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Sources and process of recruitment & selection at HCL

Sources and process of recruitment & selection at HCL


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Published by: shweta_46664 on Dec 09, 2009
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Recruitment involves identifying the sources of manpower and stimulating them to apply for

jobs in the organizations while selection is the process of choosing the best out of those


Recruitment differs from selection in terms of process, where it adopts the process of creating

application pool as large as possible; while selection adopts the process through which more and

more candidates are rejected and fewer candidates are selected or sometime not even a single

candidate is selected.

Recruitment and selection are two inter-linked steps in the process of manpower acquisition,

they differ in term of outcome; where the outcome for recruitment is application pool which

becomes input for selection process, on the other hand, the outcome of selection process is in the

form of finalizing candidates who will be offered jobs.

The ultimate objectives of both recruitment and selection are to acquire suitable candidates but

their immediate objectives differ, where the basic objective of recruitment is to attract maximum

number of candidates so that more options are available; the basic objective of selection is to

choose best out of the available candidates.





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