In the fall of 2013, PictureWellness CEO and President, Maurice Saliba, began a journey with a

group of 139 State of Tennessee employees to learn about diabetes prevention. Following the
CDC’s Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) after 16 weeks, 28% of those individuals had lost 5%
of their total body weight. To put it in perspective, these individuals lost a total of 1199
pounds in 16 weeks. The DPP is designed to help pre-diabetics make changes in their daily
routines. Mr. Saliba simplifies the ways in which participants monitor their food intake and
how they look at physical activity. Join that with his passion for wellness and you have a
healthy recipe for serious lifestyle change.
“I am writing to express my gratitude to TDEC (Tennessee Department of Environment and
Conservation) for allowing the Diabetes Prevention Program to take place and allowing us to
participate…I must say that the Coach Maurice Saliba is such an inspiration and encourager in
this life transforming experience…I am most happy to report that I have lost over 26 pounds
and Maurice gave us some guidelines for success that are sustainable.  This is a common sense
program that embodies the 4 “pillars” of successful healthy living.  The four components are
adequate sleep, water, food intake and exercise…I really believe that I am in a very beneficial
life-style change that is easy to maintain and my recent wellness assessment results bear this
out with blood pressure numbers somewhat 30 points less than have ever been…Of course
there are other components of a healthy life such as the mental, and spiritual, but for the
physical part this has been great.   This is one big thank you I will throw to TDEC and
encourage everyone wanting to make a positive change in their bodies to consider.” – Robert
(State of Tennessee Employee)
With over 30 years’ experience, Mr. Saliba continues to demonstrate great success, as
evidenced by the numerous letters of recognition he has received from individuals such as Phil
Brown with Mohawk Industries, former Congressman Zach Wamp, Tennessee State
Representative Kevin Brooks, as well as many others. HealthCare 21 chose Maurice Saliba and
PictureWellness, to deliver the DPP program to the State of Tennessee, because he delivers

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