(See rule 16 and 41


Form C

FORM OF SANCTION FOR TEMPORARY ADVANCES FROM GENERAL PROVIDENT FUND (KERALA) A temporary advance from the General Provident Fund (Kerala) as particularised below is sanctioned by the undersigned under the rules regulating that fund 1 2 3 4

Subscribers name Subscriber’s Designation Subscriber’s pay and dearness pay
Subscriber’s Provident Fund Account Number (a) Number and date of granting previous temporary advances (b) Amount of previous temporary advance (c) Date of drawal of previous temporary advances

5 6 7 8

Amount of advances Object of advances
Rules under which the advance is sanctioned Balance at credit of the subscriber on this date(as verified from the account last rendered by the Assistant Account Officer/Head of Office/ Department) Balances of previous advances, if any outstanding against the subscriber (Principal and interest shown separately) Date of repayment of previous advances, if any Special reason for granting the advances under Rule1G (1) (d) Number of installments in which the advance is to be recovered (12.A) Amount of consolidated advances (item 5 and 9 ) and the number of installments in which the consolidated advance is to be recovered

9 10 11 12

13 14

Amount of each such installment Amount of interest

: :

Signature of the sanctioning authority with designation To
The Accountant General, Kerala State, Thiruvananthapuram. The District Treasury / Sub Treasury. The ……………………. Sri …………………….
GPC.26/87/2001. 5 lakhs. Govt. of Kerala

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