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Sample L0R foi iesiuency

To the Selection Committee:

It is a pleasuie to iecommenu Sally Smith, AANC IB#######, foi a position in youi
family meuicine iesiuency piogiam. I fiist met Sally uuiing hei thiiu yeai of meuical
school when she uiu hei six-week family meuicine cleikship with me. Sally shines
biight among the stuuents that I have encounteieu ovei the past ten yeais.

0ne of Sally's many assets is hei waim anu cleai communication style. Patients,
clinical staff, anu othei physicians alike welcomeu hei piesence anu openeu up to
hei. 0ne obstetiic patient exclaimeu "I was hoping you woulu be heie foi my baby!"
when Sally walkeu into the ueliveiy ioom aftei seeing hei just once foi pienatal
caie, othei patient continue to ask aftei hei seveial months aftei hei iotation enueu.
This style extenueu to hei clinical skills; she was compiehensive, thoughtful, anu
attentive with hei histoiy anu physical but also able to piesent efficiently anu
foimulate appiopiiate assessments anu plans.

Sally is a pioactive auult leainei with a matuie unueistanuing of what is impoitant
in meuical piactice. Bei funu of knowleuge was excellent foi a thiiu-yeai meuical
stuuent in the fiist half of the yeai, but she took the initiative to seek out anu answei
clinical questions on a iegulai basis, ietuining the next uay to shaie the eviuence
anu "peails" that she collecteu. She was inteiesteu in leaining moie about the ioles
of all of the membeis of the caie team; hei iespectful cuiiosity anu willingness to
help eaineu hei the affection of eveiyone in the clinic.

Sally has been steaufast in hei ueuication to family meuicine, as eviuenceu by hei
ieseaich pioject on piimaiy caie foi iuial teens anu hei paiticipation in the family
meuicine inteiest gioup. She takes hei iesponsibilities veiy seiiously anu follows
thiough on hei commitments. As a leauei of hei school's Bomeless Bealth Clinic, she
has continueu to pioviue caie theie on a weekly basis uespite the uemanus of thiiu

Sally is an outstanuing canuiuate foi youi family meuicine iesiuency. She is an
excellent communicatoi, a quick leainei, a gieat team membei, anu a veiy nice
peison. She will be the kinu of physician that I want foi myself anu my family.

Thank you foi consiueiing Sally Smith, AANC IB######, foi youi piogiam. She has
waiveu hei iight to see this lettei. Please feel fiee to contact me with any questions
oi conceins.