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Learning English
Through Situations

Ayman Barghash
Giving Personal Information

1 Introducing Yourself :
A Hi, My name is ________________________
B Hello. May name is _________________________

Getting the name right :

A Sorry (Pardon), what’s your first name again?

B It is ____________________

Asking someone’s occupation :

A What do you do?

B I’m a ________________________________
A What about you?
B I work for __________________

Asking for more information :

A Really? What company do you go to?

B I go to ____________________ work for____________
A What are you studying?
A What do you do there exactly?
B I’m a secretary in Human Resources in Sales

In an interview “Getting information”

The Discussion that takes place between employer & Interviewee

1. Q. & A. about Name

A Could I have your name, please?
B It’s Ali, Ali Hamed.
A It’s A.L.I.E?!
B It’s A.L.I.

2. Q. & A. about Address

A- Where do you live?

A= Could I have your address?

B- I live at 50 Km King Ramses Road.

A- Is that in Riyadh?

B- Yes, That’s right.

Or No, It isn’t.

3. Q. & A. about, Telephone Number

A- What’s your telephone number?

A Could I have your phone number?

B- It’s 0 5 6 7 2 9 3 6 2 3

Describing your family

A Tell me about your family.

A Do you have any brother or sisters?

A Have you got any brothers or sisters?
B I have a brother but no sister.

B I have got a brother and a sister.


Describing Marital status:

A Are you married?

A= Is he / she married?
B Yes, I am No. I am not
B= Yes, He /she is No, he/she isn’t.

Or I am Single
= He/She is


Talking about your children
A Do you have any children?
O Have you got any children
B No, I don’t.

O No I haven’t.

Do you have any Children?

Have you got any Children?


*No, I don’t. *Yes, I have 3 children, two

* boys and a girl.
*No, I haven’t. *I have got a daughter.

*How old are they? *How old is she /he?

The oldest is ______________________

The Second oldest is ______________________
And the youngest is _______________________
My sons are ______________ and my daughter is -___________________

Asking about age:

Q: How old is he / she?

A: Pretty Young
Fairly Old
Kind of

A= He is in his (mid) teens

She is in her (early) seventies.
(Late) forties,

Asking for Description

Q: What does he look like?

A: He’s fairly Tall/short

She’s Pretty Thin. Heavy
Kind of tall and thin

Q: What colour is his /her hair?

A: It’s black A: He brown hair
Gray She has black

Q: What’s his / her hair like?

A: It’s long /short / medium length
Straight / wary / curly.

Describing People:-
Q: What’s he/she wearing?
A: He is wearing jeans and blue sweat shirt.
. a grey suit.
. Black pants and a grey sport shirt.

A: She is wearing a white skirt and a pink blouse.

.a tan uniform.
purple summer dress.

Q: What does he / she have on?

A: He has a brown jacket on

She a yellow hat on
.a red raincoat on
a pink shorts and a white T-Shirt.

Describing Things (1):-

Q: What size is it? A: It’s big / small.
Long/ short

Q: What shape is it? A: It's round / a circle

Square / a square
Rectangular / a rectangle
Triangular / a triangle
Oval / an oval

Q: What does it look like? A: It’s a long, narrow, flat thing.

Describing Things (2):-
Q: What’s it made of?
What are they

A: It’s made of wood

They’ve plastic

Describing Uses:-
Q: What is it used for ?
are they

A: A knife is used for cutting.

Scissors are .

Days and Dates:-

Q: When is your birthday?
. is the anniversary?
is the party?

A: It’s on Monday.
October 13.

A: It’s in October.

Starting and Finishing times:-

Q: When does the concert start?

What time end?

A: It starts at 8:00 (sharp)

It Ends about 10:15

Operating and closing times:-

Q: Could you (please) tell me when the concert opens?
Can you what time it closes?

A: Sure! It starts at 10:00 (sharp)

It Ends about 12:15

Describing Locations:-
Q: Excuse me do you know where the hardware store is?
Could you tell me where the hardware store is?

A: Sure. It’s on Elm Street across from the post office.

between the 11th and 12th .
A: Sorry. I am not sure.

B: Thank you. Or: Thank you anyway.

Giving Directions:-
Q: Excuse me, which way is the Camera store?
how do I get to the Camera store from here ?

A: It’s down this street on the right.

Just past the parties' restaurant.

A: Go up two blocks, and turn right.

A: Go up this street, and take the second left.

Talking about likes and dislikes:-

Q: How do you like the city?

What do you think of the people?

Q: Do you like the city?


