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Pine Bush Anti-Semitism

Pine Bush Anti-Semitism

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No charges to be filed in school case, Sept. 2, 2014
No charges to be filed in school case, Sept. 2, 2014

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Published by: Daily Freeman on Sep 02, 2014
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Orange County News

For Immediate Release Contact: Christopher Borek
September 2, 2014 8452!1"2#$, 8452"84245c
District Attorney Hoovler joins New York State Police in
Announcing That No Criminal Charges Will be ile! in Pine
"ush School #nvestigation
Criminal Charges Barred By “Infancy,” Statute of Limitations and Lack of Evidence

%ran&e Co'nt( )istrict *ttorne( )a+id , -oo+ler .oined b( Captain /ierce 0alla&her o1 the
2e3 4ork State /olice, toda( anno'nced that the State /olice ha+e concl'ded an e5ha'sti+e
in+esti&ation into 3hether criminal prosec'tions sho'ld be bro'&ht in connection 3ith
alle&ations made in a 1ederal ci+il la3s'it 1iled a&ainst the /ine B'sh Central School )istrict and
other ci+il de1endants *ll senior members o1 the )istrict *ttorne(6s sta11 re+ie3ed the res'lts o1
the in+esti&ation, and both the )istrict *ttorne(6s %11ice and the State /olice ha+e concl'ded that
there are no +iable criminal char&es that can be bro'&ht in the matter
7he State /olice painstakin&l( in+esti&ated all o1 the alle&ations in the complaints 1iled in 1ederal
co'rt b( 1ormer st'dents and parents a&ainst the /ine B'sh Central School )istrict and other
ci+il de1endants 7hose complaints alle&ed 8anti9Semitic discrimination, harassment and b'll(in&
b( other st'dents 1or (ears : In addition to in+esti&atin& the actions o1 elementar(, middle
school, and a small n'mber o1 hi&h school st'dents, the in+esti&ation 1oc'sed on 3hether an(
school o11icials committed crimes b( alle&edl( toleratin& the beha+ior 7he res'lts o1 the
in+esti&ation 3ere contained in o+er 1,500 pa&es o1 material, and the State /olice pro+ided those
materials to the )istrict *ttorne(6s %11ice 1or re+ie3 Both a&encies concl'ded that man( o1 the
alle&ed acts 3ere committed b( children too (o'n& to be char&ed 3ith those acts as criminals,
the so9called de1ense o1 8in1anc(,: and that others 3ere precl'ded b( the stat'te o1 limitations
,oreo+er, the in+esti&ation re+ealed no e+idence that an( school o11icial had en&a&ed in an(
criminal cond'ct *s a res'lt, no criminal prosec'tions 3ill be bro'&ht in the matter
8I thank the 2e3 4ork State /olice 1or their thoro'&h in+esti&ation o1 these dist'rbin&
alle&ations,: )istrict *ttorne( -oo+ler said 8I am satis1ied that the( thoro'&hl( and
pro1essionall( 1ollo3ed 'p e+er( possible aspect o1 this in+esti&ation ;hile anti9Semitism is
abhorrent, not e+er( 3ron&1'l action, partic'larl( 3hen committed b( children, can &i+e rise to a
criminal prosec'tion I am also satis1ied that there 3as no criminal 3ron&doin& committed b(
/ine B'sh school o11icials in the matter ;hether the school district complied 3ith all o1 the
mandates o1 the <d'cation =a3 and other ci+il stat'tes is a matter that m'st be le1t to 2e3 4ork
State administrati+e and re&'lator( a&encies I am hope1'l that the School )istrict and the /ine
B'sh comm'nit( 3ill mo+e on 1rom this pain1'l episode 3ith a rene3ed commitment to ens're
all st'dents are treated, and treat each other, respect1'll(:
8I hi&hl( commend Senior *ssistant )istrict *ttorne( )a+id B(rne 1or his 3ork on this matter,:
said )istrict *ttorne( -oo+ler

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