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Sources and process of recruitment & selection at HCL

Sources and process of recruitment & selection at HCL


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Published by: shweta_46664 on Dec 09, 2009
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At HCL BPO have a friendly work environment that stimulates and encourages, innovative

ideas to foster growth and value addition. They are passionate about the work they do. It follows

a transparent system keeping the communication channels open, thereby enabling people to


communicate ideas and suggestions. The culture at HCL BPO promotes customer focus,

excellent work ethos, operational transparency and teamwork.

Performance Oriented: HCL have a high performance work culture and performance linked

incentive schemes.

Demanding: HCL BPO gives a challenging and demanding career profile to its employees.

Rewarding: Every employee is treated with dignity, fairness and work in an environment

conducive to research, learning, innovation as well as personal growth. It has an atmosphere in

which the workforce effectively works to deliver high quality performance.

Energetic setting: BPO’s have a vibrant environment. Generally the interiors are also done up

in a way that it makes people feel nice and energetic. It involves a lot of hard work and

specialized skills to deal with all kind of customers.

24X7 work environment: BPO’s have a round the clock working culture and people work in

day and night shifts. This is because International BPO’s offer services to countries like US and

UK that have different time zones.


Perfect amalgamation: The work culture in quality BPOs is a blend of professionalism and

friendliness. Humans are not treated like machines but are given equal opportunities of growth in

every sphere of learning. BPO create a friendly working atmosphere so that the employees don’t

feel suffocated.

Rejuvenation channels: Long working hours and pressure to meet deadlines and achieve targets

takes its toll on the well being of the employees. Quality BPOs offer world class channels to de-


stress employees and to motivate them. Entertaining events and parties are organized at regular

intervals so that the employees are relieved and invigorated to take the challenges head on.

World-class BPO also have gym, sports and café facilities.

Pep up the energy levels: BPO employees work hard to meet deadlines and targets. Motivation

is a great booster when it comes to delivering high end results. So to ensure that the team is

motivated, team leaders and managers keep the morale of the employees high through

encouraging words. Good and outstanding work is always recognized and rewarded in the form

of perks, incentives, gift certificates, etc. in the BPO sector. At no point in time the employees

feel the dearth of guidance and warmth of encouraging words.

Rich culture ties and exchange: People from every nook and corner of the world are lured by

the state-of-the-art facilities and hefty pay packages. Apart from the culture shock there is a gold

mine prospect of rubbing shoulders with people from different educational, professional and

cultural backgrounds.

Increase In knowledge – A lot of vendors provide the management with flexible as well as

scalable services to meet the customers’ changing requirements, along with supporting company

acquisitions, consolidations, in addition to joint venture.


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