A: I love it.
I really like

A: It’s ok
.all right.

Agreeing and Disagreeing with likes and dislikes :-


I love it. Really? So do I. You do? I don’t.
I like them. me, too. Really? I don’t.
I hate it.

I don’t like them (No) neither do I. You don’t? I do.

Me neither.

I can’t stand it (No) Neither can I. You can’t! I Like it.

Me neither. Really? I like it.

Stating Preferences :-

I like swimming, but I don’t like diving

He likes classical music, but he can’t stand opera.

Accepting Invitations :-
Q: Do you feel like going out for dinner Saturday?
What about tonight?
How about

A: Sure I’d love to.

OK that’s a great idea.
Why not?
That’s a good idea.

Declining Invitations:-
Q: Do you want to have lunch tomorrow?
Would like to

A: Oh I am sorry, I can’t I have to meet a friend.

I am afraid I’ve got to

Q: That’s too bad. May be next time.

Getting more information:

Q: Would you like to go to a party this Saturday?
Do you want to tomorrow?

A: Sounds good, what kind of party?

Where is it?
Who’s going?

Q: It’s a birthday party pot luck dinner.

It’s at my place / Dave’s
Some people from work.

Suggesting Another Day :

A: I'm really sorry. I can’t make it.

Q: OK. May be we can do it Well, how about Friday, then

Some other time then.

A: Yes, I’d really like to Great? That sounds good.

Setting the time and place:-.
Q: Where do you want to meet?
How about meeting in front of the club?
Why don’t we meet at the restaurant?
Let’s meet at the restaurant.
Great, what time?
A: How about meeting at 7:15?
Why don’t we meet at
Is 7:15 OK?
Let’s meet at 7:15.
Q: Fine !
A: OK see you at 7:15 Then.

Changing plans:-
Q: Could we meet . at the subway instead?
.at 7:00?
. a little letter?
. earlier?
A: Sure That’s no problem.

Adding to plans:-
Q: We could go for coffee after the show.
Let’s go out dancing after dinner.

A: Do you want to have dinner before the movie?

Why don’t we go swimming after we play tennis?

At A Dress (Clothes) Shop

Getting and Giving help:

Q: Excuse me could you help me?

A: Certainly what can I help you with?

Sure what can I do for you?

Giving Help : - Q: Can I help you with something?

Is there something I can help you with?
A: No, thanks. I’m just looking.
Yes, please. I’m looking for the men’s wear.

Getting information:

Q: Do you have this in size 10?

Carry these in green

Q: Does this come in Medium?

Do these Beige?
Size 8?
a larger size?

A: Yes, we do No, I am sorry, we don’t.

Yes, it does. No I am sorry, it doesn’t.
They do they don’t.

Asking prices:.
Q: How much is this (radio) it?
. are (these speakers) they?

Q: Could you tell me the price of this radio?

these speakers?

A: It’s $ 59.98
They’re $ 299.00

Comparing things(1):
Q: Which hat do you like better?

A: I like the green hat better than the yellow one.

This hat that one.

A: I like the red boots better than the white ones.

this hat those.

Comparing things(2):
Q: Why do you like the green hat better?
A: (I like it) because it is fancier than the yellow one.

Q: Why do you like the red boots better?

A: (I like them) because they’re more stylish than the white ones.

Returning things:-
Q: I’d like a refund. Please.
. to get a refund.
. to return this ( sweater)
. to exchange this blouse

A: What’s the reason?

the problem with it?

Q: It’s too big / small

the wrong colour

Q: It doesn’t fit.
It was a gift. I already have one.
I don’t really like it.

A-: Of course, we can exchange it.

give you a refund.

A+:I’m sorry. There are no refunds or exchanges.

At A Restaurant

Discussing the menu:-

Q: What are you goin to have Julie?

A: (I think) I’ll have the spaghetti and a salad.

Q: What would you like, ma’am?
will have, sir?

Q: Are you ready to order miss?

Have you delivered yet?

A: I’d like a steak, medium – rare, please?

I’ll have
A: Could we have a few more minutes, please?

|Specifying Wants:
Q: What kind of dressing would you like?

A: I’ll have creamy garlic (please).


Q: Would you like soup or salad?

A: I’d like soup, please.

Asking about wants:
Q: Would you care for anything to drink?
like something

Q: Can I get you something?

A: Do you have any iced tea?

Waiter Q: I'm sorry we don’t .

afraid we’re all out
.we’ve run out
Q: Yes, certainly

A: (I’ll have) a coke, then

A: I’d like some, please!
I’ll have that

Offering Service:

Q: Shall I bring your coffee (now)?

