Pure Darwin

What is Darwin?

Darwin is the Open Source operating
system from Apple that forms the
basis for Mac OS X, and PureDarwin is
a community project to make Darwin
more usable (some people think of it
as the informal successor to OpenDar-
What is PureDarwin?
The goal of this project is to make
Darwin more usable by providing an
installation ISO, documentation, and
add-on software. You are welcome to
join #puredarwin on irc.freenode.net
if you would like to join PureDarwin
development and to add to
How usable is PureDarwin?
PureDarwin can run on VMware as well
as real Intel-based hardware. We are
successfully running a web server, have
built hundreds of software packages
with MacPorts running on PureDarwin,
including ssh, apache2, tightvnc, Xfce,
and others.
Why spend time on Darwin?
For learning and fun.
How does PureDarwin relate to the
former OpenDarwin project?
Although some people have been
seeing PureDarwin as the informal
successor to OpenDarwin, there is no
official relationship other than the fact
that OpenDarwin and PureDarwin are
both downstream Darwin projects.
Also, it is no secret that PureDarwin
would not exist if OpenDarwin had not
closed down. Coming later in time,
PureDarwin is in the fortunate position
to be able to benefit from the valuable
contributions that were rooted in the
OpenDarwin project.
How does PureDarwin relate to the
DarwinBuild project?
DarwinBuild is one of PureDarwin‘s
main upstream projects.
What does the „Pure“ in PureDar-
win stand for?
Pure as in beer! It means that we just
use components specifically released
by Apple for use with Darwin, as well
as other Open Source components
(collectively called „upstream code“).
Specifically, it means that we do not
use any components from Mac OS X. It
also means that we try to stay as close
as possible to the „outside world“ as in
Mac OS X (e.g., regarding the choice
of compilers, options, etc.). It does not
mean, however, that we do not mo-
dify and add to the upstream code, to
the extent that the respective licenses
How can I help PureDarwin?
Pretty much on all fronts. Especially if
you are skilled in C, C++, ObjC, Mac OS
X, BSD, etc. you should consider joi-
ning #puredarwin on irc.freenode.net
#puredarwin on freenode

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