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Lesson plan Model

Date: 01/10/09 Level: 7°B

Skill: writing

Expected Outcomes:
- to prepare a project to present it to the class
- to evaluate your teamwork
- to work in groups.
- To use previous knowledge to apply it in the creation of a project.
- To apply vocabulary related to sport in the project.
 whiteboard
 self evaluation
 rubric
 students materials (scissors, glue, photos, magazines etc)

Time Comments

Introduction 1 min. Role calling

2 min. Give students written reports back
5 min. Give feedback on students’ reports.
2 min. Check students’ materials to develop their project.

5 min. Warm up; Students and the teacher play “Simon says” to
Core of the class bring back the action verbs into the students’ minds.
5 min The teacher asks students to gather in duos.
The teacher asks students to choose a sport.
The teacher delivers the sport project guidelines to students
in a written piece of paper.
The teacher and the students read the project guidelines.
The teacher explains the project.
The teacher answers students’ questions about the project.

Students develop their project in the class.
Students follow the guidelines of the project and produce
some posters for their presentations.
The teacher answers possible questions of the project.

Post-stage Students make an evaluation to their job in the project

(team work evaluation)
The teacher makes some notes to evaluate the project next
Students star to prepare their oral presentation for next

Closing Teacher gives guidelines of the oral presentation for next

The teacher tells students how they are going to be
evaluated in their oral presentation.