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SHIV NADAR UNIVRSITY Department of Physics

Introduction to Physics I (PHY 101)

Monsoon semester 2014-15
(Tutorial 2)
1. A golfer takes three strokes to get his ball into the hole once he is on the green. The first
stroke displaces the ball by 12 m north, second stroke 6 m southeast, and third stroke 3
m southwest. What displacement was needed to get the ball into the hole on the first

2. In the product

, take q = 2


What is then

in unit vector notation, if B

= B

3. Find the area of a right-angle of base 8 cm and height 4 cm by integration.

4. Let a and b be unit vectors in the xy plane making angles and with the x axis,
respectively. Show that a = cos + sin , b = cos + sin , and using vector
algebra prove that
cos()= cos cos + sin sin.

5. Suppose, ,

, and are any three noncoplanar vectors. They are not necessarily
mutually at right angles.

(a) Show that (

(b) Let

where (

Evaluate the dot product of each of

, with each of