doista tako, spreman sam se u cijelosti odredi svojeg potraivanja za namjerno narueno mi
zdravlje (Odtetni zahtjev od 7. 11. 2012., pod: II/b)

ukoliko se netko od lanova Upravnog odbora mojih godina (40) dovede u stanje: A)
bradikardije s 40 % snienim brojem otkucaja srca (vidjeti prethodnu stranicu pod: 1); B) hipoglikemije s razinom glukoze u krvi od 3,6
mmol/L (vidjeti prethodnu stranicu pod: 2), C) hipokalemije s razinom 2,9 mmol/L kalija u krvi (vidjeti prethodnu stranicu pod: 3); D)
oteknuda jetre (vidjeti prethodnu stranicu pod: 4); E) bakterijske upale (vidjeti prethodnu stranicu pod: 5); F) izloi se psihikom pritisku
opetovanim klevetama implicitnim proglaavanjem luakom i nasilnikom u naim najtiranijim tiskovinama, iako je za razliku od svojih
klevetnika savreno psihiki zdrav, i iako su oni huliganski posizali za nasiljem a ne on (vidjeti prethodnu stranicu pod: 6); G) izvadi unjak,
kao to ga zbog polipoze uzrokovane turskim tipom trajka glau sada moram vaditi ja (vidjeti prethodnu stranicu pod: 7).
Glede pladanja naknade tete imate dakle 2 opcije: (da mi):
(1) Isplatite pravinu naknadu tete, te sredstva utroena za to nadoknadite:
- sudskim putem od osoba koje su nezakonitim radom uzrokovale nastanak tete: Laban, Andreis Trava
- posezanjem u priuvu, koju bi obzirom na dokazanu izrazitu sklonost kriminalu u poslovanju svakako trebali imati
- poveanjem komorskog doprinosa koji je ionako puno pre nizak u odnosu na injenicu da vai lanovi deru stranke (vidjeti Dokument 5 B)
- podizanjem kredita kod Zagrebake banke u emu vam moe pomoi R. Trava kao njezin odvjetnik i M. Hanekovi kao bivi
predsjednik njezinog Upravnog odbora.
(2) Utedite novac za odtetu (iji ste iznos viemjesenim unitavanjem mog zdravlja nabili) na nain da me poaljete u smrt (to je
Labanu, Andreisu i Travau, zbog mogueg potraivanja HOK-a da nadoknade sredstva koja njihovog nezakonitog rada HOK mora isplatiti
u neposrednom interesu)
Na to god da se HOK odluilo: na (1) zakonsko ispunjenje SVIH svojih obaveza prema meni ili da me:
(2) nezakonito poaljete u smrt, siguran sam da dete se u 9. o. g. mjesecu zorno uvjeriti da je predsjednik HHO-a
g. iak, u svojem komentaru moga trajka glau doista imao pravo ne samo kada je kazao Ante Vrankovid je u
pravu (to je spomenutom Presudom od 26. 5. o. g. izravno potvrdio i Sud), nego i kada je o meni kazao: rije je o
razboritom ovjeku jakih uvjerenja koji bi mogao idi sve do kraja (vidjeti scan lanka iz Slobodne Dalmacije dolje).

Tablica izrauna naknade tete za HOK-ovo unitavanje mojeg zdravlja nakon 27. 7. 2014.

89. tjedan 27.7. 1. 8. 2014. 90. tjedan 2. - 8. 8. 2014. 91. tjedan 9. 15. 8. 2014. 92. tjedan 16. 8. 22. 8. 2014. 93. tjedan 23. 29. 8. 2014.
94. tjedan 30. 8. 5. 9. 2014 . 95. tjedan 6. 12. 9. 2014. 96. tjedan 13.- 19. 9. 2014. . 97. tjedan 20. 26. 9. 2014. 98. tjedan 27. 30. 9. 2014.

Dear Sirs,

in the addition of my Notification of June 2, 2014 (see the link: I
would like to inform you that ---- because of writing an official letter in English, sent to Bruxelles on June 6, and received there on June 13,
(see AVIS de rception on the link: ) and considerable number of other official and
unofficial letters and notifications connected to The Verdict in my favour in which Municipal Violation Court at Stari Grad, temporarily
located at Hvar delivered the verdict that, among other things, my compensatory request towards your organisation is completely legal (I
have already informed you about that in my Open Letter of June 2, 2014, link:
LETTER-TO-THE-CBA-June-2-2014 - see the copy of the first page of The Verdict, with clearly visible title of your organisation Hrvatska odvjetnika
komora - and copy of the last page of same Verdict on the mentioned link on the pages 12 and 13) ---- I hade to replace (in the period from
June 7, till July 9, 2014) my total hunger strike with the turkish-type one (with intake of sugar), so from July 10, I am again in a total hunger
strike, which means that my life will be endangered in Spetember 2014: you will be able to see that for yourself from the official medical
reports, and from the photos in the media, which will show radical lost of my body waith, and heavy health conditoion on the edge of