Would you like me to get
Would you like (to have)

Q: Would you like some more coffee?

A1: Yes, please.

A2: No. thanks.

Asking about other wants.
Q; Would you like anything else?
care for some dessert?

A1: No, thank you.

Not right now, thank you.

A2: Yes, could you bring me some more rolls?

some chocolate cheese cake?

A3: Just the bill please.

. check

Making Requests

Making small requests

Q: Do you have an extra . pencil?
Could I borrow a . piece of papers?
. tissues?
. quarters?

A1: Sure, there you are.

A2: I’m sorry. I don’t have one.

Making Larger Requests

Q: Do you think I could borrow $25 until Tuesday?

Would you mind lending me your watch for a few hours?

A1: Sure.

A2: I'm sorry I don’t have $ 25.

I need it right now.

A3: Can I let you know later?

Asking for Favors
Q: Would you (Please) get the door?
Could you Lights?
Hold my coat for a minute?
A1: Sure (no problem).
Of course. I’d be glad to.
A2: I’m sorry. I can’t right now.

At A Hotel
Complaining Politely
Q: Excuse me.
Sorry to bother you, but I have a problem with my room.
Could you help me?

A: What’s the problem?

What seems to be the problem?

Q: I asked for a non-smoking room.

I requested the non smoking section.

Requesting Action or a Changer

Q: Could you change my room, please?

A1: I can change your room tomorrow.

A2: I’m sorry, I can’t.
I’d be glad to, but I can’t.

Accepting an Apology
Q: I’m very sorry about this.

A: That’s OK thanks for your help.

It’s it wasn’t your fault.
don’t worry about it.

Giving and getting personal information

Where are you from? I'm from Yemen, originally.
Where were you born? I was born in Sana’a.
Were you born in Libya? No, I was born in Yemen.
Or I’m from Algeria.

Discussing length of Time:-

Q: How long did you stay in California?

A: I started there between ’1992 and 1994.

was from 1992 to 1994.
for two years.

Asking “What Next?

Q: What did you do after you left Riyadh?
after leaving Riyadh?
after that ?

A: Well, then I came back here.

Describing Changes
I used to hate cooking, but now I love it.
I used to cook really boring things but now I don’t

Asking about Past experience
Q: Have you ever been to Japan?

A1: Yes, I’ve been there twice.

Yes, I was there last summer
A2: No, I’ve never been there (before).

Asking for a Description or Opinion

Q1: What did you think of Tokyo?
. do

Q2: How was Tokyo like?


Q3: What was Tokyo like?

. is

A: It was very big and exciting, but it was very crowded.

It’s quite old, but it has a lot of modern building.

Q1: What was the weather like?


Q2: How was the weather ?

is .

A: It was really hot and humid.

Comparing Places(1)
Q: What’s Montreal like?

A: It’s more exciting than Riyadh

It’s prettier than Montreal.

Comparing Places(2)
Q: Which city has more interesting sightseeing?
better shopping?

A: Cairo. There are more museums

Montreal. The stores are more interesting.

Comparing Places(3)
Q: Which city is the most exciting?
A: Montreal is the most exciting city in Canada.

Q: Which city has the best scenery?

A: Vancouver. It has the most beautiful views in Canada.

Discussing Future Plans (1)
Q: What do you plan to do after you graduate?
What are you going to in the fall?
planning to next year?

A1: I’m going to go to college.

planning to take it easy.

A2: I don’t know yet.

I haven’t decided yet .

Discussing Future Plans (2)

Q: What are you doing after that?

A1: I’m going to back to school after that.

working for my father next after.

A2: I’m not sure yet.

I’m still not sure.

Discussing Future Plans (3)

Q: How long will you be there?
A: I’ll be there for about six months.

Q: When will you be in Chicago?

A: I’ll be there a week from today.
on the sixteenth.

Q: Where will you be at six O’clock?

on Sunday after noon?
A: I’ll be at home.

Discussing the Future

Q: What do you want to do?

What would you like to do?
What are you going to do?
I’d like to lose some weight.
I want to start getting more exercise.

Discussing the Hopes

What do you hope will happen?

you’ll do?
to do?

I hope I’ll get a promotion.

I get a promotion.
to get a promotion.

Discussing the Possibilities

Where do you think you’ll go?

Where are you going to go?
I might go to Mexico.
Go finishing in Canada.
I haven’t made up my mind yet.


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