The conditions for ending of my hunger strike still are:
1. Fair and valid, final decision of my disciplinary reports of March 13 and September 13, 2012
(both reports are available at : (p. 11-17 and 19-75 and 115-150))
- the verdict must be in accordance with the heaviness of violation, and from my communication with your member, and CBA`s ex
disciplinary court judge mr. Jadranko rnko, I know which verdict is only possible in this case.
2. Full compensation of the committed damage according to the criteria from:
- my official letter sent on January 24, 2013 (see Appendix 2 Compensatory request sent on November 7, 2012, available at:
umi%C5%A1ljajem) with addition sent on May 20, 2013 (link:
%C5%A0TETE-ZA-UMI%C5%A0LJAJEM-UNI%C5%A0TENO-MI-ZDRAVLJE) in which is especially relevant Appendix 1 i. e. Dokument 5A from the official letter which I
sent you on May 16, 2013 (available at the link: and
which addition became active after medical analysis of my blood on May 31, 2013 see the link:

I have mentioned all this because the Municipal Violation Court in Stari Grad, with a temporary headquarters in Hvar has, for
both of my mentioned requests, as well as for my demand (two Disciplinary reports that I have sent you on the March 13 and September
13, 2012, and the Compensatory request sent on November 7, 2012 / January 24, 2013 with additionsent on May 20, 2013, for which
requests (the reports) and demand (compensatory request) your member Diana Zoriid sued me - see the text of her lawsuits in which
there are listed all above mentioned documents at the following link:
zastupane-po-odvjetnicima-Eleonori-Kati%C4%87-i-Marijanu-Pistotniku-protiv-povjesni%C4%8Dara-umjetnosti-Ante-Vranko - all these documents are quoted on p. 3/d and 5/a) in its
Verdict issued on May 26, 2014 directly confirmed that they are completely legitimate (the Verdict is also in the same way refering to my
official leter sent on May 16, 2013, see for all this facts the link:
2014 - p. 12, 13), which after all is not realy surprising, when it is known that you Hrvatska odvjetnika komora i. e. Croatian Bar
Association - never even claimed that any of my requests or demands is unfounded in anything, nor illegal (see the same link, p. 1).

I would like to especially emphasize that --- after they have done their illegal, criminal conduct, which is in short form (with all
the relevant evidence, available on the links in the footnotes) described in my official letter to CBA of May 16, 2013 (link: and my Open letter of June 2, 2014 (link: responsable officials of the Croatian Bar Association (Predrag
Laban, Leo Andreis, Robert Trava) consciously completely destroyed my health, making me an invalid (I have to remove the gallbladder!),
and they have putted my life in direct danger (risk of cancer of the gallbladder, which typically within a 2 - 3 months results with death!),
which is all described and shown on the basis of documents in the above mentioned official letter, they have done all that JUST BECAUSE
not accept any bargaining or haggling over the amount of compensation that CBA has to give me for the damages listed in my
Compensatory request sent on November 7, 2012, nor any delay in its payment (it has to be done at once), even at the cost of death, which
will most likely be the reason for the expultion of the CBA from all international guild associations, as well as valid prison sentence for
Laban and his associates, because their colleague-lawyers from the State Attorney's Office, despite multiple collegiate and family
connections between State Attorney's Office and the CBA (the former head of USKOK ganjer is now a member of the CBA, and wife of
Mladen Bajid, Ecija is also a member of the CBA) will not be able to protect his conscious sawing of death because I have sent all relevant
documents about my case in Brussels, as well to our jurnalists and relevant associations.
Therefore I will here - given to the fact that the Court in its Verdict of June 2, 2014 directly confirmed the legality of demands of
my official letter sent to you on May 16, 2013 - just repeat what I have already stated you about ouer legal matter in that document (the
letter is available at the following link : see p. 3-4):

"So, for the first 8 months(!) of my protest, i.e. from March to November 2012, in which period I had lost over 60 kg(!) I have not
asked you for any compensation, but I was just asking you to solve my two disciplinary reports, since that was your legal duty.
Compensatory request for my destroyed health, which you have destroyed consciously, I have sent to you on the advise of your
colleague lawyers, on the basis of Art. 1052 and 1095 of ZOO/COA, only after in November 2012 I have felt intense abdominal pain, and
after the medical researches have shown that you have succeeded in your morbid tactics of making a negative example of my hunger strike
and that you have destroyed my health and made me an invalid, just because I have asked you to fulfill your legal duties, and I haven`t gave
you the requested bribe for that.
So if you still think that I will give up from my righteous compensatory request because you have, by your persistent refusal to
conduct according to the law and with enormous psychological and physical pressure directed at me (a combination of 30 default
judgments on the one hand, and the numerous illegal pressures: the media and private defamations, forgerias, illegal solutions, fols reports
and physical assaults on the street: see previous page under: 1-5 and 1-7) for a period of one year, which would led many to the suicide
and with your conscious destruction of my health that have destroyed pumped up the amount /hight of my compensatory request up to
the amount of 7% (note of August 1, 2014: by your many defaults, despite my two benevolent warnings
, you now have pumped up that
amount up to over 50% the annual amount of your member`s Bar contribution!) of the annual amount of your members contribution to the
Bar, then you have gone to the war with common sense in the same way as your colleague Darko Zadro whom you have protected for many
years until he shot and killed the man he never met before. Indeed, by that kind of your attitude you further confirm the veracity of the
claim of your colleague J. rnko, who said to me in 2012 that "with them in the Bar (CBA), nobody normal doesn`t want want to do
anything" and that was the reason why he withdrawed from the function of the President of regional Bar Association of the City of Zagreb.
Therefore, if by further destruction of my health you consciously pump up the amount of damages and my compensatory
request so that it would increase 3, 7, 10, 20 or 30 times in accordance destroyed my health (see table on page 2, in the Compensatory
Request, attached as Appendix 2 to my Public Inquiry to Mr Trava of January 24 this year and revised parts here in the Document 5), you
can be sure that - given to the fact that you have been kindly warned about all that in advance, a long time ago I will not give up from my
compensatory request even if by further destruction of my health you pump up the amount of my Request up to more than 300% of the
annual amount of your members contributions to the Bar, especially since I have gave up from one part of my requests on November 7,
2012, and because I do not ask that people responsible for all this malicious conduct would be sanctioned by the CBA, because I have
reported their criminal acts to USKOK (BCCOC), as you already know.
For those less legally informed, I have to say that I was taught by your colleagues that in the case that the damage occurred
consciously, which was/is the case here, the injured party has the right to seek and to receive compensation in the amount of how much
damaged good is worth to him, and in my particular case we know that health (life-time destroyed digestion!) has no price.
In order to prove that this is the truth, I'm ready to completely give up from my Compensatory Request int he part of consciously
destroyed health (Request of November 7, 2012, ad: II/b) if one of the members of your Steering Committee
of my age (40) would lead himself to the state of: A) bradycardia with a 40% reduced heart-beats rate (see previous page under: 1); B)
hypoglycemia with blood glucose of 3.6 mmol / L (see previous page under 2), C) with hypokalemia level of 2.9 mmol / L of potassium in the
blood (see previous page under 3); D) swelling of the liver (see previous page under 4); E) bacterial infections (see previous page under 5); F)
would be pulled to huge psychological pressure by repeated defamations, and implicit clamesthat that he is a loonatick and a bully in our
most circulated newspapers, although unlike his defamators he is perfectly mentally healthy, and although they were using violence, and
not him (see previous page under 6); G), he removes his gallbladder as now I have to remove it due to the polyps caused by a hunger-strike
of a Turkish type (see previous page under 7).

With the fulfilling of my Compensatory Request you have two options:
(1) To pay the righteous compensation for all the damages, and the funds used for it you can re-compensate in this way:
- at the official Court from the people whom consciously caused the damage with their illegal acts: Laban, Andreis, Trava
- taking from the reserves, which, given to proven tendency of CBA`s officials to conduct crime, you should have
- by increasing of your members contribution to the Bar, which is now too low
- by raising the loan in the "Zagrebaka banka" bank in which realisation can help you R. Trava, since he is a lawyer of that
bank, as well as M. Hanekovid as former chairman of that bank`s Board of Directors. ...

Examples of good-bye letters written in much easier situastins, as well as suicides see on the link:
upu%C4%87eno-predsjednici-Udruge-Veronika-Vere-Nadi-Landeka-kasno-nave%C4%8Der-3-11-2012 ;
(2) Save the money for my Compensatory Request (the amount of which you have pimped up by destroying of my health) in a way that
you send me to death (which is now in Laban`s, Andreis`s and Trava`s best interest, because of the potential court request of the CBA to
make up the funds for their illegal work which CBA had to pay)"

Whatever CBA chooses: (1) legal fulfillment of all its obligations towards me; or that it will: (2) illegally send me o death, I' m
sure that in September you will find out that the CHC`s President Mr. iak, was right in his commentary of my hunger strike, not only
when he said: "Ante Vrankovid is right" (as the Court verdict issued on May 26, 2014 directly confirmed), but also when he staded about
me: "it is a prudent man of strong convictions who could go all the way to the end" (see the article with both iak`s statements in
Slobodna Dalmatia below).

Source for calculating compensation for the CBA`s destruction of my health after July 27, 2014
89. week 27.7. 1. 8. 2014. 90. week 2. - 8. 8. 2014. 91. week 9. 15. 8. 2014. 92. week 16. 8. 22. 8. 2014. 93. week 23. 29. 8. 2014.
94. week 30. 8. 5. 9. 2014 . 95. week 6. 12. 9. 2014. 96. week 13.- 19. 9. 2014. . 97. week 20. 26. 9. 2014. 98. tweek 27. 30. 9. 2014.

Avis de rception (proving that this Notification was received at CBA on August 4, 2014)

Avis de rception of this official letter:

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